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  1. Zephyr

    Boting talk

    Perhaps the concern about account sharing could be addressed similar to how other websites do it when the user logs on from a different IP to the last time, it sends them an email requiring them to click a link to verify that they authorise the log in. The account owner cannot simply click all incoming verification requests because their IP will differ to the other user that is attempting to access the account. ...And more CAPTCHAs on important game action pages should trip up botting of accounts, but it should also simply be outlawed. Stick to using the API for gathering information, and develop an official credit funded recruitment messaging system everyone can use without programming skills. Unpopular opinion... Honestly I would even vote for no API or account botting whatsoever, because I don't think programming skills should be a determining factor to success in a game. If it's a desired enough feature I believe the players should lobby the admin to incorporate the functionality in the game itself, equally accessible to all players without requiring special skills. That's because I think the competitive line should remain squarely focused on players' decision making and not based on their computer literacy, and you must concede being able to develop a Discord bot, web scrape the site or automate your nation has its advantages and even makes those alliances more appealing to other players and alliances. Typhon itself is fortunate enough to have Tymoteusz who has developed Hydrozen for our interests, but not all alliances are so fortunate. We are forced by the status quo to develop a bot in order to remain competitive, and frankly I think it's ridiculous for the game to encourage automation and disadvantage alliances that don't have programmers. I think a better solution would have been Alex making an official P&W Discord bot and selling access with credits (also eliminates API spam). I know that's wishful thinking, so I'd be happy just to see account botting/scripting/web scraping/'not a human clicking buttons' outlawed, and restrict everyone to just the API.
  2. I just added Santa in his sleigh pulled by reindeer in front of our flag: Though on our alliance profile I also added snow to the background image, Santa hat to the dragon logo, and a Christmas decorations footer. I think changing the flag or other alliance profile content for special holidays is a bit of fun and will probably continue it. I wouldn't mind if more of our gov or members took an interest and contributed content and ideas, including special holidays that I might not observe myself. I'm Australian and we don't really do Halloween Down Under but I did change our flag for that too:
  3. Coalition A has not discussed launching a most cunning plan to trick Alex into implementing an armistice to our advantage. You can calm down and perhaps direct your outrage at the specific individual making the suggestion.
  4. I would support removing monetary prizes from baseball or just removing baseball entirely from the game. Although I've dabbled in baseball myself, it is ridiculous how much money can be earnt from mashing some buttons and it's quite irrelevant to the core game. I get that baseball offers a side-game to blow time on, but my other concern is how many players are really clicking the buttons themselves? After all the allegations of baseball cheating, I looked into how it can be automated and it's surprisingly simple to install a browser extension that will automate the process for you. So the only thing stopping players automating baseball is the occasional captcha. I find it hard to believe, that for something anyone with little technical experience can automate in a few minutes, that there isn't actually a large number of regular baseball players simply firing up their new favourite browser extensions and checking in every 10 minutes to handle pesky captchas manually. Obviously if you'd found a golden goose that laid millions of dollars daily, you probably wouldn't be too forthcoming about how abusable the system is.
  5. 135 pounds is only about 61 kilograms. How tall are you?
  6. Nation: Gay Muslim Space Rojava Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=183860 Violation: Harassment I already reported this user previously, you indicated you would review it again if it continued.
  7. I agree with this suggestion. While reviewing my recent reports against GOONS appears to have actually benefit my 'forum reputation', it is completely inappropriate. Other player opinions are irrelevant to Alex in determining if a rule violation occurred and simply affixes a potential forum rep cost for reporting problem behaviour in highly populated alliances/spheres that are willing to use mob tactics to harass and intimidate other players; dragonshardz went as far as dropping a veiled threat at DDOSing me in one of my game reports involving another GOONS member. So yes, I think this is a good suggestion towards helping mitigate the use of intimidation techniques already being employed in the game reports section.
  8. Nation: The Democratic Union of Dong Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=179668 Violation: Harassment It continues. This isn't subtle, they even went for a double tap all in the same minute.
  9. Are you using the correct BBCode? Which image host? Can you give an example? Note that if it's Imgur, you will need to edit the image link from "https" to "http" for it to work. For example this image... would use in-game... EDIT: So apparently code blocks don't work on the forum. Had to use an image of the code.
  10. This is an excellent suggestion, hell throw in a fifth gov level while you're at it! Assuming these new gov levels are mechanically similar to the current ones, then we'll still be able to leave gov titles blank for unused gov levels so they don't show on the alliance profile.
  11. Zephyr

    Embargo Spam

    Gee it's almost as if my report wasn't the result of being embargoed (a perfectly legitimate game action), but maybe something more specific like the same players reinstalling embargoes to spam notifications to me (harassment).
  12. But that's the issue isn't it, you're spamming notifications for embargoes you're unnecessarily reinstalling. You say it's to test an issue you are having with embargo reasons, but you also know you're targeting a player that does not want to be spammed and has in fact reported the issue on the forum. Why would a reasonable person do that if they know the targeted player is uncomfortable being spammed? It seems too convenient to dismiss your actions as 'oh, I was just testing something'. Yeah, you and the next 5 GOONS, all testing something? Specifically on me? How am I supposed to interpret this behaviour? I am not being illegitimate and have made a point of being honest in my approach to the game. I've played for over 2 and a half years and don't much appreciate you lobbing this accusation so casually, especially given that it appears to be wielded simply to discredit my character and dismiss the seriousness of my concerns raised by my report threads. I haven't checked time/date stamps of my forum activity, but I guess it would make sense that anything I was planning to do on the forum that day would likely be done around the same time during the same session (though sometimes I get distracted with tasks and resume later). I think you're reading into the coincidences too much, it simply illustrates the times I was active on the forum. Regarding the thread you made about a suspected multi, I responded because I believed your initial post did not contain adequate information and encouraged you to produce it to make a better case. I also explained some things regarding the way the multi rule has been interpreted previously by Alex, as well as the Discord issue. You are right that it's a no-discussion thread, but there are exceptions for other users to respond and I felt like my responses clarifying the rules and encouraging you to produce better evidence fell within the exception for assistance. I made two responses, but did not respond further because I'd exhausted the usefulness of my participation in the thread. I guess if a moderator disagrees with my participation in that thread, I will soon find out. Also, why do you think I would care if you reported a multi? Are you implying I had something to do with it? It seems this section is mostly an attempt at character assassination to muddy this thread. Because I don't think you are being legitimate, I think you are trolling through feigned concern. Your actions and that of other GOONS support my case that your alliance is deliberately targeting me with unnecessary embargo notifications. Noted you have produced a thread where you describe concern about embargo reasons not being displayed, but I believe you are simply using it to excuse yourselves reinstalling embargoes and spamming me with notifications in order to harass me. Furthermore you do not argue in good faith, repeatedly GOONS members (including yourself, having produced a fresh one in another thread while I was typing this) have responded to report threads attempting to reframe my complaint as something that it is not. My complaint is specifically against the use of the embargo game feature to spam notifications to other players by unnecessarily reinstalling an existing embargo, but apparently GOONS are attempting to establish a narrative as simple as 'Zephyr thinks embargoing him is a violation of game rules'. Repeatedly I have rejected this simplification of the issue and produced plenty of counter points which you guys are careful to dance around while spouting off the same nonsense (specifically what the report is not about). Why would I contact GOONS about the embargoes? I don't care if you embargo me or not, because again...that's not what the thread is about. Try reading it.
  13. Zephyr

    Embargo Spam

    Each thread is a report for a different offending player. There are six threads or six examples of GOONS members spamming embargoes. Why is this a problem for GOONS? Why is the concept of spam difficult for you guys to grasp?
  14. I am unconvinced that the issue you are having with the game is a 'bug' or that it excuses GOONS from cycling members to hit me with notification spam. The thread should remain.
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