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  1. I am not impressed of your " talents ". I can make up a history for a nation too. But who will pay for it ? If someone can type "Ǽ" , means that he/she is smart enough? What it mean "tactical advice" for you? more than how to use ships and aircrafts in game? And what risk do you refer ?
  2. Hello, Because I am so new in this game, my revenues are lowest and I need some help in Trade Market or I am open to Treaties about Trade. All resources in Trade section are at a so high price for me. Also my nation is chaotic now with loss in economy and at the same time I cannot improve my nation too much for the moment. Please, don't say to me again that exist alliances who grant similar help, because many of them involve some high requirements and obligations which I cannot fulfill or to pay back the sum in just 3 months. I am too small for that and I just avoided a trap (yes, a trap like an ambush). All what I can do now is to call some help through Trade. Please, don't misunderstand me. I want to get resources at a low cost by personal trades. Or to get money through Trade Offers. Also I am open to personal trade treaties. Post here if you agree me as partner in trade market or something like that. I am open to donations too if you want / can. Thanks.
  3. I need resources urgently, but I don't have enough money. because I'm just new. Any idea?
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