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  1. Hello there, Divindium OP fyi Franz is fine, he's just resting his eyes, okay?
  2. She was there, in the previous rounds I believe. PnW Cooking ftw.
  3. There you go. OT: Something something micro drama get off my lawn smh
  4. I wholeheartedly endorse OP's statement. #HonourableThievesGuild #LootItDontCahootIt
  5. Please consider these minor changes to the navbar that could immensely improve QoL of mobile users.
  6. Yeah, agreed. It's more of an abstract idea than actual size. I've only "shrunk" them to fit them in the screenshot, I suppose the navbar would be *slightly* expanded in height to accommodate for a nice view of all resources. Same as variant 1 width, it's supposed to show all resources, just as it was before, with addition of new navbar gadgets.
  7. While I believe most of the community appreciates the new "hotkey" link to the wars page from the new mobile navbar, I can't really wrap my head around dislodging resource bar from there. It's supposedly one click away, but the resource dropdown table does not even work half the time, ironically on pages most relevant for resources (trade, wars). Very often you need to check on your resources. Making a trade offer? You need the direct information of how much you have. Calculating gasoline/munitions reserves and how many airstrikes you have left. And so forth. And then you hit this dropdown and it does not even work, so you need to go to another page, refresh it, *then* see your resources, head back to the relevant page.. and so forth. Frankly I don't think any mobile user of PnW cares about how much is some feature aesthetical or not, as long as it's useful and serves its purpose. So here are my alternative suggestions, along with some other slight navbar changes that I believe would improve QoL for mobile users. Variant 1* *The resource navbar has NOT been scaled in this example. Theoretically it would look the same as it were before the navbar changes. Variant 2 I've also included a poll but I have no idea if I've managed to set it up properly. Nonetheless, please share your thoughts! *For reference, this is how the current navbar looks like.
  8. 🍻 I'm glad we were able to provide each other more insight in private! We'll just agree to disagree then. I know what instance you're referring to, but I think everyone is a big enough boy around here to own up to their own words. So, not my job to address that. The point is - It's not mine attitude and certainly not coalition-wide. I wasn't exactly expected to be embraced as a beacon of truth, there is no to little trust going around There were certain leaders on your side trying to kickstart negotiations early in the war, and that is when these terms were adopted - in case of victory. The attempted talks botched before they could even initialize though, so as far as I'm aware there were never any terms presented. I'd be happy to provide more insight in private if you'd like, but it does not really change anything at this point. As for the monthly 24 hour reality show-style negotiations, it's public information on what happened in those so far. It speaks for itself, bickering or trying to make a stance based on it is pointless tbh. I'm glad I gave you an idea! Anything to inconvenience Abbas tbh. --- Good luck on trying to keep the drama alive, folks.
  9. I've seen this "eradication" rhetoric repeating recently with a recurring pattern in the last few pages, and while I understand people trying to keep the thread alive by throwing shit back and forth, I'd just like to point out that this is.. going a bit too far. The Coalition A, monstrosity in itself, had a colossal number of exactly 3 terms to be laid out in the eventual peace talks. One you can guess yourself, the other two were related to bank/nation changenames. I'm pretty sure this was already made public awhile ago, and can be confirmed by a dozen leaders present in that conversation. Merging speculation with one forum post in the heat of the battle, and producing a grand conspiracy out of it 4 months later is hardly any evidence for words that you've laid out/someone told you. The other speculations you've made all stem from the aforementioned false assumption, so I'd rather not get into that and make this a pissing match I'd rather instead reiterate what Partisan said above - The chief obstacle in this war is and has been communication, or rather the lack of it. Both sides have taken the battle to the forums to "one up" the other side, and while that is no uncommon for a global war, this one has been particularly intense and dirty. Combined with misinterpretation and forum battles spilling over to the "talks", if we can call them that, the product is not at all surprising, really. Here's to more clarity in the future, eh?
  10. Four. I think the better fix for this would be to solve the MAP bugs and prune months inactive 4-5 city and below nations so we can go back to half a minute - one minute snore time
  11. We did it Patrick, we saved the world!
  12. Ffs, do you guys not remember the clusterfrick of stats we had before Frawley & co made their voluntary project? Stats were all over the place, incorrect and biased. With this amount of data some mistakes are bound to happen, but it's the closest to perfection we'll ever get to. Instead of this kind of treatment, lets be thankful for what they made and not throw shit at members of this community that are voluntarily putting their hours into something that benefits all the players. If you have grievances, report mistakes you believe exist but god damn, be respectful about it and I'm sure they'll address your complaints when they're able.
  13. Come on guy, where's your spirit? Don't give up just yet. Here, I'll help @Nizam Adrienne You don't frighten us, Orange pig-dogs! ---Go and boil your bottoms, sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called Adrienne-Queen, you and all your silly Radiant knnnniggets. Thppppt!
  14. Heyyy low tier folks, here's the nation link of OP for absolutely no reason https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=133616 *smacks lips*
  15. Those chats are even worse than OWF my man. It usually smells like sweaty armpits laced with kerosene in there, ready to spontaneously combust at any given moment. Not that there is anything wrong with that, however. All that potential to be incinerated alive makes it an exciting and thrilling experience.
  16. Hecc, those graphs look quite cool.
  17. Arise, arise, Riders of Théomer! Fell deeds awake, fire and pixels! Spheres shall be shaken, ties be splintered, a sword-day, a red day, 'ere the sun rises! Ride now!... Ride now! Ride! Ride to ruin and the worldddddd's endiiiiiiiing! Deeathhhhhhhhhhh!
  18. Eating Eowyn's stew is the embodiment of politeness
  19. Is this possible? A refreshing virulent force, roaming the lands of decayed autochthonous toxicity, capable of challenging it? I hope you can live up to the task, Goons. I'm rooting for you.
  20. It does look interesting. With some minor adjustments and reduction of maximum number of active perks to 4, I don't see why not.
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