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  1. I do regret there were not good third party people to vote for this time. Evan McMullin actually seemed like the best of the lot, and I usually vote liberal. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were both intellectual lightweights who were as unqualified as Trump.
  2. Some women take it too far. As a man, the whole "All men are rapists" thing bothers the hell outta me. Not quite as much as "All men are pedobears", which bothers me even more. The strange glares you get from women at a playground until they notice one of the kids is yours is really upsetting. But I have two daughters. Do you think I want them to live in a country where you can "grab em by the [email protected]#$", brag about it, then get elected? I want them to live in a country where that is "unacceptable talk", and no one who does that could be a public figure. So, while some of the feminists may go too far, there is still work to be done, especially as it relates to sexual assault. 0.4% of rapes result in a conviction. Out of 1000, that's 994 rapists walking free (Probably less then that, since most likely its a smaller number of men being serial aggressors: See Trump). Edit: And no way would I ever raise my girls in a Muslim country. Most of them are pretty terribad for women's rights. Turkey was better until recently(Ergrdan or however you spell it).
  3. Actually, that was Rush Limbaugh in 1990. Interesting it took the internet 25 years to catch up.
  4. But I can just see the fossil fuel corporate boards continuing to buy clean energy patents to make sure they never see the light of day.
  5. Hey, I'd cut a deal with the nationalists, can we agree to fix the environment? If so, I'll let ya do what ya want to the Muslims and Mexicans. Or does your one-culture utopia vision for our country also include all of us choking to death on its air?
  6. What is a "proper" level of immigration? Germany has 80M people, and in 2015, took in 1.1M immigrants. That's like 1.3%. That seems high to me. What % would be "easy to assimilate"? Where could I find data on that? I'd speculate 0.5% would be manageable. At the very least, we know 0.5% would be more manageable then 1.3%. The USA took in a half million with a pop of 320 million. That's like..0.1%. So, Germany's problem is really not something Americans can relate to. Its a vast, vast immigration surge compared to anything we've ever seen in our living memory. I respect the compassion that might have motivated letting all these refugees in. I respect the strategy of "we need more workers, Germans aren't having enough babies, and we need someone to support all our old white pensioners", but I'm sure 0.5% would have been a remarkably compassionate and strategically beneficial move, while minimizing the trouble large numbers of new immigrants bring. Finally, the rest of Europe kind of said "FU Germany" and didn't take in an equal share or even in the same ballpark share. The refugee burden fell to Germany while other countries said "Good, let Germany do it, suckers". Hungary, the Czechs and Slovks, the Poles, if they had taken in any kind of reasonable numbers (say, 0.1 or 0.08%) that would have eased Germany's burden.
  7. Teachers are generally paid less then someone with equal education and experience in other fields would be paid. If you pay less then average you will attract a lower quality of person to the job.. However, traditionally, teachers(a female dominated profession) have bartered away salary increases for better insurance and pensions(security). What you see now is that States can't afford the pensions or insurance they've agreed to pay, and are reneging, leaving teachers without the pensions or insurance they were promised, and with the lower pay they agreed to. Using google as a primary source(bad research there...best my lazy ass will do right now), 5-9 years of experience with a Bachelor's degree is 63,297 5-9 years of experience for Teachers is 44,277 That's a huge difference. You get what you pay for. I pay over 8k a year in property tax and it all(95%) goes to the local school district. Do I want to pay 12k to support a 50% raise for teachers? No, no I don't.
  8. So, when a politician threatens a business if it doesn't do what he wants that is "Free economics" if he's right-wing?
  9. I challenge your word choices but not the ideas behind them. Multiculturalism is fine, as long as its woven into a single national fabric of assimilation. Its not a plague or evil. And what defines "Mass Immigration" vs "Immigration". But its semantics, I agree with your point that controlled immigration and integration makes sense.
  10. Living in the USA, ethnic nationalism is more or less impossible as a national goal. Unless you broadly group "whites" into some an ethnic category. To see authoritarianism of a non-ethnic sort at play in America, the best example is probably wartime USA under Roosevelt or Lincoln. Dissent was quashed. Civil rights were completely subsumed by the needs of the war. And that's good. Society's which value "freedom" over "victory" get to enjoy slavery and subjugation from their enemies. With the USA operating at a permanent war footing since the Korean War, we haven't really seen the rise of authoritarianism, partly because of our divided governmental powers. The closest "post-WWII" authoritarianism we had might be the McCarthy "red scare" era, but I totally get it. Every man, woman and child in the country was at risk of instant death from a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union, it makes sense to curtail freedom where it helps your goals. My point is essentially, the state has a duty to protect its citizens, and that duty must sometimes mean curtailing freedom. A robust tradition of freedom ensures the people will demand it back when the crisis has passed. That doesn't mean it isn't dangerous, or that the freedoms will always come back. You used the word existential. When an existential threat, as in literally, the threat's worst outcome means your people/nation stop existing, then virtually any curtailment is acceptable.
  11. Ask your fellow brothers in Nuclear Knights (didn't notice Ares was now in TI) how your much larger city count nations were handled and then fled to vacation mode. We did 15 vs 19. Maybe 15 vs 21 is that much harder? Good coordination, simultaneous declarations, having the 21 city guy not be on at update when you all are, air power.
  12. Anti-globalists have mostly been liberals. The conservative "anti-globalists" have always been a teensy minority preaching "national sovereignity" and "UN Black Helicopters" and "FEMA Camps". Now they aren't a teensy minority. While I don't welcome the racism, xenophobia and intolerance that many of them seem to have, I am glad to think that maybe now the Banks and multinational corps will have serious resistance to own the world and all of us, because, as a liberal, I freely admit the liberal anti-globalist movement was pretty much a failure. All they did was get the shit kicked out of them by new world order security forces.
  13. A more likely scenario, in a future liberal government, they tax unhealthy foods. A classic overreach, btw. Leave muh big macs alone!
  14. The Italian thing isn't "just" a globablist anti-globalist thing. To change the powers of their government structure so much, to give so much power to the central government, it was a recipe for tyranny that a former fascist nation should remember. Italy has some major structural problems in their economy that are largely caused by government, however. The changes were "intended" to curb those, but obviously, government rarely uses its power as narrowly as the original "intent". For the actual anti-globalist crowd in Italy, i'm sure watching Greece gave them a preview of what happens when you let the big banks decide the future of nations. Minimal government services, 25% unemployment, total devastation of your nation. All so the banks can get paid. The sad thing is the "tyrannical reforms" they voted down had the best chance of "fixing" their "ailing economy" and preventing any sort of bank-takeover.
  15. Really, a HRC presidency would not differ significantly from a BHO presidency. So, if a conservative didn't leave after 2008 or 2012, there'd be little reason to leave after 2016 if things shook out differently.
  16. You guys need a Pantheon tie. Then you can chain in all the rest of the world.
  17. I've applied for jobs in Sweden. That's where I'd like to live. However much people might !@#$ about the USA, it is in the top 20 or so countries in terms of quality of life.(top 10 according the #1 and #2 google result https://www.numbeo.com/quality-of-life/rankings_by_country.jsp, http://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/quality-of-life-full-list ) So, people shouldn't leave lightly, and not over something so trivial as an election result.
  18. We do live in the glorious "Post-facts" era now. Thank you Trump and Trump supporters.
  19. Right, one topic compared to dozens or hundreds by our prolific posters. Also, its still a fair point. Black man with gun = "shoot his ass." White man with gun ="Sir, do you have a permit for that weapon" By the way, implicit bias is in no way a law enforcement only issue, nor is it a sign of a conscious decision to be a racist. EVERYONE, including black men, find black men more threatening then white men, even doing the exact same thing in the exact same circumstances. I'm not demonizing police, just pointing out the right to bear arms might as well be a right to get shot by jumpy LEOs if you're black. It doesn't make you a bad person if you perceive threat that isn't there, but it does suggest more training is a good idea. American LEOs are under-paid, under-educated and under-trained.
  20. He's just mad about Obama calling him a "jackass"
  21. I feel like I consistently post a center-left counterpoint to the alt-right views on here. I'm just not as prolific as roz, for example. And I hardly ever post new topics, just responding to the insane shit they post.
  22. What? All I heard was he was dead, but that not much would change by his mere death since he'd been out of power for some time. I saw no lionization in America. In the UK maybe, but the ROTW has a very different view of Cuba then Americans do.
  23. Obama was a change candidate. So was Trump. Change candidates don't need experience to win. The lack of experience may be an asset, as they can claim to be "closer to the people", and "less corrupt". HRC was clearly a "status quo" candidate.
  24. Normally, we disagree on things. Not so on trade.
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