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  1. WSxPhoenix

    The Dissolution of Vanguard

    Vanguard leadership met today and decided to dissolve the Vanguard-bloc treaties that we signed with each other. We will continue to be MDP level allies, and until we decide to upgrade our previous treaties, those that we previously had with each other will continue to stand. This was quite the adventure, and we met our goals with success. May our friendship continue into the future, whatever it has in store for us.
  2. WSxPhoenix

    SNN: Who Wants to Live Forever?

    Would be a big insult to their sovereignty if they weren't permitted to seek their own peace. If they want to seek peace alongside your coalition and aren't being allowed by the opposition, that's also an issue. This does not seem to be the case, however.
  3. They're better off without you.
  4. WSxPhoenix

    Orbis United Alliances

    I like the ambition, but you'd typically need to negotiate several major players in the alliance game to join in order to make this a real thing. Best of luck.
  5. WSxPhoenix

    Shifty News Network LLC-Haunting the Chapel

    4/10 We're not hitting anyone. Kthxbai
  6. WSxPhoenix

    The Polaris DoE

    If NPO doesn't sign a new OoO with this Polaris, they're clearly blind to what's been in front of them all along.
  7. WSxPhoenix

    The Polaris DoE

    This is, by far, the cutest thing you've ever done. I both applaud the effort, and the creativity, behind it. Go be your true selves now. I'm going to take a minute to read this and forget it the next.
  8. Polaris is irrelevant. 

  9. WSxPhoenix

    A Friend in Need

    Everyone, If you're reading this, you're a fellow player in this game, or a contributor in the community at large. In-game, we all have our disagreements, our behaviors that others don't approve of, etc. Out of game, however, we're all just people trying to move through this thing called life the best we know how. I am posting here because one of our community members, Therana, is struggling in real life. He's a bit too nervous to post this himself, and has asked me to articulate his situation in the hopes that the compassion and support of this game's community will come through for him. Therana's father is a self-employed business manager who has fallen on hard times, essentially because of deals made in bad faith from three of his clients (in a row, no less). Therana and his brother are, respectively, __a part time employee at a discount store and a full time psychology student. They both strive to be as little a burden to their parents as possible (I am sure most of us can relate). In addition to the unfortunate business circumstances that have befallen Therana's father, his father has also experienced health problems and may even be suffering from cancer in his bladder. As you can very plainly see, Therana's family has fallen on hard times. We wouldn't be making this post if the situation was not very dire, and worsening. Therefore, I request on behalf of Therana and his family, that we as a community consider aiding them in whatever way we can. Therana has created a GoFundMe account, for the express purpose of saving his parents' home. With rising medical costs, and the circumstances of business, they must ask for the aid and compassion of others during these hard times. The link for Therana's GoFundMe is as follows: https://www.gofundme.com/please-help-save-our-family-home-1 If you can show support even with a small amount of financial donation, it is most welcome. If you cannot contribute financially, but wish to offer your support here in the forums, it will be received with utmost gratitude. You can even contribute in the smallest way by sharing this post on your discord server, and spreading the word via social media. No contribution is too small, and the gratitude for each ounce of it is immense. Please, consider aiding one of our own. Thank you all very much for taking your time to read this, and an overwhelming thank-you for all of those who will support Therana as he goes through this difficult time.
  10. WSxPhoenix

    Where's Felkey?

    If 25 people watched paint dry, would you say all 25 gave a crap if it actually finished drying? I'm out, this thread is stale already.
  11. WSxPhoenix

    Where's Felkey?

    Literally no one cares.
  12. WSxPhoenix

    Shifty News Network-The Replicants

    Don't you have some bank to steal? Anyway, we're looking into it. Every single one of these nations are recent arrivals. Thanks for pointing it out, at least.
  13. WSxPhoenix

    Rose Goes Public!

  14. WSxPhoenix

    Vanguard Announcement

    Sure, just discord us. XD

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