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  1. Julius I


    Look, I get it OK, MyPark is supposed to be a good place for ppl to play against each other, but oml no one should be making 3 F'N FULL COURT SHOTS, IN. A. ROW. Unless you're Curry from 3, this shit shouldn't be happening.
  2. Welcome folks, the Orbis Baseball League is officially opening up for Season 1, so all I need you to do is provide some info here to register! Name of P&W Nation: (Nation Name Here) Link of Orbis Baseball Team: (Name of Baseball Team Here) Logo: (Does not have to be actual Orbis Baseball Logo, just the logo you would wish to have for your team) Coach: (Coach of Baseball Team) Conference: (East or West)
  3. Ordo Paradoxia What is Ordo Paradoxia?: Ordo Paradoxia is a former CyberNations Tournament Alliance of the blue team that placed #8 in 2012 and held a record of having the most members at anytime in C.N.T.E. (CyberNations Tournament Edition). Why do you think the success from a mostly dead game will carry over to P&W: In all honesty, I don't, but I said what the heck, give it a try and see where the winds of Orbis take us, and hey, maybe, just maybe, we'll redeem Ordo Paradoxia. (shout out to Zeb, current Grandmaster of O.P. now in (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways)) Alright, we've gotten through that, now i'm interested. What are the benefits of joining Ordo Paradoxia?: When you join Ordo Paradoxia, you're joining a leader of experience in strategical nation simulation games like these, and did I mention Oil, Stocks, and Trading? If not, let me do so now, we (referring to just me at the time of typing this :/) give out Oil to our allies, and members (yet again, none at the time of writing this :/)...for free. $0, nada, zip, zilch cash, and then when we're not doing that, we're putting it on the trade market, making a profit, and as for stocks, we have a personal stock in the Oil buisness, investments, and you get 25K when you join Sounds fun, I'll try it out, thanks Julius!: No problem , I wanna see you there!
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