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  1. @Noctis Anarch Caelum honestly dude, you get shit on by basically everyone in Orbis and you somehow manage to maintain your composure. 

    I don't know what that says about you, but it's something.

    1. True King

      True King

      Jesus said, "Blessed are you when you are hated and persecuted. Wherever you have been persecuted they will find no place."

      Also the forums only paint a small picture, most don't use them.:P

  2. Yes, but I may have missed out on the hilarious mod gifs. Anyway, thank you, and will do.
  3. @Chief Wiggum what’s a mod to do in these dark times?
  4. Their IA ministry is called 'MiniLuv', as in, Ministry of Love. They had a pretty good 1984 theme going on in that other realm tbh. It was pretty entertaining to read some of their internal posts.
  5. Tfw Polaris literally has a Ministry of Love.
  6. This is the same guy we banned from the forum ages ago. He's going to claim the same "this is referring to the historical Islamic State, not ISIS" bullshit. Yeah, I'll take the warn for posting in in an NDF. Whatever.
  7. I'm going to have to disagree with quite a bit of what you said, Tiberius. Insofar as the concept of minispheres is concerned, both size and isolation are relevant. It was intentioned to be ancillary support for multi-polarity, as opposed to bipolarity, which is where your confusion stems from. A world where there are more than two sides, we call multipolar. That has nothing to do with size or military/economic might - the concept of minispheres propagates a world wherein there are more than just two concentrations of power and that they do not maintain an overwhelming advantage over another. No, they do not all have to be equal, and frankly the risk of expansion from any one sphere in terms of power consolidation was always a risk, which every leader was aware of. Isolation mattered because it allowed minispheres the agency to do so as they pleased - the good and bad came along with that free agency. Isolation does not imply a complete lack of willingness to cooperate and work with other minispheres. It expects that there be no long term relationship between any two groupings that would be acted upon regardless of the circumstances. The most problematic failing of this concept was that it demanded a rapid shift in interpersonal dynamics between leaders, and more specifically, a willingness to set aside the past. Cypher is most correct when he says that this war was horrible for this concept. I would not go so far as to say our alliance's intervention led to bipolarity, as I am led to believe both are war time political constructs and not long standing ones, but it did not do good, and the longer this war continues, the stronger the chances of this world coming down to bipolarity become. As for Chaos and KETOG teaming up, that was the single most reasonable course of action they could have taken, and I'm not going to fault them for it. I expect that you will not, either. You would have a point regarding Rose's involvement, but that seems to have been largely overlooked, so I won't bother with that for now. As an aside, I know I'm going to be ripped to hell and back for this. You're most welcome to poke me on Discord if you wish to.
  8. @Ebeezy it's time for you to come home, sweetling.
  9. Seeing Nokia operate is like seeing a dude get high on acid for the first time. Y’all have fun though.
  10. Given that wanting change is by itself a personal opinion (you may argue it is group mentality and a 'lack of information', but it remains a personal opinion regardless), I don't see how it can be biased as far as simply the 'poster's side' is concerned, to be honest. You do have an argument insofar as voter % from each side goes, however. Edit: I've edited this four five times. I need sleep.
  11. The Holy Grail. T-H-G. How drunk are you? Just curious.
  12. One. Two. Three. Read all these together. See what the problem is? Also, being professional is over-rated anyway. Just try to have fun, maybe kick shit around every now and then.
  13. So much this. SRD really hit the nail on the head here. Even in the short term, that level of speed requires alliances having players that can not only be hyper active, but be consistently hyper active. And that's just not what the vast, vast majority of people can give to this game. Eventually, you end up with short term curbstomps that you can't feasibly win/enjoy. Which is... not fun.
  14. The only thing left to do is to buy an absurd amount of infra and lan- aw shit.
  15. Charles... why in the *** would you write all that for under on mobile?
  16. Very anarchist of you. ...very fitting!
  17. Keep ignoring that ODP when your ally calls for you and let's see what happens.
  18. They're a new player, but they have a promising future.
  19. Menhera. It's ok Under, I love your memes too.
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