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  1. Mikalus II

    Join the Horsemen - Ride or Die.

    No, we prefer 13 and up. Also, if the Syndicate is tired of syndicating, you guys are more than welcome to merge....it's gonna be a bit of a pay cut though. Our benefits and compensation package may be somewhat less than you are accustomed to....think of us as a..more of a mom and pop, plucky..making our own artisanal soap and bath products, while being crushed by property taxes and city code fees...alliance
  2. Mikalus II

    The Phoenix is Dead

    Well maybe...the 4th time is the charm? I don't know. I'm not good with old sayings and such...
  3. Mikalus II

    Join the Horsemen - Ride or Die.

    What he meant to say was: " Join now and if you have less than 12 cities and we have the cash and we remember then we will most likely probably fund your next city." If you're polite about it and stuff
  4. Mikalus II

    Horse-Force ODP

    Horse Force ODP There will come a day when your Orbisian grandchildren will ask you: “ Granpa/Granma…What was Orbis like before the World Task Force and The Horsemen agreed to sometimes defend one another if they felt like it maybe?” You will chuckle a bit, as your hearing will be impaired with age and you may have just a touch of hereditary dementia but your time-ravaged brain will eventually process the information. You will understand what your non-existent offspring means. You will look on your Orbis-borne grandchild with watering-rheumy eyes and you will have forgotten what it was like to live in a Horse-Forceless-Orbis. The concept of a world without Forces (world-wide) and horses (primarily ridden by men) joined sometimes at the metaphorical hip to occasionally help each other out, will seem foreign, repugnant and obscene. Just relax. Your make-believe grandchild is a slathering idiot and you know the truth. You know how it went down. The World Task Force and The Horsemen agreed to enter into an infinitely binding and Adamantium-clad ODP, which could not be ignored unless: They wanted to ignore it, they were busy, they were drunk, they were hungover a bit, they forgot to log in, they didn’t have the money to fight, they forgot they destroyed all of their barracks and shipyards in a fit of capitalism or some other reason of their choosing which was not fully detailed. It was optional but written in the congealing blood of the elder gods forevermore. The World Task Force and The Horsemen ODP: Signed for World Task Force: Nintendo Tarquin RADtx Globoid Johnemann, DVD Tapley Signed for The Horsemen: Death Trojan Doctor Famine Raoul Duke Danial GH And now I’m told I need a picture of some sort to really seal the deal:
  5. Mikalus II

    War Stats

    Nice stats. I'm going to go tell the rest of The Horsemen that we actually looted 34 million total.I will not mention the 2.4 billion in damages we incurred. I don't think they check the forums. Things are looking up!
  6. Mikalus II

    The Ayyslamic Caliphate Rises

    Wait a minute. You're supposed to win the wars? Oh..well...that actually does make more sense.
  7. The Fighting Pacifists and The Horsemen have agreed to an indefinite and immediate White Peace. We’re going to have to sit the rest of this one out in general…as we are just about out of bullets, gasoline and available citizens willing to absorb airstrikes, missiles and the occasional nuclear bomb. Good clean fun for everyone… Mental note for the future: Buy more gasoline. Spend less money on Keno.
  8. Mikalus II

    Name that war!

    The 2nd Annual Easter-Timed assault which was in effect a carefully constructed artifice to dramatically spike food prices world-wide and increase the wealth of The Grumpy Old Bastards- war. I'm working on it.
  9. Mikalus II

    The Fighting Pacifists Declare Victory

    Oh, well that's why all of the people are dying. This just makes more sense now. .
  10. Mikalus II

    Horsemen Battle Murmur

    Oh, you think the Horsemen are finished…or maybe you think…who/what is a Horsemen? Horseman? Horsemens? We have killed over 7 people in this war and Doctor Famine was able to almost sabotage a tank before all of his spies were murdered by an unknown nation. Trust us…mark our words…well mark my words… (marking my/our words is not mandatory) …we may kill more than 7 on/in/during our next offensive. We might kill 9 and those 9 will be your best and brightest or it might even be the Orbisian version of your Nanna. Yeah, the Horsemen are going to murder your Orbis-Nanna. Probably with a missile or something…seem to be fresh out of ships and whatnot.
  11. Interesting. It appears one group of humans doesn't like the other group of humans. It may be that Orbis needs an alien invasion of some sort to make us pull together for the common good and also we will all need to pool our resources to explore the reaches of this parallel universe. Apeman will be the ambassador for all of Orbis, spreading good cheer and good will throughout this new galaxy.
  12. Mikalus II

    Suggestion regarding nuke damage

    Woke up this morning...hard to see outside through the omni-present cloud of uranium/dead-people dust. Anyone have any Hamburger Helper or perhaps a case of Ramen Noodles for sale?
  13. Mikalus II

    Watch Smith Cry

    I'm elbow deep in a Golden Girls marathon on the Hallmark Channel and will be preoccupied watching random nations sabotage my nuclear arsenal.
  14. Mikalus II

    Question about IQ alliances

    Why is everyone so angry? It's just our citizens and soldiers that are dying. I'm safe and secure in my baby-seal-skin-leather-lined adamantium- bunker. The WI-FI is strong and the Netflix is adequate (just a bit of old-school buffering).
  15. Mikalus II

    War Stats

    We should all just declare world peace, use the money we would have spent on military units to max out our baseball teams and then spam a couple of billion baseball games. Think of the profits and the delight on the faces of the previously war-torn children. It's actually a viable and infinitely more profitable solution.

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