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  1. This is Shadow here
    Today I bring to you something new.

    I recently had a chat with a guy from BK. Nothing opsec.
    I was basically trolling around(like usual) and he fell prey to my trolls.
    However what happened after that is interesting so I'll post our chat here.
    I aint doing screenshots since that will be too tiresome.

    ShepardN7METoday at 9:48 PM

    Did you used to be in BK or in the IQ


    I'm kinda new so.

    TheShadowToday at 9:48 PM

    i used to

    then i found that i was wasting my potential in BK

    ShepardN7METoday at 9:50 PM

    I have been in Bk for 30 days already in two departments (confirmed) and 1 I'm waiting to get a role in.

    TheShadowToday at 9:50 PM

    i mean


    i dont really understand how being in 2 departments even helps

    but if you enjoy it, good

    i dont really understand how people can live satisfied while being bound down with rules and stuff

    i dont get why people cant understand PnW is a game and infrastructure and military is just useless trash

    I dont

    all these papered alliances have filled this game with crap and i am the only bastard who is actually free

    i love my freedom

    i dont want to join alliances that curb this freedom of mine away and lock it

    ShepardN7METoday at 9:54 PM

    Departments increase potential for promotions. Yeah while currently I am at 90% tax untill 23rd then i goes to 60

    TheShadowToday at 9:54 PM

    like i care

    ShepardN7METoday at 9:54 PM



    TheShadowToday at 9:54 PM

    you are satisfied with a promotion

    but what is the meaning of a promotion

    tell me one thing you actually did that made you actually think out of the box

    made you worry

    have you ever experienced the thrill of winning a close war

    or having lost one and patting your oppoenet on the back and saying well played?

    the answer is a no

    you havent experienced the thrills of a war as the underdog

    neither have you raided a top 10, got countered and still won all the wars

    have you?

    ShepardN7METoday at 9:57 PM

    I see your point.

    TheShadowToday at 9:58 PM

    and yet you are satisfied as long as you are promoted and get lower taxes

    you arent playing the game

    you are just logging into it

    and i rest my case

    i dont even know why i am telling you this lmao

    ShepardN7METoday at 9:59 PM

    Can I have your nation link I'm instersted.

    TheShadowToday at 9:59 PM


    So, what is the point of this?
    IDK why I am making this post.
    maybe cause I'm sad.
    maybe I'm retarded.
    But who cares.....

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  2. 5 hours ago, Buorhann said:

    Just to back up Killz here.  While he does have a bit of a attitude from time to time, he was actually pretty well mannered during his stay in TGH for the most part.  Didn't try to sneak in and do shady stuff or anything, and he was up front (both times) about his departure from the alliance.

    Killz may seem like a bad guy sometimes but he is in reality a great guy
    He is willing to listen and even test out theories that may have never been tested before
    I am enjoying the stay with him

    He may have done somethings earlier but bringing up his past wont repair it





  3. 3 hours ago, Dubayoo said:

    you beige to destroy infra.

    with the new war mechanics, you lose 4% infra when you are beiged.
    And 4% infra off a 1K city is 40 infra a city
    Compared to the earlier 10%, the beige damage is reduced by 60%

    What does that mean?
    Earlier, a triple beige meant you lose 27.1% infra off each city
    Now, you lose 11.53% infra per city

    Moreover, the loots have been nerfed as well
    You loot 27.1% of cash and rss in a triple beige
    Compare this with 57.82% of cash and 27.1% rss of earlier

    Thus, blitz for loot isnt really worth it
    Plus, with addition of war modifiers, you cannot loot with attrition wars
    And you cant damage with raid wars
    You can choose only one option-Destroy or Loot now.


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  4. 25 minutes ago, MoonShadow said:

    Well sometimes thinking outside the box is needed, was what ten plus years ago when NPO thought outside the box and did a true blitz attack, wonder how we would all be now if we simply followed what others deem to be the norm.

    The title says "For Noobs"
    That shit you are speaking is Advance Level

  5. 1 minute ago, Noctis Anarch Caelum said:

    I'm saying as a tactic to prevent them from sending their resources to the bank or using their funds to buy necessary war resources they don't already have on hand. So you can exploit weaknesses with blockades if you have a spy op first & see them.

    well, the competent alliances usually have something called a warchest
    And if you have a pretty big amount on you, you have ships too

  6. 4 minutes ago, Noctis Anarch Caelum said:

    If you're going to win regardless; starting with a blockade so they can't send out their resources or swap any out can be highly effective. If somebody has no fuel; can win the war on the first move with a blockade. So depends on the situation.

    You are blitzing an entire alliance
    Why THE frick WILL YOU BEIGE?

  7. 44 minutes ago, Charlie Traveler said:

     So we should notify our targets 15 minutes before we hit them.

    I did that once or twice
    Didnt really change anything

    You can also play mind-games by continuously telling you will blitz someone so that they think you are lying

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