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  1. Mikalus II

    There is an Impostor Among Us!

    I didn't read all of it but I strongly oppose tomfoolery.
  2. Mikalus II

    War Stats - Knightfall

    Excellent work. Bunch of damn rocket computer surgeons....
  3. Mikalus II

    War Stats - Global War 12

    I think the game is pretty...pretty...pretty..fun. Just good clean fun....filled with a few heros...maybe 14 villains...and 7,000 others who just want to pretend to blow something up and can't figure out how to get to 115% commerce. I remember a time (in my youth) when a war stat post actually contained war stats.
  4. Mikalus II

    How does one make profits in baseball?

    You have a very low overall rating. You need to max out your stadium first and then you will have to spend money to upgrade your players. Unfortunately they will age and retire and you will have to train new players. It is possible to make moeny with baseball but you have to be insanely dedicated, playing non-stop for long periods of time. If you are fully maxed out on stadium and players you can make up to about 26,000 per game. If you get a good number of players playing away games you can probably play 12-15 games per minute. Do the math from there.
  5. Mikalus II

    The True The Vanguard Declaration of Neutrality

    I can never keep up with all of these shenanigans and I pay way too much attention to these shenanigans for a man approaching his golden years. Good luck you savages.
  6. Mikalus II

    War Stats - Global War 12

  7. Mikalus II

    Grumpyhave teeth

    Alright then….I’ve got a proposition for you whale/dolphin people: Why don’t you “decommission all of your planes” and “decommission all of your tanks” and “decommission all of your ships” and “decommission all of your nukes and missiles” and “decommission all of your soldiers” right after the daily update and “destroy your own infrastructure to a reasonable level” and “get rid of all of your own improvements” and “sell off all of your warchest” and “not log in for 8 days” and come down here and let me attack you with my very small amount of “max planes” and “a handful of soldiers that I keep on hand to keep my score low” and then we will “see who is tougher”. I’m not a whale or a killer dolphin, I’m a Humboldt Squid-sized nation that dwells in the abyss with the other ravenous invertebrates and I can talk using bioluminescent photophores and I have a mantle that takes up 40% of my body length according to Wikipedia.
  8. Mikalus II

    War Stats - Global War 12

    I clicked here to read some war stats but it looks like i just read the entire season script of Days of our lives, circa 1989.
  9. Mikalus II

    War Stats - Global War 12

    I am not angry. I just wanted to bomb the occasional opposing nation and (at the same time) murder several hundred thousand of my own citizenry in a fiery faux-apocalypse. I wish i could summon the level of outrage i just read...that would be pretty damn sweet. I'm just sitting here watching the world burn...kinda...I guess it would be more accurate to say i'm reading it.
  10. Mikalus II

    War Stats - Global War 12

    Good god man...that's a lot of effort. We appreciate it.
  11. Mikalus II

    Greetings from Fraggle Rock

    Fraggle, I think it's time for a change. Sell off 600 of your nukes. Sell the resources on the market. Become sorta rich. Begin buying food, infra and improvements. Build a military. Join an alliance. Toil for years, tediously and meticulously building cities. Buy ten credits per month. Buy an additional credit every other month for VIP. Change your nation name to include something about emperor or death or dark or something menacing.Buy more credits per month, arbitrarily changing location. Become angry and dismissive toward new players. Have secret meetings on Discord and worry about spy infiltration. Engage in warfare and brag about your martial prowess, emphasizing infra damage and air control. Build spreadsheets that have complicated formulas. Start a radio show devoted to political intrigue on Earth and how it relates to the daily grind of Orbis. Become a whale and watch as 15 city nations bow in supplication before your might. And then Carefully...deliberately....and with much satisfaction....delete your nation and reroll, beginning the cycle again. You can be a pirate in your next life!
  12. Mikalus II

    The Federation: Withdrawal

    If you're out of bullets, you're out of bullets. Good luck.
  13. Mikalus II

    Grumpyhave teeth

    I'm not much of a whale killer. I'm more of a "whale-mildly-annoyer when working in conjunction with two other people on one whale who has over-extended against larger opponents than I" Type person
  14. Mikalus II

    Grumpyhave teeth

    Sometimes I wonder if there is no Alex and this entire game is just a social experiment run by the Episcopalians to determine what the general public will do if given control over a nation in a world of essentially unlimited resources. The answer appears to be manufactured strife and tomfoolery followed by nuclear winter. Rinse and repeat. Oh well. airstrike airstrike airstrike airstrike airstrike airstrike
  15. Mikalus II

    I heard there was a secret chord...

    It's an unwritten Orbis rule. The number one spot must be occupied by Knights of some sort.

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