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  1. WDYM @Cynic fricking give me a city You ran off with 3B+ Atleast you can build me a city 14
  2. Doesn't matter till we win I guess or atleast do a little extra net damage
  3. shush its all according to the plan And your nation link does not work
  4. I think we had something like this long ago I've only seen it in screenshots though I think long ago, doing 6 consecutive IT GAs forced the people to surrender
  5. Sure congrats on being #20 now though
  6. But why do i have defenses mounted when i mounted no defense I DEMAND A REFUND
  7. Surrender option can be made viable Once you surrender, you don't go into beige You lose same amounts of loots as you would in case you were beiged but no infra loss The nations cannot hit each other for 12 turns as is the standard And surrender will have to be two sided
  8. BC are in some Paradise bloc now with two micros and AD i'm sure they'll stay out cause they are afraid to lose pixels
  9. do you make uranium records cause this just blew me off
  10. First ever color war @Alex must be pleased with this offering
  11. hmmmmmm can you nuke the whales hiding from the war if someone wins?
  12. TDU were to change theme and flag Although not so sure whether the peace is n the global stage or between the two alliances only
  13. Wow WOw WOW wOW So peace without terms Truly magnificent after the actual demands
  14. Basically a vassal then Good Luck. Inactives from the beginning This project is doomed to failure from the very beginning RIP
  15. Currently involved in a war, Camelot is ranked in the top 20 for most net damage done, having over 1.2B in net damage Join us so we can make you gud
  16. TheShadow

    4 Wars

    The update time bug Wew Now I can get 10 peeps on a single target Thanks for sharing @Redarmy @Alex
  17. I plead not guilty Also @Inst your nation link does not work
  18. You mean a KT blitz on WTF? Valid CB now for Fark and WTF to join
  19. The current options for peace: 1) Pay 1B for emotional trauma caused 2) Join KT 3) Delete Brought to you by Shadow, the original autist.
  20. Most welcome Bring your protectorates too. The more nations, the better Sure and drag in 4 more alliances to kick their ass. I'd say Jane fricked up this time. There prolly will be peace soon. But the terms of peace maybe humiliating. But then again, I'm just a pirate going around, looting stats. Doesn't matter to me tbh.
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