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  1. People don't have an issue with micros rather DoE's citing the death of the innocent as inspiration. Prob avoid mentioning that in the future and you'll be alright.
  2. Meanwhile on a grassy knoll in the distant horizon a lone sheep stands against the wind. Half baked and sweating credits in the face of the sun. And the sun smiled down on the sheep and gave a throaty laugh. For the sun had the face of Roz. "A challenger appears. Oh dear me, young Sheep. How will you judge today?" And the Sheep turned his face away for he could not stand its likeness. And looking down he saw the face of Stalin etched into that of a caterpillar. And for the first time in half a dozen moons he cried.
  3. ☮️ Disband your respective nuclear weapons and peace out man ☮️
  4. Disband your respective French Holy Grail and come to Camelot, tis a sweet place.
  5. Have you heard about the new craze sweeping your nations. Disbanding your alliances and Joining Camelot. I have too
  6. Some girls are rational but Sara was not
    She stared in mirrors thinking one single thought:
    There's seven reasons this crown's not good as got—
    And so the night of Prom, mercy! 

  7. Me and Empimetheus look forward to your continued growth and success, we could ask for no better allies than those we have now in all the time since our founding.
  8. We should all hold ourselves and our communities to a higher standard. Those types of jokes are inappropriate and those that make them should be removed. Wars predicated on these issues are similarly reprehensible. For bringing it into the sphere of gameplay, re: Goons. In fact such accusations ingame will get you banned and I expect this thread will be closed. Furthermore, our complainants are no longer in the alliance and our cancellation of your treaty did not pertain to conduct, since we had so little communication with your members and as you said we banned those we found too obscene. I hope you all resolve this amicably.
  9. I've played enough Tomb Raider games to know this won't end well for you.
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