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  1. dude it was a joke, im not trying to come for you over something that happened two years ago
  2. someone once asked me, lana, how does it feel to always be ahead of the curve? and to them i said, genius isn’t necessarily a gift, sometimes it’s hard being smarter than everyone else in a room.

    granted, nobody actually asked me that but id like to think they did

  3. changeup i hate to break it to you but u aint the first how do i charge royalties?
  4. Everyone is playing for their own type of victory but I clearly remember many alliances in this thread (!) basically consolidating power at one point or another to come to some type of total victory, even if it wasn’t game over they were the king of the hill. Only thing is “game over” isn’t really possible bc eventually someone will get bored and want to be the only person on top. People thirst for power, it’s natural, and even if people in IQ took it too far it’s been a scenario repeated multiple times in this game. Hegemony and the fight against hegemony is THE driving force in this game, and it’s why minispheres are balls as all conflicts [that matter] in this game can only be two-sided without it devolving into a hegemonic state.
  5. What does forgiveness mean? Forgiveness is just letting go of the anger that you hold towards people in this community who have wronged you. Nobody is asking nor is anybody expecting all of these relationships to go back to what they were before the war, and I don’t think they should. But, as a community part of moving forward is recognizing how we were wronged and then changing our behavior in the future to make sure that the same mistakes are not made again. The predominant figures who orchestrated the last war have mostly left the game and I think this anger we hold towards those who have remained needs to be put into perspective. My only concern is that we take out this anger that we’ve pent up during this NAP and unleash it onto the wrong people/alliances or we are too punitive and harsh towards those who were responsible. At the end of the day, the claims of moral superiority (some of it “””true”””) and moral grandstanding (all of it bad) from certain individuals and alliances last war has put a lot of expectations to treat and engage enemies in the fashion they claimed they would last war and it will be interesting to see what it happens. My only fear is that it will end up turning into a witch hunt, some of which has already started happening and won’t stop until members of the wronged alliances are satiated.
  6. yes you can trust me also here are all of the opsec logs with my allies at the time. but yes, i totally would not do this to you as well if it was convenient for me

    1. Rimski


      ur name backwards spells anal ❤️

  7. thank you all for letting me know who i can trust to keep information private and who’s going to leak it all as soon as it’s convenient for them politically now back to your regularly scheduled programming
  8. aaaaaah merge TKR, ally OWR, blitz Solar Knights Next Poster Vanguard Bloc, Spectrum Bloc, Nuke Bloc
  9. Going forward if you’re making a post apologizing for something maybe tell your former and current members to shut the frick up and not respond to this thread
  10. I support much of what is being said against former Colo B leaders but guys come on lmao you cannot apply real life morals to a browser-based nation sim with zero OOC stakes and act as if they are comparable. 😘

    1. lana


      Any and all morals in PnW are constructed from our irl ideas of what we view as “right”. Inherent ideas of “pride”, “honor”, “courage”, etc. do not exist in this game as at the end of the day the only thing that matters in PnW is strength.

  11. Well I guess we already know how the next global war is shaking out. Where is the fast forward button in PnW?
  12. ...yikes lmao see something didnt go as planned

  13. Short post here as I’m at work right now. I will say that as a micro alliance leader who had been in talks with both during this period of time my perspective is a bit different than everyone else’s. Couple things: I have only nice things to say to Adrienne, Partisan, Lord Tyrion, Zygon, and especially @Sval during this war. They were always incredibly accommodating during the war (and especially the stretch between December and when the war ended) and were always willing to talk to me and work things out. Of course we (HG) had ended up tying GOONS but that was simply because they were doing FA things that lined up better with what I had wanted. I do need to clarify that I and ASM had no knowledge about the cheating scandal and GOONS later planning on disbanding. If I am to fault GOONS for one thing during their time in PnW was that they completely left their protectorates at the time out of the loop, and that ended up being fairly damaging long-term in regards to our FA and other things. What I think people still don’t understand (and perhaps that ties into the forgiveness aspect) was that there definitely comes a certain difficulty in being a outspoken leftist in this game and what GOONS did for me at least (I won’t speak on behalf of the folks in ASM) was provide a space and political unity, both irl and in-game. It was a risk tying them and it pissed off a ton of people and ruined some friendships both for me and ASM gov. It ended up being a risk that didn’t pan out but at the time it was the best option for me moving forward with HG. I think for those who spoke to me and other GOONS satellites, you’d know we were really only allied to them. For starters, I hated NPO and BK and wanted the war to end as soon as possible along with I’m sure many others on that side. I was shat on all the time on the forums by people in OD leadership (see: PnW academy awards). What I ask though is this. If you have beef with GOONS still, don’t let that influence your thoughts on alliances that were once allied to them. anyways idk if any of that made any sense but when im home i can adjust this if need be
  14. hope this sentiment is shown in your actions moving forward
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