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  1. I have been wondering if notifications can be tweaked to reduce repetition and redundant text, and improve the organisation and readability of notifications. I present my own ideas about how that might be accomplished in hope that others will chime in with thoughts and contributions. Proposed changes to notifications: Group unread notifications of the same type and date. The unread notifications number displayed on the side menu should still reflect the number of unread events (not the number of unread notifications/grouped notifications) Separate the date and time into sep
  2. Is April Fool's Day supposed to be funny or annoying?
  3. Good riddance. What's the bet a bunch of them have returned under new identities since then? The game has a kind of charm to it that is hard to stay away from.
  4. All I know is IRON is from CN like NPO, and look how they turned out! Also the poaching nonsense needs to stop. You don't own people. Hopefully anyone that thinks they own people gets properly rolled.
  5. Commending a nation increases the commendations counter on the nation, logs it in the nation's recent activity feed, and sends the leader a notification letting them know who has commended them. It's a gesture of approval.
  6. This says a lot, the only person from Camelot that bothers to post in their protectorate's DoE thread is Epi. Low effort. Meatshields, or prospective mergers? Maybe both? @New Founding Fathers Are you a reroll? That avatar looks familiar, but I can't place it. Then again if you were, surely you'd have gone for a better protector. Good luck, hopefully you wise up to Camelot though.
  7. Thanks for the clarification, because this is different to your initial statement which asserted that there was no stated purpose for the proposed changes.
  8. Basically 'poaching' is just a term tossed around to justify squashing competition. It's a nation sim, people are going to nation sim in a nation sim, which happens to include making alliances in this particular one. Though it is notably useful for alliances to perpetuate the notion that there's something particularly malicious about members having the ambition to make their own and, shock horror, talk to other players about joining it. Well, it looks like this supports my position that you're stitching this guy up. So let's look at the (apparent) facts: Kru was formerly an
  9. So this Kru fella wanted to make their own alliance and you shafted them for having said ambition? Am I the only one that thinks it's pretty normal for people playing a nation sim to talk about starting alliances with their friends and allies? When I think poaching, I think of some rando spamming recruitment messages to people they've never even spoken to before, not someone just looking for startup support from those around them. Even then, I think we're overselling the offence of it.
  10. Did you read the thread? The purposes of the suggestions were outlined, so it'd be helpful if you actually stipulated why you think no purposes were stipulated or why you think it has no purpose. Unless you mean to use 'needless' in the most broadest sense in which you'd be right that Alex does not need to make changes to the game, but that would be an annoyingly redundant comment to make and which you could post to any game suggestion. Personally, I've actually thought for a while that playing with trade mechanics could be a fun way to add some complexity, vulnerability, and incre
  11. Here's the wiki page for all of them: https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/Category:API
  12. I basically just opened a bunch of threads and skipped through them adding users that didn't have really low post counts or who I recognised, until I got bored. Either I missed Charlie or they haven't posted recently. The list obviously isn't very complete, but maybe someone with more effort could try a more complete one if they're feeling motivated. Even better if @Alex could just export the data to a sheet (if that's possible) or something.
  13. Actually this is an interesting point because if I recall correctly, the reputation value is stored and then altered as reactions are made. This means older accounts that existed when downvotes had a negative effect likely still have a score offset by downvotes applied during that period. So basically if you joined when downvotes meant something, then yeah I think they are to some degree still counted against you. Otherwise no. You're welcome. Also I forgot Leopold and have now added him (couldn't be stuffed redoing the images but he's on the sheet). So he's taken 11th plac
  14. I was curious what forum reputation scores would look like as an average of points scored per post, as I thought this approach might be more insightful into a user's ability to generate community favoured content through their account's lifetime. So naturally I wasted my time browsing the forum and punching in the reputation and post count of 94 users into a google sheet before I got bored. I avoided users with low post counts and tried to ensure the names I recognised got included, so it's by no means complete and is clearly biased towards users that have posted to the forum more recently or
  15. The oldest post on the first page of Alliance Affairs was started on the 1st of March, and was last active on the 7th. There have been 16 threads active in the last week, which averages just over 2 per day. This is busier than usual, but yet all content active in the last week is still on the first page of the sub-forum. I don't think there's a problem here. Also Alex originally removed downvotes because he wasn't keen on the negativity of it, and already compromised by bringing them back without an actual effect. I doubt Alex will actually entertain reinstating their effect. I think
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