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  1. I sympathise with the concerns on the fairness of a change to land given the current understanding that it's an expensive but untouchable investment, but could this concern simply be addressed by offering 100% land refunds for a short period after any change made to or around land? Can the land whales please chime in with thoughts specifically on whether there's a way in which a change could be made to land while fairly compensating their efforts up to this point.
  2. Have you deleted already? "Hi. Bye." I'm guessing you actually just messed up your nation ID in your forum account details.
  3. This is just a thread to ask if players are open to any changes to land. Prefontaine simply reeled off some examples of changes that have been discussed, by someone, somewhere, at some point in time, that was observed by Prefontaine. He's not saying "Do you want me to make these 3 changes to land?".
  4. The poll is more like, "Vote 'no' if you think land is perfect 👨‍🍳👌 just the way it is. Vote 'yes' if there's something, anything, land related that you think could be changed". Sounds like you just voted against yourself.
  5. There is also the problem whereby if you change pages on trades for one resource, then change to view another resource, the page position is maintained. This is counter-intuitive, the natural expectation is that it would reset the page position when changing to view a different resource. This has actually tricked me a few times while being unobservant of the paging or numbering of the trades, resulting in buying resources at higher prices than I had to.
  6. Alex made the change a while back after an alliance leader was moving an absurd number of inactives in and out of the alliance immediately before and after turn changes so that they could take all the benefit of fully taxing them without any of the risk of alliance bank looting ordinarily inevitable from keeping inactives. I think a more elegant solution could be requiring that members manually accept alliance taxes each time either their tax bracket changes or their tax bracket's rates change (and the new rate is not 0/0). Add a tax rate section to the nation edit page indicating the tax rate one's alliance wishes to apply with a checkbox to fill before saving, accepting the new tax rate and commencing tax payments. Send players a notification about alliance tax changes applied to them, reminding them to accept changes via their nation edit page before their nation will resume paying taxes (under the new terms). Problems addressed: The original tax abuse Alex addressed where players could move inactives in and out of their alliance for easy, full rate taxes without the risks ordinarily associated with keeping inactives in their ranks. Alliances can't throw inactive members into full taxes to benefit from their entire nation's income before kicking them out or in order to "protect" their member's income or mitigate loot losses when they are raided, not at least without the member returning to activity and consenting to the new tax terms. Alliances can't change tax rates without detection. As Deborah points out, it is currently possible for alliances to change taxes immediately before and after turn changes to secretly take more resources from members and then spam alliance actions afterwards to push the tax change events out of the alliance feed (which is the only place in which members are informed directly by the game that tax changes occurred). There is no 2 day delay to tax contributions from new members, only what the member's activity level determines (which is likely faster than 2 days). Alliances can't effectively catfish new players because they always need players to accept tax terms; there would be no point wasting the player's or alliance's time giving new players the runaround. I think this is also more respectful to nation sovereignty, and makes more sense that the nation's treasury wouldn't dispense resources to foreign powers without direction from their supreme ruler.
  7. Someone's going to ask if I don't, but you don't have an ad blocker enabled do you? If so, you will have to turn it off to see the ads.
  8. I guess the implication from this suggestion is that our nations are not active or capable at an international level to negotiate military hardware purchases with foreign countries and companies, and lack the industry expertise to manufacture military hardware other than what our neighbours are producing. This seems at odds with the game logic as nations routinely trade internationally, establish treaties on behalf of groups of nations, and galavant around the globe declaring wars. I don't think it makes sense to limit military hardware availability by location.
  9. Same principal could apply to gasoline too. I think ammunition has a shelf life as well, but a lot longer. Having said that, I have no idea how this would be implemented. I imagine this would also only be a disadvantage to a few resources, so if it were viable and desirable as a game mechanic, a review of resource production rates and associated costs might be in order. I can't see this as something worth pursuing.
  10. This is a follow up to my other thread because I think the bulletin system has potential to do a lot of what Discord news servers are doing, and if that can be done in-game it potentially makes it easier to engage even more players (especially the Discord averse). Let us delete our bulletins I don't see the option, so unless I'm missing something, why shouldn't this be an option? If the concern is players spamming inappropriate bulletins and deleting them to evade moderation action, then surely there's a solution to this by just quietly stuffing deleted bulletins temporarily into an admin-only repository or something? Let us make and join News Groups, and publish bulletins under their identity News groups could have a profile page with a custom description, some stats for total likes received from all their bulletins, number of subscribers (subscription feature requested in my previous thread), a button to subscribe to their bulletins, indicate who the owner is, list reporters, and then display their recent articles in a gridded thumbnail pattern similar to the World News page. You could probably keep news group permissions fairly simple without any need to allow elaborate customisation to permissions as any rogue publishing efforts by reporters should be easy enough to shut down by the news group owner: Reporters can publish bulletins under news groups they are member to. Bulletins published via news groups should also have a "From <news_group_name>" link added as a new line under the "By <author>" line in the details section of bulletins. Players can only edit their own bulletins. This means that the linked nation/author of the bulletin remains as simple as one player, and keeps moderation considerations for inappropriate content simple to review and act on (because, alternatively, I imagine tracking contributions from multiple reporters would be technically complicated to log and a lot of development effort for little gain to user experience). If a news group owner desires changes to be made to an article, they are presumably capable of asking their reporters to make the appropriate changes or remove non-compliant reporters from their news group. Only the news group owner can: Add reporters Delete bulletins Edit the news group profile Remove reporters Transfer news group ownership Add a new News Group tab to the World News page It would just be a space to list all of the news groups in Orbis and make it easier for players to discover them. You could show a couple categories at the top in a similar way to the bulletins tab, showing most popular news groups by subscriptions and likes, then showing all news groups listed below that. Add a new category to the World News page for recent news group bulletins Specifically the World tab where bulletins are listed in various categories. Put it near the top, maybe after subscriptions (my previous thread's suggested category addition). Notifications for new subscription bulletins Notifications with links to new bulletins from any subscriptions the player has made to other players and news groups. Helps drive eyeballs to bulletins from anyone trying to use the bulletin system regularly and develop a readership. Presumes my previous bulletin subscription suggestion is implemented. Some might not like this, so an account option to disable this would be in order. Add bulletin likes and subscriptions to nation feeds Self explanatory; any time a player likes or subscribes, log it on their nation's recent activity feed. It's another opportunity to drive awareness to bulletins/news groups. Limit daily bulletin posts Maybe this is already the case? This would just be practical for moderation, but also for news group owners if they had to delete bulletins from a rogue reporter (and didn't want to wait for an admin to do it). Twenty per day at most? Whatever number, it shouldn't obstruct legitimate use of bulletins. Credit cost establishing news groups I think if news groups were incorporated in an effective way with suggestions like what I've made (or any better suggestions offered), it would be fair to attach a high credit cost to establishing news groups and would also give them more prestige over nation and alliance bulletins of which there are plenty. TL;DR: Improve bulletins to make them more practical as an engaging in-game news system.
  11. Zephyr


    Thanks for your supportive comment. If you'd like to know more, check out this news article: https://politicsandwar.com/bulletin/id=1723/reactforce-set-to-revolutionise-orbis
  12. Introducing ReactForce We offer an affordable, innovative, and streamlined service to help empower and embolden you to leverage stagnant wealth in maximising your exposure and revolutionising your potential for quick wins and growth hacking. Our high synergy and enthusiastic team of dedicated contractors are leading the cutting edge to help you disrupt the paradigm and hit the ground running. Open a ticket to touch base and get boots on the ground. If that mouthful of buzzwords has you hyped but dazed and confused, here's the TLDR: You pay us, we react to bulletins/forum posts. Why would you bother? Make your content more popular than ever! Collect forum rep, if that's what you're into (we don't kink shame, and we'll be discreet). Confuse and upset people, or add a little chaos by upvoting Phoenyx and Changeup posts. Increase your influence and show up rivals. Bruise egos with an avalanche of downvotes. Improve your content's visibility; popular bulletins and forum posts get special treatment and exposure on the P&W platforms. Support a bold new idea from a small start-up, hiring good hard working locals. It's cheap. You can afford it. Contracts: $100,000 per reaction. Contract minimum is $1,000,000. We're hiring! Interested in joining the madness? Join our Discord to get started.
  13. It also says less than 5MB in size, and only JPG/JPEG, PNG, or GIF file types. Does your submission violate any of those conditions? It might be helpful if you can post the image here so we can see what might be going wrong. On a separate note, you need to complete your forum profile information; nation, leader, and nation ID.
  14. Careful, or I'll do you next. Changeup was so disorientated he had to retreat to his RON safe space for a session of mutual admiration from his cohort.
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