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  1. WSxPhoenix

    The Vanguard

  2. WSxPhoenix

    I thought they used ravens for this kind of thing

    Secret treaties now confirmed.
  3. WSxPhoenix

    Shifty News Network in 60 minutes

    "Take away the offense and the defense, and it is the special teams that wins games" - John Madden
  4. WSxPhoenix

    Stuck on the Toilet

    Well, we pretty much figured you'd never war each other, so this at least adds some paper to the mix, which is fine.
  5. WSxPhoenix

    It's over , pack it up.

    Grub remains the true emperor.
  6. WSxPhoenix

    Help for Fraggle

    Polaris sends her condolences, and my personal ones as well, @Fraggle I will be donating, and if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask.
  7. WSxPhoenix

    The Founding

    On this day, the twelfth of April, 2018, the nation of Phoenixia descended upon the world. Alura Beilschmidt, now named Kara Secura, was chosen by the Phoenix Spirit to rule over the nation as its queen. Traditionally, this part of the world was host to a multitude of different people and ethnic groups. However, the sheer sight of the Phoenix Spirit, once thought merely myth, descending upon this foreign woman, was enough to make a believer of anyone. What use was ethnic differences when such a miraculous occurrence had been experienced by all? Swiftly, territories submitted to the new Queen's rule, and she began establishing a unified government, flexible enough to expand peacefully and maintain order in her new kingdom. A queen had come to rule her people. As a new nation, Phoenixia seeks cooperation and good relations with its neighbors. Immediately emissaries were sent to all nations in East Asia. Upon the crowning of the new queen, the nation of Rokkenjima was the first reach out and establish diplomatic ties. Queen Kara met with Rokkenjima’s representative, Crestia Bel, and agreed upon an exchange of embassies as well as military cooperation.
  8. WSxPhoenix

    Organic Roleplaying (Applications & Info)

    Official nation name: Phoenixia Population: 1,384,533 GDP: $5,187,689,673.60 Population density (sq. km): 42.55 Form of Government: Absolute Monarchy Describe your Nation IC: My nation is technically an absolute monarchy, with the tradition that the line of succession not be passed by bloodline, but the next ruler will be the one possessed by the Phoenix Spirit, who will mark the next successor by descending upon its chosen vessel in the form of fire, leaving its mark (a black tattoo in the shape of a phoenix) on the back of their hand. The nation has a religion built around their monarch, whose scripture is updated once in the lifetime of each of their rulers. Recently, their previous ruler Dieter Von Rossbach, passed away, and the Phoenix Spirit descended upon Alura Beilschmidt. Upon possession, she was transported to her nation and the coronation was performed right away. Upon being made queen, as was tradition, her name was changed to fit the names of her new people. Kara Secura emerged as the reborn queen of Phoenixia. Describe yourself in OOC terms: I post a lot, I play politics, and I value my word in negotiations and interactions. I'm not warlike, but neither am I passive in the face of aggressive expansion. Please link your lore or other information that is canon: Have you read, and do you agree to abide by, the rules? (Yes/No): Yes (You must not have a history of continuous rule breaks in the national affairs subforum!) Where on the map do you want to be located? (Using real-world geography/nations, or a self-provided map): https://i.imgur.com/ladQHD1.png Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you want to be used): https://s27.postimg.org/p199pra2r/14441355191
  9. WSxPhoenix

    The Ayyslamic Caliphate Rises

    No girl looks at a guy who says anything you just said. At all.
  10. WSxPhoenix

    Question about IQ alliances

    Dear God, this. A thousand times this. A million times this.
  11. WSxPhoenix

    Cerberus Is Dead, Long Live Cerberus!

    Polaris protects them.
  12. WSxPhoenix

    Joint Declaration of War on Arrgh!

    No one was exactly knocking on anyone's door within the IQ sphere either. This would pretty much be the first time anyone outside of our sphere has approached us on doing anything in that time.
  13. WSxPhoenix

    Joint Declaration of War on Arrgh!

    You lot are completely unbelievable. Is it that much easier to think that TKR would participate in a joint-operation to join IQ, rather than they attempt to display other options to IQ-related alliances than being a member of IQ? Is it that unbelievable that TKR is doing more good to the cause of breaking up IQ by showing a cooperative and communicative side to alliances like Polaris, rather than war IQ to try and force them apart? The more you people try and make war upon IQ-related alliances, the easier you make it to keep those alliances together. But sure, keep publicly denouncing any alliance that approaches us. Makes it easier to see who the real !@#$ in the game are.
  14. WSxPhoenix

    Joint Declaration of War on Arrgh!

    Could pretty much say the same about you.
  15. WSxPhoenix

    Joint Declaration of War on Arrgh!

    Just consider it us helping you out in a situation where you didn't give everyone and their grandma, their dog, and their neighbor a valid CB, for a change.

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