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  1. unironically an expansive tutorial made by players instead of a tutorial and 1 youtube video by alex assuming that new nations will be joining alliances with good guides is not a bad idea
  2. hi kings and queens, here is ur crown


  3. in elijah’s memory here are some of the most kind things he’s said to me perpetually kindhearted and loving and self aware, that’s the elijah i knew
  4. "Yeah you were a cheater, liar, and an overall pretty mean person who didn't really have a lot going for him but at least we talked once and you weren't a total !@#$"

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Rimski


      we talked plenty of times hope but u no notis me :<

    3. lana
    4. Rimski


      yay u seemee senpaiiiii ❤️

  5. *spends billions of $ in raws on expensive projects*
    *runs out of raws due to ridiculous unhinged spending*
    *instead of spending their money more intelligently asks the GM for a bailout*

    where have i see  this before?

  6. I don't see what's wrong with the name suggestion @Corpsman. You're already following the tenants of communism pretty well already by letting GOONS live rent-free in your head 3 months after they quit
  7. holy frick imagine letting npo live rent free in your head. pathetic

    1. SAIGA


      idk man, Kesh pretty cute ngl

    2. Hime-sama


      My head is completely empty, I need something to occupy the space.

    3. Corpsman


      Imagine charging them 20 dollars an hour to live in your head.

      ImAginE ImAGinInG bRUhH MiNdD BlowN

  8. now im a dumb &#33;@#&#036;? you are...too slow to know that.

    yes i am

  9. Gudea


    1. lana


      i love this thank you

  10. happy birthday to my lovely self ^_^

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    2. Corpsman


      Happy birthday, fun fact Hitler was born today in 1889.

      For real though, happy birthday!

    3. lana


      @Royal Confederacy it was a couple days ago tbf ?

    4. SAIGA
  11. happy easter &#33;@#&#036;

    1. Rimski


      omg ur alive 

  12. If you're so poor, why don't you just make more money? Signed: all the rightoids who play this game
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