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  1. I'd say about 200 warships, enough to assure commerce protection if a nation state goes pirate, 600-1000 fighter aircraft, at least a full corps, so 50000 ground troops on active duty ready to fight, a single marine division of maybe 15-20000 and a much more active reserves and national guard allowing us to "scale up" within a few few months as needed. Throw in enough personal to man our strategic weapons of say 1000 nuclear warheads and I think that's probably enough. As a veteran, I say "being in the military is not republican welfare". Really. Its a hard goddamn job, much harder then anything I've done in the civlian world. I know about a dozen women who protested Trump back in Jan. They all have jobs. My wife didn't go. She was afraid of being put on a list. The Chicago PD does use software to monitor crowd's faces and link those faces to social media posts, so they do build a database of who attends protests. The day may come when those people dissapear. its happened in lots of countries. It could happen here.
  2. At the highest levels begun has the season for men and women to commit foul treason Orange man at top a fool who cares not that soon he will feel Hell's fires are hot Our country they claim to love and adore they treat it like looters attacking a store While they get richer and our country gets weaker our people will die and our future get bleaker what hope do we have Ammendment 25th or perhaps that elusive impeachment myth Or we calmly await coming nuclear fire as the orange man tries to find a buyer for his burnt hotels or his chinese made wares none of it will matter as earth sheds her tears for the passing of man began with forty-five and when he is done none of us remain alive
  3. Well, I see the right wing do it all the time with immigrant crimes. The FBI concluded right-wing terror groups were the most serious domestic threat in the USA. https://archives.fbi.gov/archives/news/testimony/the-terrorist-threat-confronting-the-united-states Not much changed since then, except it got worse. http://www.cnn.com/2015/02/19/politics/terror-threat-homeland-security/ Why won't Republicans say "Radical Right-Wing Terrorism?"
  4. Man yells, "Make America Great Again!" Before shooting 6 people dead. Man wearing, "Make America Great Again" hat murders 2 strangers for no reason. Two men beat a homeless man with a metal bar and urinate on him screaming, “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported,†When asked for a comment about the incident Trump defends them saying, "My supporters are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again." ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ attacker yelled as he beat a Hispanic man and Muslim student at a gas station. Trump supporter stabs a black man unprovoked because he was holding hands with a white woman, tells police they need to release him so he can attend a Trump rally that night. Trump supporter attacks Muslim woman at airport. 3 Trump supporters arrested planning terrorist attack to kill Muslims. Trump supporter confuses an Indian man for a Muslim at restaurant and says, "Things are different now, I don't want you sand n*ggers sitting next to me." Before attacking the man. "We got a new President you [email protected]#$ f*ggots." Men yell as they attack gay man. Trump supporters track down and brutally beat an artist because she made a painting of Trump with a small penis. Trump supporter who sucker punched protester: “Next time, we might have to kill them.†"You [email protected]#$ gorillas and baby monkeys, We voted for Trump. Trump's building a wall, beaners, and you'll be going back to where you belong." Man yells at black elementary school children unprovoked before he swerves his car at them attempting to hit them. Trump supporters beat black man so badly he’s hospitalized for concussion and call him the n-word. Trump supporter pepper sprays a 15-year-old girl point-blank in the face after another Trump supporter groped her breasts, shouting “n*gger lover†as she attempted to run away. Trump supporter walks up to a black man in the middle of a downtown area and says, "Donald Trump will deport you." Before punching the black man. “Trump is going to win and if you don’t like it I’m going to beat your ass,†Trump supporter yells at random black woman outside of convenient store. Man attacks and kicks Muslim airport employee shouting, "Trump is here now, he will get rid of all of you." Trump supporter tracks down a local Latino Democratic political candidate and tries to run him and his elderly mother over with a car. (The Latino candidate is also a former marine ) "This is for Donald Trump!" man yells as he runs up a Latino person and punches them in the head. Trump supporter goes to Hillary Clinton rally to disrupt the event, ends up punching someone when asked to leave. Trump supporter punches, chokes and slaps protesters on video during rally. A Trump supporter yells, "Get your black kids out of here. Do you even have a job? Do you know what a job is, n*gger?" Before physically attacking a black man who had come to the hospital to get help for his sick 2 week old daughter. Local Republican Politician sexually assaults a woman by, "grabbing her [email protected]#$." and then says he is allowed to do it because now that Trump is president we don't have to be politically correct.
  5. We live in a post facts world. The truth of it is very psychologically complicated. We, as humans in America, have internalized various aspects of political agendas as being core to our identity. We therefore reject facts that question our identity and believe lies that support our identity. Facts won't change people's minds. Hot chicks and self interest can work wonders though. Here's an example. Do you want to keep this woman out of the country? She might date you! She's a Syrian refugee.
  6. As justified as Trump using terrorist attacks in France to justify his muslim Ban.
  7. And this is why we don't talk to or argue with Nazis.
  8. This is why we don't argue with the alt-right nazis. There's nothing to be learned or gained. Save your time and energy.
  9. So is it about Race or Culture? You know what, nevermind. I'm done talking to White Supremacists. Ya'all can do your Sieg Heils and wave your swastika and confederate flags. America beat you losers before, and we'll do it again.
  10. Christians don't have to follow the ten commandments. Jesus came with only two commandments, and they entirely replaced the need for the other ten. The Old Testament is a covenant with the Jewish People. He will be their God and they will be His People. They 10 commandments are as obsolete as goat sacrifice, religiously speaking as a Christian. Mark 12: 30-31 really covers it. you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ 31The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.†If you love your neighbor, you don't bang his wife, steal from him, kill him,etc. And if you love God, you don't take graven idols etc. Ten into two.
  11. Saudi Arabia is, in many ways, the father of the problems we face with terrorism today The branch of Islam they export from there is has ISIS and al-Qaida as its children. Egypt, not so much Turkey..not so much. Iran, no not really.
  12. Quite a few refugees are educated. Religious Conservatives like ISIS don't like people to be very educated, so professionals find themselves unwated (potentially lethally unwanted in ISIS territory). Educated people tend to want to speak out against tyranny, which also make them (lethally?) unwanted in areas controlled by authoritarian dictatorships like Assad's Syria. Many refugees provide no value, it is true. They are often poorly educated, unemployable, holding backwards notions and more or less are going to have a hard time assimiliating. Taking them in is an act of mercy and kindness. Some refugees are doctors and nurses and engineers. Taking them in is just smart. Hating Muslims is just a more fashionable way of hating brown people.
  13. Dataless....yep. I'm just emulating the style of this forum's posters. Post inflamatory crap. But key look, lighting is already cheering the deaths of innocent muslims by claiming they are gay hating wife beaters (i.e. conservatives).
  14. You really complain about OWF flame wars after leading with that?
  15. Iran supports Hezbollah. Hezbollah attacks Israel. Therefore, Iran is Terrorism. That's US logic for ya.
  16. Saudi Arabia is "allegedly" a key US Ally. Their business interests are vast in the USA. Banning Saudis from coming here would seriously !@#$ up our commerce, unlike a few techies who can't get to work at Apple. Trump has had a lot of business dealings with the Saudis too. Its certainly not the "total and complete shutdown" he promised if Saudis can come in, but not banning them makes a lot of sense.
  17. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/quebec-city-mosque-attack-suspect-known-for-right-wing-online-posts/article33833044/ Extreme right-wingers are more dangerous then Muslims. Since 9/11, right-wing terrorists have totally outdone Muslims in killing Americans at home. Can we ban them too?
  18. It would go to the court almost right away if it wasn't a constitutional amendment. The Congress can't pass a law to invalidate parts of the constitution, generally speaking. The constitution lays out the requirements. Also, term limits will be a net gain in executive power and a net loss in legislative power. So this will tend to see further power centralization in the white house. I guess I trust 535 elected representatives and senators more then 1 elected president. So, i'd probably have to vote against term limits if I had a vote.
  19. I seem to recall a variety of state term limits laws passed in the 90's and the Supreme Court ruled them unconstitutional. Let's use google-fu A search for "term limits supreme court invalidate" revealed this nice summary on Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Term_Limits,_Inc._v._Thornton
  20. No one says today it was because of a video. That information came out before all the facts were known. All GOP led investigations concluded there was no wrongdoing by Secretary Clinton or the white house. No one investigated the 13 embassy attacks and 60 deaths of US personnel during Bush II's reign, so its clear to any thinking person that this is just meaningless partisan witchhunting. Edit: It did help Clinton lose the election, so mission accomplished witchhunters!!!
  21. You have to have both sides working together to make the tax system more fair, increase taxes on the wealthy, and cut spending. I can always balance the budget using any number of online budget simulators. There's a ton of "detailed" provisions that help the budget, such as eliminating the cap on social security contributions. For example, if you make 118,500 you pay a certain amount of social security tax. If you make 750,000,000, you pay the exact same number, because it caps out when your income is 118,500. There is no magic bullet solution. No single tax increase or spending cut will balance the budget alone. Politicians like to lie about it. Right wingers blame welfare queens, and liberals blame corporate welfare on the spending side. Don't expect honesty from our cowardly status-quo politicians or the new breed of compulsive liar narcisist politicians.
  22. Someone convinced me to use paratroopers. It was pretty neat with the German Army on the other side of the Maginot while my 12 paratroops took France and forced surrender without a single major land battle. Oh, and England the same way, although I did lose a couple of troops in that one(failed landings). So what's a nazi tyrant to do when he's annexed England and France in 36? Obviously, take Italy and Spain in 37, by paradrop. Ok, actually, they had too many low VP cities for a simple air drop to work, I did have to push in some with regular land forces. Then the Yugoslavs joined Commintern, and WWII finally started for reals, with Poland in the way. I'm kinda like "This game is dumb, why keep playing" now.
  23. Many of the emails were confirmed by one of the parties on the emails. Of course, the smartest thing would be to release 1500 emails, and 1480 of them are authentic, then throw in 20 more damaging ones and let people assume they are true. But I did not hear Podesta or the DNC insist the emails were fake. The lack of denials demonstrates their validity.
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