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  1. Dusk

    My last request after deleted my nation

    It's like looking in a mirror for you huh
  2. Dusk

    Orbis United Alliances

    This has been done before to very minimal effectiveness 👻
  3. Dusk

    PnW Holiday Happiness: Charity in the Nuclear Winter

    Great idea @Bartholomew Roberts, hope we hit the goal and bring clean water to lots of people!
  4. Dusk

    The Golden Hoard Princess Election

    Princess Pie 😘
  5. Dusk

    Worse than Christmas Creep

    The 'Don't fall for false leaks war'.
  6. Dusk

    Horton Hears a Who

    @Kriegskoenig Hi I am from Polaris
  7. Dusk

    Horton Hears a Who

    Glory to The Golden Horde.
  8. Dusk

    Eliminating the Double Buy

    Just because a group of alliances can't utilise the tactic to save their lives doesn't mean it should be changed. If an alliance cannot co-ordinate a blitz during update time and utilise the double-buy, that's because they lack communication/commitment with one-another. Every alliance, unless your some kind of supremacist(can't think of the word), has member nations from around the globe. It's a problem best left for alliances to deal with, not have another *fix* implemented. You've already removed fortify which will be detrimental to defenders when they get blitzed, so I don't see the need to change this when winning an offensive war is the easiest its ever been.
  9. Dusk


    Congrats to IoM, the first of many conquests. RIP Zodiac.
  10. Stratagem-Assassin Order MDP Article I – Mutual Defense If one of the parties is subject to an attack from another alliance or rogue nation, the other party is obligated to provide military assistance. An attack on one alliance will be treated as an attack on both alliances. Article II – Non-aggression The aforementioned alliances shall not engage in aggressive actions against each other, including conducting espionage or declaring war on each other, or providing aid to enemies of either party. Article III – Intelligence Both alliance’s must share with the other, intelligence or information that relates to or affects the safety or security of the other party. Article IV – Sovereignty The parties shall respect the sovereignty of each other, and neither party shall engage in any conduct which may infringe on the sovereignty of the other. Article V – Non-Chaining This is a non-chaining treaty. Should either party declare a war, then receive counter attacks from other alliances, there is no obligation for the other to come to their assistance. Article VI – Termination If one of the alliance’s wish to terminate this treaty, the terminating party must give 48 hours prior notice to the other party. Neither party shall engage in aggressive actions against each other for 72 hours after the termination of this treaty. Tagged for Stratagem Queen M, Ringleader Quan Tativ, Right Hand Durmij, Special Advisor on Chicanery Signed for Assassin Order Penguin Arrow James XVI Wulfharth Potato Filip
  11. Dusk

    A Wild Hippo Appears

    An alliance that's worth the time. Congrats to all the hippo's!
  12. Dusk


    Because we're not stagnant.
  13. Dusk

    A Dynamic™ Rose Announcement

    I dare y'all to sign IQ.
  14. Dusk

    Bringing the New Hotness

    This is nice, very nice. Congrats to the both of you! o/
  15. They certainly do Seeker, they certainly do.

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