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  1. Saxplayer


    There used to be a soccer based sports league run on the forums. Alex added Baseball to the game while it was still around, and I imagine he didn't choose soccer because of the soccer league on the forums.
  2. Alliance Name: The Crimson Order Alliance Color: Aqua Hmmmmmmmm
  3. I, for one, welcome our new Valk overlords
  4. I've played this game for 5 years, mostly for the sense of community that I got from all of the alliances that I was in. This war spits in the face of all of that. It is clear and obvious that NPO, IQ, whatever you want to call them, just wants to drive me and others out of this game, simply because of what alliance we have chosen. Why NPO and IQ? Why do you care so much about driving other alliances out of the game? It's a damn game, get over the fact that you have only ever won one world conflict. Move on, end this conflict gracefully, what more do any of us have to gain by dragging out this conflict. I'm simply fed up. I can't accurately explain exactly how I feel about this entire thing, and I know that this post will either be ignored, or laughed at by people in the other coalition, but damn I have held this shit in for way too long. No matter how much I might want to quit to get away from the toxicity that is developing, I wont, simply because I hope that things can go back to how they used to be, and because I really don't want to leave the community my alliance has crafted. End the war.
  5. Can't get us to accept outrageous peace terms when you don't even offer them to us in good faith. Guess GOONS will never get their Shark Week and Polaris will never get their bank back, what a shame.
  6. This game was better when shit was simple and certain alliances didn't harbor huge vendettas against other alliances. So when are we going to end this thing? I'm willing to wait it out, however long it takes, but it would be better for the game if we could figure out how to end this thing.
  7. 5 years of existence yay! Hail to the thorns!
  8. Remember when Syndicate and associated parties were actually a force to be reckoned with.... Oh those were the days...
  9. Some alliances age like fine wine. Polaris is aging like spoiled milk. Good to see Polaris is still as poorly run as they used to be.
  10. I just came on to say, that after much deliberation, "N$O" has to be the worst coalition/bloc/sphere/idekanymore name I've ever heard. Please be a tad more creative and come back to me with your ideas, Ill be waiting.
  11. Listen, we all understand how a treaty works, the problem here is that you don't understand how optics work.
  12. Ill let you know when I find the real Syndicate, not these awful imposters that have sprung up in their absence.
  13. I thought people would have learned way back when Emerald Bank went under. Guess I was wrong.
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