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  1. And their views will need to align with what Prefontaine declares acceptable. This is centralising a lot of influence around a single player because they befriended Alex. Furthermore the idea itself with or without Prefontaine at its centre isn't great; when you decide to limit discussion to a small group to push through ideas, who represents the ideas nobody in the group likes? Would those ideas really get fair consideration? The answer is nobody, and nobody will be making an honest case for those ideas. If your views don't align with the clique, they no longer matter and you'll be wasting your breath.
  2. So now a small clique of players favoured by you will have Alex's ear to try and pressure changes in their interest? Seems like befriending Alex really paid off for you, now you'll be a powerful influence on what game development looks like moving forward. I guess we can stop pretending the Game Suggestions forum matters now; if the dev clique isn't aligned with our game ideas, it won't go anywhere.
  3. Currently there appears to be no mention or link to the test server within the game itself. I can't even recall when or where I last heard about its existence or an instruction on how to find it. Even the game's changelog currently makes no mention of the test server or how to find it, and the Quick Links category on these forums doesn't even provide a link to the test server. Doing a quick search of the P&W Discord suggests an actual link to the test server was last posted in early April, but only advertising it occasionally via the Discord limits its reach to the players that join the P&W Discord and is furthermore limited when players like myself mute many servers anyway. The current approach isn't effective at raising awareness of the fact there even exists a test server, let alone being useful for actually testing upcoming features. I suggest some changes are made to improve awareness and accessibility to the test server. Menu Link Add a test server link to the game menu, I suggest under the Community section. Game Objective Add another objective which instructs players to find the in-game test server link in the side menu and click it and navigate to the test server to receive a cash reward. Changelog & Discord Mentions Mention and link the test server more frequently in the changelog and Discord, maybe once a month(?). Include a description about what's being tested and emphasise its importance to testing new features. Forum Quick Link Add a link to the test server in the forum's Quick Links section. If these can have descriptions, add a description emphasising the importance of its function in testing upcoming features. One Login to Rule Them All Currently users register a P&W account which is then used to create a nation, and this must be separately repeated for the test server. Can this be adapted so that users can use the same P&W account to create and manage their regular nation and one test server nation? This would eliminate the inconvenience of creating and validating a second account just to be able to create and play a test server nation, streamlining the process of joining and participating in the test server may encourage wider participation if it is more convenient to give it a go. Additionally this may have moderation benefits if the game rules and mechanics are reworked to only permit one account managing one regular nation and/or one test server nation. It means that disruptive players can't attempt to limit punishment to one realm by using separate accounts, as consequence of disruptive behaviour in either should affect both.
  4. So basically if the spy operation succeeds you successfully aid your ally, or it fails and you aid opponents? I feel like the risk of failing and actually aiding and advancing opponents is just too penalising to make this operation appealing. I would instead suggest failed operations simply result in losing the aid (deleted), and the blockading nations getting notified of successfully thwarting the operation.
  5. I'm not sure I understand what you mean, but here's what I'm seeing if it helps...
  6. This is not an issue for me using the same version of Chrome with or without extensions disabled and window maximised. However, I resized the web browser window width and it seems at some point when the width of the window is decreased enough, the reported issue occurs. I'm guessing this is caused by the CSS for smaller viewports -? Windows 10 Chrome 83.0.4103.97 64 bit 1920x1080 screen resolution
  7. Rule violation: Offending forum accounts: MinesomeMC MinesomeMC II MySonEmSea
  8. Thought this had to be a fake screenshot, but it's legit. I laughed. Thanks.
  9. Left side menu: Trade > Embargoes. Add Embargo: Enter alliance name for Name and select Alliance from the drop down menu for Type. Go.
  10. Congratulations on the treaty! Hope you can ignore the crying idiots and keep participating in the forum; hell I'd say start signing treaties every day to spite them.
  11. Me too. My soldiers screen still seems to have yesterday's recruitment under Soldiers Enlisted Today. Also I didn't get a notification today indicating that my daily military purchase limit was reset.
  12. Offending nations: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=209574 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=185386 What happened: I declared war on 209574 and now they've fired up their multi to declare a war on me using 185386. Sharing same unique ID: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=185386
  13. From the National Flag section of the Nation Edit screen... If your flag's height was more than 600 pixels, then these errors make sense. If you're pointing out that the first error did not stipulate the height issue, my guess would be that the error checks are aborted once any type of error is identified to report and therefore may return an incomplete list of errors (at a guess).
  14. Unfortunately I'm out of touch with the current banking scene so I couldn't say who's around or how good they are, but a Discord server that may be useful joining is The Orbis Portal: https://discord.gg/5UJ26cx It is a player run server that supposedly specialises in being a one-stop-shop for Discord links to P&W related Discord servers; it has a channel for bank Discord links. I don't know if they require players to pay them to get listed, so it may be incomplete, but it appears to list quite a few banks there. The important thing to remember is banks make their own rules and there's no legal recourse if they decide not to play by those rules, so do your research and only gamble what you can afford parting with. Now would be a good time for someone more up-to-date with the current bank scene to chime in with recommendations.
  15. Banks may refer to either: Alliance Banks Each alliance has a bank that may contain cash and resources (except credits) which can be withdrawn from by authorised members of the alliance's government. Any member in the alliance can deposit to their alliance's bank as well as any other bank being able to deposit to it, however foreign nations cannot directly deposit to the bank of an alliance they are not member to. If the alliance collects taxes from its membership, the taxes will be deposited to the alliance bank during each turn change (every 2 hours). Player Run Banks Similar to real world banks they may offer loans, savings accounts and even options to invest in the bank by purchasing shares. These banks may not actually exist as an organisation in the game as they are entirely player driven and operated at the discretion of the players involved (that means the services they provide and how they choose to function may vary significantly). For example a nation may operate a 'bank' but simply have produced a logo, Discord server and documentation outlining services and service contracts, but may actually just use their nation or various participants' nations to coordinate transactions for the 'bank' (though they may also operate an in-game alliance for these purposes as an alliance bank makes transactions more convenient; an alliance bank cannot be blockaded and transactions occur immediately without requiring action from the other party unlike the alternative of inter-nation trading). Banks have no legal obligation as per the game rules to fulfil the expectations of any service you engage with them, therefore it's important that you either trust the individuals operating the bank or only risk as much personal wealth as you can handle losing. Banks have failed for various reasons in the past and customers and investors have lost money as a result, so it does have risks. It sounds like you are referring to the latter.
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