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  1. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Hey y'all, This is the 2nd public warning to keep on track with the OP - really don't want to have to close this thread. Keep it chill. Thank you.
  2. Forum Suspensions

    Players Forum Name: Henrich Length of Suspension: 8 Hours
  3. Alex's twitter

    Locked and moved to spam where it belongs. Actively putting another sex down, no matter what you believe in, is literally beyond my mental capacity of understanding. However, reaching into someones private life - actively searching their twitter feed, god knows how long that took or why you would even want to put in the time to doing that is beyond me, but that's weird - wrong - inappropriate - and literally makes no sense to the community or structure of the rules of this community. Additionally, Choose the correct forum for your posts, if even this was acceptable, you picked the wrong one to post in.
  4. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    Hey y'all, Here we are again in yet another public warning to everyone up in this thread. Except this time this is an immediate close-of-thread. The amount of reports directly from this thread and the extreme derail and racial posts have forced my hand - and I don't like my hand being forced. Thank you.
  5. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Hey y'all, Friendly reminder that posts in this forums are to stay IC - lets not attempt to derail with memes and lets not post things that break the rules. Most of y'all should know better by now. Lets keep it on the right topic. First public warning. Thank you.
  6. Petition to unban nations (Governing Body Ban Appeal)

    Alex will be along shortly to review.
  7. Ban Appeal

    Alex will be along shortly to review.
  8. Petition to Unban Nation

    Alex will be along shortly to review.
  9. Describe the above's profile picture

    Glowing Dragon Snake
  10. Multis?

    Lets all remember if you don't have anything to add to the thread - don't reply. Non-Discussion Forum y'all! Next time warns will be handed out. Thank you. @Trinimac
  11. War Stats 2.0

    Hey y'all, Just a nice, quick public warning to everyone - keep your posts clear of personal attacks. We have received a steady flow of reports solely from this thread and those who were identified have been talked to. Thank you!
  12. Moderation Update 2/26/2018

    I agree, but unless you wanted a 50 page detailed listing of rules for each section, this is the best we can do. Each situation is pretty unique as this isn't a uniform community. It's not just a few general things people can do wrong with a multitude of redundancies involved. We are definitely optimistic that these new ones will help out though in addition to our new approach with handling rule breaks. What list are you speaking of? Each subforum (if applicable) should have a pinned set of rules for the sub forum. I tried getting debate and discussion just merged into one forum, but Alex was against that so that motion was denied. I personally do not see an issue with merging them and just making it the "debate and discussion forum" - but I'm not the boss.
  13. Moderation Update 2/26/2018

    Thank you, I have a few things going on in March so I guess my mind is there. Edited. The key thing to remember is this game isn't necessarily attached to the binds of societal rules and laws that we all follow in our respective countries, states and provinces. Instead, this is an individually owned space on a server, where the server owner or product owner can depict their own rules. Most of the rules you see here are pretty standard wherever you go, but using this game you agree to the rules set up here. That's why everyone logging in got that little terms update when they logged in. When it comes down to simple things like it's illegal there, but not here so why can't I talk about it: just remember my first paragraph. The rules of this site say to refrain from drug images and all that. That goes for places where it's legal or illegal. Say if you wanted to have a debate on whether or not marijuana should be legalized, go for it in the appropriate section of the forums. That I'd a great conversation starter. Maybe you rather talk about meth and the rapid opening of meth clinics or how Massachusetts wants to handle their addicts...that's all fine, just don't go around with pot leaves in your avatar, sig, or all that kinda stuff. I hope this helps out. As always, feel free to express your marijuana acceptance or denial on other platforms away from this ruling.
  14. Moderation Update 2/26/2018

    Community, The PW Moderation Team is pretty unique - being that we all also play this game with you, but remain anonymous when it comes to dishing out warnings to the community. This method of remaining anonymous has become a bit of a controversy, but this is how the game owner/admin wants to leave it - so here we are. The last time we spoke, we posted up a thread in the Moderation Forum asking for your input. We did this because we cannot do the job we have been given if we are not growing with the community within PW and with the outside world. Sometimes, we get stuck in a grind of 'this is they way it has always been done' when we really should improvise, adapt, and overcome necessary obstacles. The PW Moderation Team, while still being active in our responsibilities, has taken a bit of a back seat to certain practices to take in all of your feedback and develop a better process of moderation for this community. Most everything we have worked on has been approved (or denied) by Alex himself and we are quite confident that this enhanced set of rules and guidelines below will help the current community now and into the future. PW Moderation Changes: G'Kar is no longer on the PW Moderation Team Thank you for your service. Negan has joined the PW Moderation Team (welcome!) Negan has grown to be a valuable member of our team. PW Moderation communications are now where they should be. We will now work quicker and more efficiently. We work not only on the forums, but on discord to provide for our community. PW moderation will carry a more-professional tone when communicating publicly and privately with community members. No more sass, no more bias. PW Moderation 'back end' fixes and updates. We have fixed the warn templates and warn distribution actions to provide an easier way for moderators to efficiently do their jobs while providing warns to members with an understandable dialogue with information to help not only understand the rule break, but learn how to not make the same mistake twice. Changes you wanted, but couldn't be approved: Moderator Anonimity Although the anonymous tag we carry is truly up to the moderator, Alex wants to keep the anonymous status for all moderators. So, here we are - still anonymous. Warn Appeals PW Moderation Team was working on a system that could be used to appeal warns given out by us - however, this cannot come to fruition. Instead, if you have a question on your warn, PM a moderator to better understand what rule you broke or simply contact Alex. We are hoping the new rules posted below will keep his inbox clear from moderation questions and assist y'all with a better understanding of what not to do. Before you move on to read the updated rules, I just want to thank the community that provided positive feedback for us to work off. I believe it is nearly impossible to make everyone happy, but we did our best to update these rules to remove gray areas and one-liner, vague rule breaks. You will see examples and further explanations within the rule documentation. Obviously, certain rule breaks will be slightly gray considering what exactly is posted and where - but our goal is to work with the community on those breaks to provide a better environment for all here now and into the future. If you have any questions, feel free to sound off below - try and keep it on topic with specific questions or comments.
  15. Double post, bad internet

    We can't delete posts, but I'll just lock it being that you don't want to use the thread.