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  1. Good luck with your rebuild, OFA. I hope this war allows you to develop better as both an alliance and community. o/
  2. I don’t recall saying anything to that effect. (Jk, all of y’all should go listen to Mr B.)
  3. The Julius Caesar achievement made me chuckle.
  4. Maybe he wants to hear the infamous *spank bank wank dank yank hank spank skank* first hand. It’s a real treat As far as the debate above is concerned, arguing about whether someone is sincere or not is usually pretty fricking useless. It nine out of ten times doesn’t get anywhere. I’m not going to wade through the bullshit in this thread to point out what I see wrong (and trust me, I see wrong on both sides), but maybe drop the subject and move on if the conversation is going to devolve into second grade level “no u”. I think we have enough threads doing that already. (It’ll probably do both of you good if you talk it out in private. Seriously.)
  5. I’m on a really crappy connection right now, but just checking in to back up Memph and Rienne’s complaints; even when I was on a pretty fast connection (I don’t think, for example, that this game needs more than 40 megs), certain pages would not load at all. This would be followed by practically the entire game shutting down. I haven’t been up at update, but this has been a throughout-the-day problem. Don’t really know what the issue is either - at some points in time the game plays really smoothly. At others basic functions (like going to an alliance page) can’t be done because the pages refuse to load. Shit’s been bugging the heck out of us.
  6. You don’t need to tell yourself that anymore Auctor. Your friend @Prefonteen is here to do that for you!
  7. Dude, that’s literally the leader of DB. That’s not a leak lol. May I consider this a concession of your previous statement that NPO did not know? Just curious.
  8. Okay, back up a bit. Was NPO the one that informed you guys of the cancellation?
  9. Yeah, that sounds great. (I’ll tap out of the conversation now, don’t think mods appreciate OOC chatter here.)
  10. I was thinking more along the lines of visiting lovely, picturesque villages. Pictured above is Edam, a peaceful and quiet place I visited a bit ago, about half an hour’s drive off of Amsterdam. Not so much a “spiritual” retreat as it would be a normal vacation, but I could always dress up as a weird religious leader to make it realistic. ?
  11. If P&W players wish to go on a spiritual retreat, I might be willing to fund it. ?
  12. It might be the booze talking, but if you squint real hard the polar bear starts looking like an albino guinea pig.
  13. ...that you had joined may have been the first thing on my mind, too. >.>
  14. Let me know if this works. You will probably still need to expand on one of the images, the text is really tiny in non-expanded form.
  15. Huh, weird. I could always host them on imgur if need be, but once expanded they read okay.
  16. Content set aside, the screenshots read fine? Click on any of those images, they expand to fit the screen. At-least I can read them pretty clearly on my laptop.
  17. Dio Brando


    This shit gets weirder every damn day.
  18. Checking in. This isn't the right subforum. More importantly, Cloaca isn't botting. He's a bit nuts, and probably could do with another (dozen) hobbies, but when you come to the Birdman, you come for the Birdman. I've messaged him on and off while playing, and he replies practically instantly. So... yeah, no botting going on there buddy.
  19. We haven’t always agreed, and quite often butted heads. But you were a good person to chat with, and I will always treasure the odd voice chat we’ve had. I’m incredibly sorry for your loss, and I hope you find the strength to recover. If you ever need anything, I’m only a DM away buddy.
  20. *sees a Booty thread about NPO* *clicks* >no mention of Dio. frick. (I love you too, dude. You’re great fun to talk to)
  21. She assumed you meant Orbis in general by "we", and not you, Camelot.
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