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  1. As well as KT and WU, until Hidude got suspicious. That's why he hates me.
  2. I shall not go into detail, but events impacting me prevent me from serving effectively as either Regis of Regicide or a Politics and War player. If I do create a new nation, it will not be for several years. I would like to say goodbye to the five thousand, two hundred and seventy-eight members of this lovely community. We'll meet again someday.
  3. Look at the top of the screen. You'll see a resource bar showing how much of each resource you have.
  4. Regicide wishes Order of the White Rose luck and prosperity in the future and hopes we can still maintain good diplomatic relations. We will continue our presence on OWR's Discord and hopefully in their thoughts.
  5. I swear, if there's a daily like limit, I'm going to reach it from this thread alone. EDIT: wow I did
  6. You're not counting Rose? They had nine times that! FAKE NEWS!
  7. A witchetty grub and my (edited-in) Ayy Lmao sign.
  8. You seem to have left. Did you have trouble with their applications process?
  9. Don't merge with AE. If anything, you should be merging with Regicide.
  10. Do you see the "click here" button where it says "Nation Link"? It will summon an omniscient entity to inform you.
  11. The satanic swine foo foo creature is correct.
  12. I'm giving you some money, which may or may not partially remedy the bug.
  13. Your cities ain't got no power. Don't the HBE teach ya'll 'bout power?
  14. They're protected by KT and Lordæron! VE wouldn't stand a chance, much less your nation.
  15. Welcome, although it is odd for a nation of your age to post such a thread as this. I wish you luck on your future endeavours in Orbis all the same.
  16. This is a great idea. Comrade Alex, we will protest in the streets and overturn the vehicles of capitalists until we get what we demand!
  17. Perhaps laughing out loud is the magic word combination and was a hint.
  18. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?Tremendous winning? Thermonuclear fusion? Alcubierre Drive faster than light travel? Incorrect horse battery staple?
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