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  1. Says the guy who VMed when BC got hit. Hey, but TKR-TCW love to VM. It will help their pixels as well.
  2. Relax BK is getting more and more prots so they can finally hold the great Burger King Hunger Games. Rules are: 1) All prots of BK will fight each other. 2) Losers will need to merge into the winning prot. 3) Winner gets to merge into BK. 4) Biel gets new city.
  3. @Noctis is just a pixel-hugger who goes VM during a war to save pixels. Ignore him. As for this war, I give it 2 weeks before undeclared peace.
  5. me thinks ak already lost kek
  6. Does this also include the Camelot merging into BK?
  7. I have an alternative to hitting VM members. Instead of hitting them, why not force their entire alliance into 2 months of VM? In VM, you cannot recieve or send money or resources. Your bank won't grow. Any member nation leaving the VM earlier can be rolled. And since the pixel-huggers like VM, they surely will comply with this. Sure you won't be able to rebuild for two months. But hey, no one can burn your pixel for two months as well.
  8. Nah I'm aiming for the top of most wars lost leaderbard
  9. But stats..........and pixels...................
  10. Camelot is accepting war deserters! In an alliance war? Losing pixels? Don't Worry!!!! We have a solution!!! Join Camelot, escape the war, save your pixels!!! Join today to make your pixels happy!!! Tl;dr-When can I have my Empyrea Invite @FilipS
  11. True Can confirm Btw, did you know If you enter a war on behalf of your protectorates, you cannot be helped by others. Its called *non-chaining*
  12. FYI, 68 day war did not last for 68 days But 69 day war did last for 69 days. Also NUKES TO WAR DODGERS AND 4K INFRA WHALES!!!!
  13. So ghosting already started? GG MEU and HUF Going back on your own words and when we do the same to you you cry? Camelot won't be helping at all. We'll just sit outside and make sure it remains the one-on-one(or two-on-one since TI is at war with HUF and MEU) it is meant to be.
  14. Kool Christmas will be full of presents I see
  15. But micro drama best drama Does he listen?
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