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  1. Ravenclaw

    Do any P&W players play 2K?

    I do, MyLeague is life.
  2. Does Alex know de wae to not having a potato server?

  3. Ravenclaw

    Coherence DoE

    Never thought i'd say this, but I agree with Higgs.
  4. Ravenclaw

    Hey people

    Pretty damn late, but welcome!
  5. Ravenclaw

    KoS's 1st annual Christmas Commie Crusade

    Sorry to crash this micro party, but eh, cancelled.
  6. Why are the forums dead? Shifty, Zeebrus, Ripper get your shit together.

    1. 丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      I'm currently dead. I'm RPing.

    2. Zeebrus


      I don’t use the forums on weekends


  7. Ravenclaw

    War... War Never Changes

    Mudkip using my flag from GIO, tTO having it? VALID CB.
  8. Ravenclaw

    Don't throw away your shot...

    Just following you and Manatee, no need to be worried
  9. Ravenclaw

    Aloha time is so real...

  10. Ravenclaw

    The Blizzard Pact, Part II

    (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways)
  11. Ravenclaw

    Better Late Than Never

  12. Ravenclaw

    Back to the Ocean

    Shes not gone kek, leader name is Kanna
  13. Ravenclaw


    Contacted you.
  14. Ravenclaw

    Hello everyone!

    Support the Catalan Republic (both my nation, and IRL)
  15. Ravenclaw

    Tis i, El Barto!

    More like El Deporto, or because of your nation name and the fact that i'm a fascist...El Gasso.
  16. Ravenclaw

    Could a Stock Market on P&W work at all?

    I'm looking forward to see if you guys are interested in this...
  17. I had the idea of an Orbis stock market going through my head earlier today, thing is I was wondering if it could work or not, and if so, how?
  18. What happens if we run out of nacho cheese...?

  19. Ravenclaw

    Could a Stock Market on P&W work at all?

    This. Is. Brilliant.
  20. Ravenclaw

    Could a Stock Market on P&W work at all?

    Somewhat like that, just alot more complicated.
  21. Ravenclaw

    Could a Stock Market on P&W work at all?

    Resource companies (such as PanCorp Inc), Merc companies (Arrgh, Typhon, Imperial Metric Union, etc.), GFX companies (Makin Bacon', Rippers stuff w/e), possibly more if those work. I'd honestly see Merc companies with the most value.
  22. Ravenclaw

    Pixel Nations and Project Terra...

  23. Ravenclaw

    Well, i'm back...I guess lmao

    A good 40 days lmao

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