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  1. There are two. One fake, and one real. I've already made a post admitting which was which on this subject. @Buorhann can attest.
  2. Ordinance of Order Preamble: In recognition that Polaris and the New Pacific Order, are committed to the continued prosperity and security of one another, the undersigned alliances, agree to the following ordinance, in the hope of protecting the existence of the Orders in Orbis. Article I: This pact comes into force immediately, and will continue into perpetuity. The Orders by nature are inextricably tied. If any signatory commits an aggressive action against one another, the agreement stands null and void. Article II: The Orders are obligated to share any and all information that may harm the continued prosperity and security of the other. Article III: The Orders have the right to formally request assistance in any war against any alliance, a group of nations or a single nation. The Orders have the obligation to provide military and financial assistance to the conflict in question, if the Emperor/ess deems it just. Article IV: The Orders have the right to accept any future organisation that is deemed to be an Order born from either signatory. Signed: For the New Polar Order: AlmightyGrub, Emperor QueenPhoenix, Regent Kriegskoenig, Imperial Liaison Dr Trouble 3, Minister of Truth Cobrastrike, Minister of Plenty Deja, Minister of Peace Aero, Minister of Love For the New Pacific Order: Roquentin, Emperor 6 unnamed but still quite loyal Guinea Pigs
  3. DNFJ is good people. He's conducted himself in a much less embarrassing manner than NAC has in this thread.
  4. Who the frick is Noctis?
  5. I mean, I'll admit that I might be misinformed. I'm not throwing spin here. If they can fund these nations to get within striking distance of rivals in the tiers, it should be noted by everyone just as a precautionary measure. I think just about anyone on the planet, if they see such a massive group of nations coordinate and grow at the speeds you're describing, should take note and play accordingly.
  6. It took NPO, at a fraction of that size, years to get into the mid tier and into the upper city range. These new folks are less coordinated (so far) and not yet growing at the rate NPO tends to see when it is really giving it a go. If I were in a "rival" AA I'd still see no reason to be concerned, because it will take a very long time for this new influx of members to be in range to do a thing to me. The ones that should be concerned, if any, are those that habitually prey upon the lower tiers in impunity. Not hard to get a couple dozen of these new nations to flood raiding alliance's attempts and making money with counters for war experience.
  7. The issue with wars is it's just a test of wills at their core. So when the infra is all burned and one side has control over the other, it just comes down to who decides to blink first (Not unlike RL wars). Take this war for example. Each side gets to say they're winning because of X statistic (One side uses planes, other side uses infra damage, whatever). They've spent the last month arguing over specifics of these stats, but really they only serve the purpose of bolstering their own side's morale and attempting to get the other side to lower their own morale to get them to talk. Beyond this, the only other achievable end to a war is to make the game as least fun as it could be for the other side. That's not necessarily a stated goal as it is the only other deliverable effect of war. War, being an extension of the politics in the game, is also stagnate because the politics of this game are stagnate. I know there's the whole "Mini-sphere" debate ongoing, but that's generally a diplomatic meta debate and not necessarily something that can change given the state of the game (because it requires an amount of trust and communication between the spheres that just seems unrealistic at this point). If you want more people to stay in the game, give them something other than fighting to do. The economy is too open to be a useful tool in politics, and alliances can't stop their own members from trading on the world market. Alex could always adjust the market or potential for several markets as an economic influence tool. Alex can also exert in-game mechanics on war, he could refactor score to prevent brutal down-declares. He could introduce a mechanic that makes recruiting new nations vitally important for alliances. You begin to see where I'm going, in that if you want more people to stay, make the game less about war. Don't nerf war, because it isn't an either-or situation. You can always add another avenue of play to the game to enhance the "Politics" portion of PoliticsandWar, y'know? Anyway, what is definitely clear is the game as-is is really just down to saving massive resources and blowing them out in one long bang, and those alliances that can't keep up with that pace lose members quicker and surrender soonest. War's great, but there has to be more to do than build stockpiles and tossing them away in one big twice-yearly global.
  8. WSxPhoenix


    I imagine it would take a strong man to handle that girl. A man strong like, at least an entire power grid of a country.
  9. @Memph, Apparently you haven't heard: The True The Vanguard is completely and utterly victorious over the false Polaris. Their might knows no bounds, their greatness is heard across Orbis. They bring justice on swift wings to those pretenders, those slanderers, those withering liars in the false Polaris. They who pretend to carry the great banner of The True The Vanguard cannot hide behind their fake news any longer. The Fake Polaris claims to be dignified, to be enduring, but their foolish leadership continuously builds their infra beyond what any sane nation ought to do. They provoke the wrath of The True The Vanguard over and over again by building further and further into the score range of their enemies. With their bank looted and the beiges rolling in, they have surely been brought low once and for all. They claim independence but they bow at the feet of their hamster overlord in secret meetings. They have no free will, no dignity, and no honor. The True The Vanguard has shown them just how sensitive and desperate for a safe space they are. Tl;dr: The Fake Polaris cannot hope to contend with how awesome The True The Vanguard is. They need to get over themselves.
  10. C'mon, you know you were being too aggressive when you defended yourselves from our "blitz"
  11. Both alliances are making some changes. This will be the first in a series of changes that we're going to consider over the next month or so. We're keeping a more open mind on our FA going forward and that means ensuring we're in a position to be genuine when we decide on shifting to a new and/or different direction. I can't speak for NPO, but I can say that this change was mutually agreed upon without any disputes from either party.
  12. We waited until after the announcement so I could post before/after photos, but there's an upload size limit on photos and I'm too lazy to resize them. XD Before: MnDoAP After: oDoAP
  13. Ordinance of Order Preamble: Polaris and the New Pacific Order - hereafter referred to as the Orders - are committed to one another's prosperity and security and agree to the following ordinance in the hope of protecting their existence on Orbis. Article I: This pact comes into force immediately and will continue into perpetuity. If either signatory engages in war, espionage, bank holding, or any other aggressive action against the other, the agreement will stand null and void. Article II: The Orders are obligated to share any and all information that may pertain to the each other's prosperity and security. Article III: The Orders reserve the right to defend each another under any and all circumstances. If either signatory comes under attack by a third party, they may call the other for aid. The other signatory is not obliged, but reserves the right, to aid the other as they are able. Article IV: The Orders reserve the right to enter any aggressive action against a third party with one another. Combined aggressive action is not obligatory. Signed: For Polaris: Emperor for the New Polar Order, AlmightyGrub Regent for the New Polar Order, WSxPhoenix Minister of Truth, Dr Trouble 3 For the New Pacific Order Emperor for the New Pacific Order: Roquentin Regent for the New Pacific Order: Lord of Darkness Lord Commander (2nd-In-Command): Keshav High Lords Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica (Foreign Affairs): Marina Grand Provost Marshal (Internal Affairs): Crayon King Master of Administratum(Training/Onboarding): Eric The Red Ecclesiarch(Public Affairs/Media): Edward I
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