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  1. Eating Eowyn's stew is the embodiment of politeness
  2. Theomer

    peace talks

    Is this possible? A refreshing virulent force, roaming the lands of decayed autochthonous toxicity, capable of challenging it? I hope you can live up to the task, Goons. I'm rooting for you.
  3. It does look interesting. With some minor adjustments and reduction of maximum number of active perks to 4, I don't see why not.
  4. Enough to feel remorse
  5. If I can get a refund for all the money I blew on Keno, I'd fully endorse this proposal
  6. Glorious, right? It would be a shame if.. something.. happened to it. I'll be in my assassination hunting shed.
  7. RCW, Whites, Makhno talk? I'll just shamelessly promote one of my favourite YT channels. It's pretty good, very well researched and made https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGreatWar. I believe this episode of The Great War delves a bit into Makhno's Anarchists and the whole mess in Ukraine in 1919
  8. A hamster poem they share a name, cute af are both, wolfy leo is my feisty betroth he likes me and i like him back well enough, world domination i left behind to kindle his fur fluff but one day, when we were walking around town, a familiar silhouette walked past down i turned around and caught a glimpse, and i was quite certain it wasn't a Sphinx my heart jumped like it has seen a knife, oh it can not be, but it surely was never forgotten, the first love of my life. a sudden emotion took my body ablaze, too late to hide, my betrothed caught my staring gaze TEsting his patience, he said -- oh the words felt like a noose, we need to go right now or all hell will break loose. but there i was, i just couldn't move and kept staring at the love i've thought i've said long ago -- adieu he turned around and gave me a wink, and it's all it took to have my engagement bethink'd fluffy was furious, but it was already too late this fortunate encounter wrapped my fate. cracking a villainous smile he pushed my fiancee away, hugged me and whispered - our love will never again be led astray, they'll all bend the knee or be a hunted prey!
  9. Theomer


    Good morning, friends!
  10. Alternatively place a 30-60 second timer between games
  11. Marshes in the Neck are so bad that all the Panzers would get stuck there
  12. tfw you missed an opportunity to use this in OP
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