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  1. Since taking over Smofftopia there's been a steady rise in alliance score This proves that already the sloths are happier and doing better off under me than they were under evil smoth
  2. We're in the endgame now
  3. Sloths. A slow creature, deemed by many to be lazy. For the longest time people believed that sloths didn't do much of anything their whole lives. The sloths didn't do anything to change their minds of this, except for one sloth. This is the story of a sloth who climbed down from his tree and ventured out into a world of politics. For most of the sloth's life he lived amongst his sloth brethren happy, slow, lazy (maybe). However he was different from them, he looked different, among the other sloths he might've been considered the ugly sloth. He was smaller than them, had a long, unkempt beard, and had an odd fascination with hammers and drawn frames of cartoons. Unlike the other sloths he went by a name, one he made himself. He called himself Smith. Because he was so different from the rest of the sloths he was shunned from their sloth home. While to most sloths banishment from the sloth home meant certain death, it wasn't to Smith. Driven by an insatiable urge to collect all the cels in the world, he did not give up hope. He journeyed throughout Orbis looking for a home for many years. While at this point Smith had done more than any other sloth had done in history, he held on to his lazy roots and chose to make his home in an alliance known as The Knights Radiant, a massive alliance of shiny knights, where Smith knew his pixels would never be harmed. He finally felt at home, but not long after his arrival in TKR the people of Orbis also shunned him for the same reasons fellow sloths had. “They just don't get it” Smith told himself “no one is smart enough to understand the importance of the cels, it's the community that's wrong, not me”. This brought Smith peace, but the disapproval of Orbis still bothered him. Years went by and the community continued to shun Smith, and with more and more reason. He had kidnapped kittens, eaten babies, tried to ruin the reputation of innocent cupcakes, and much much more. But Smith didn't care, surely the community was still wrong, not him. Besides, what did it matter was long as his ever-growing mountain of pixels was safe, and they were...until they weren't! The day of reckoning finally came to TKR, the forces of Orbis had banded together in an effort to finally take down the shiny knights because the sun reflected off their armor and shined in everyone's eyes and nobody liked that. The shiny walls of TKR were attacked relentlessly for months, eventually they began to crack, then crumble. The united forces of Orbis rushed into the alliance, they stomped on the pixels, beat up the knights, and perhaps worst of all, scuffed the armor so it would no longer radiantly good in the sun. Smith narrowly escaped this by abandoning his poor knight allies, hiding safe and sound high up in a tree while his allies struggled to push back the wild Orbis warriors. Smith hid in the highest, shiniest tree that stood in the very center of TKR’s base. As the warriors worked their way through the TKR camps, taking down all the shiny people and their shiny things, they all began to notice the last, largest, most mighty TKR structure. The great TreeKR, the magic tree that grew the pixels for all the knights. From all sides, people swarmed the tree and began to attack it's massive trunk. Slowly they began to chip away at it, it began to shake and tilt and slowly fall. Smith, still on top of the tree, panicked. He didn't know what to do, where to go, so he just held on and hoped for the best. After an hour or so, the tree finally crashed to the ground, and miraculously Smith was unharmed. As the people of orbis stripped the tree of it's golden bark and the grabbed the pixels off it's branches, Smith escaped. He could only think to go back to his sloth family. He worried they would shun him again, but he had nowhere else to turn to. His worries were confirmed, the sloths still didn't like Smith. He was even more different now, an even longer, more unkempt beard, still holding a hammer in one hand and a binder full of cels in the other, and this time he was wearing shiny golden armor given to him by the TKR knights. Before they could banish him again he told them all he had learned. He told them about TKR and the people that came and destroyed the greatest tree in all of Orbis. Smith lied to them saying they were coming to the sloth home next, and all their trees would be chopped down next. Now the sloths cared about what Smith had to say. They asked him what could be done, how could they save their sloth home. Smith didn't know what to do or say to them. He sat for a while and thought, then he came up with an idea. He convinced the sloths to follow him as their leader, and that he would save the sloth home. Smith and the sloths were happy with this coalition of sloths. Many stayed to protect the sloth home, but some left just as Smith had, out into the world to find allies, and they found many. Soon the sloths were no longer just a small group, they were something bigger. A Sloth Empire, united under Smith. They were happy, proud of their alliance and it's leader, most proud of all was Smith. He believed he was doing good, saving the trees, the sloths, the cels. The Empire was not a force of good for long. Smith's sloth mind was not strong enough, and he began to realize his power. He realized his influence and the weight position he held. The leader of the Sloth Empire, an alliance with allies from every sphere in the world. This power corrupted Smith. He began to go back on his criminal ways, thinking of ways to kidnap more cats, slander more cupcakes, steal more cels but this time on a massive scale. He had a world of people backing him, he could do anything...or could he? This is where I come into the story. I was one under him, I was one of the masses, who believed in the Sloth Empire, who had pride in it, it's work and it's leader. I believed we were a force of good, bettering Orbis. But unlike the rest I saw what Smith was becoming, I saw his dastardly plots for what they were, and I wasn’t going to have any of it. I challenged Smith to a fight, and be accepted. Maybe it was because he's just a small sloth, maybe it's because he moves slowly, maybe it's because he was worn down and tired from his heavy gold armor, but I beat him effortlessly. It only took a few clicks to win, in fact. Promoting myself to leader and demoting him to member, just like that the fight was over. I run Sloth Empire now, Smith and his evil ways have been stopped and balance has been restored to the universe. TL:DR Smith's alliance, Smofftopia, is an affront to all of Orbis and I'm couping it to save y'all from slothification.
  4. I HAVE RETURNED I have been gone from the forums for a very long time but I am finally back, I escaped a terrible fate and have come to warn you all, now before he gets me, I'll reveal his secrets to all Brace yourselves for... The Story of Smith The Monstrous Murderer It was a cold, dark night and I had just made my way home from school. I was back in my bedroom, happily messaging people on discord, and suddenly in the corner of my eye I saw something moving in the darkness outside, and thats when I saw...it. All i could make out was a large dark figure, it looked like a man, he was slowly moving towards a family of stray cats, and suddenly the shadowy figure rushed towards them, and the cats seemed to disappear. I was in shock, how could these cats have just vanished, and what did this large shadowy figure have to do with it. Then at that moment a car had driven by, and its headlights illuminated the scene, and I saw something horrible. It was Smith, standing there across the street holding a burlap sack that was desperately shaking, the cats. 'Those poor cats' I thought to myself, wondering what I could do to save them from the clutches of Smith. But then I realized it wasn't those cats I had to worry about, it was me. As the last of the light of the car began to fade, Smith's head turned towards my window, his bloodshot eyes staring through my soul, and he began walking towards my house. I panicked, what would I do? What could I do? Closer and closer Smith came, then suddenly at the door a loud noise. It sounded as though Smith was trying to kick down my door. And with a few good swings at it with his hammer, he did. The old stairs began to creak, he was coming upstairs to get me. The creaking suddenly stopped, and the banging continued, much louder this time, my door began to shake, crack and bend. I didnt know what to do so I climbed out my bedroom window and began to run. I didn't know where I had to go, just that I had to escape Smith, and I had Or so I thought... I made it to the Dojo and hid there for a while. At last I felt safe, but I knew it wasn't over. I knew I had to let the world know of Smith's evil actions, stealing those cats and trying to steal me, or kill me, I still didnt know but I knew I had to let others know so they could stop him and save those poor cats and their little kittens. I didn't know how to go about doing it, though. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily I didn't have to plan much, Smith had come to the Dojo. In one swing he took down the glass door of the Dojo, and had cornered me to a room. In one hand he held his giant hammer, in the other he was still holding onto the burlap sack. I noticed it stopped moving around so much. The thought of those poor, defenseless kitties losing hope and accepting their fate to smith awoke an inner rage from deep within me. Cornered, with nowhere to go, I stood there staring into the eyes of the evil, terrible bully that was Smith. Closer and closer the monster came to me, saying that all his horrible bully threats would finally come true. And he was almost right... BUT I WOULD NOT LET THE MONSTER THAT IS SMITH DESTROY ME I put up a fight, the greatest I could, but Smith was too strong. (Who would've guessed a grown man wielding a massive hammer could beat up a teenage girl) However as Smith was attacking me with no mercy I came across an opportunity, an opportunity to grab his hammer. I grabbed for it as fast as I could and successfully got it. I knew that I only had one chance at this, Smith's big man strength would soon pry the hammer from my small, weak arms. So I swung, swung the hammer with all my might. In my mind as the giant hammer moved through he air was all the threats he had made, all the people he had bullied, all the cats he had stolen. And with all my power I hit Smith with his hammer (gif related) 48 resistance. In that one swing I destroyed 48 resistance from Smith. He was lying on the ground, unconscious, and I made my escape. I emptied the sack of kitties, they were now free, free and safe, just like I was. I kept Smith's hammer, he could no longer hurt anyone with it anymore. I walked out of the Dojo feeling a sense of victory, but it was short lived. When Smith got up he realized his hammer was missing and probably knew he wouldn't be accepted back in TKR for coming home without his hammer, the hammer that made him who he was. So he didn't. For a while Smith flew under the radar, not doing anything terrible or evil, I thought that that hammer strike must've knocked the evil intentions out of him, but little did I know he was planning something this dastardly. IDENTITY THEFT. Smith has stolen the identity of TheNG so that he could continue his crime spree, kidnapping innocent, defenseless kittens, framing his heinous acts on PnW's own pigeon. I won't let this happen, Smith. For too long you've lurked in the shadows doing horrible things undetected, BUT NOW THE LIGHT IS SHINING ON YOU AS YOU PLAN TO FRAME SOMEONE FOR YOUR CRIMES. YOUR TIME IS UP SMITH And so I call upon you, people of Orbis, to help me. United we can defeat the diabolical Smith. United we can stop his cat kidnapping. UNITED WE STAND STRONG, STRONG ENOUGH TO STAND UP TO SMITH AND PUT AN END TO HIS CRIMES, ONCE AND FOR ALL Smith your day of reckoning has come. There are no more shadows to hide in, no more people to hide behind. This is it for you. Smith is the first of many evils to fall before the might of ZEEBRUSPHERE
  5. now that im back im gonna go back to trying to get all of orbis to attack you but dont respond or i might get another warn but yea good war, gl with rebuild and dont forget roll smith next
  6. The mighty 5 Snuck in behind enemy lines and dismantled an entire alliance in the matter of only a few days I'm not salty about the Roz legend, honestly it was up there with the most enjoyable funny things I've read on the forums ever, but its missing something, something we agreed on in the peace terms, that's what we're doing here, we held up our side of the deal, no longer declaring any wars and finishing up the ones that are in progress, but you guys didnt uphold your side, and thats why its being pointed out so much.
  7. im not mad at the thread im mad at my glasses, mcdonalds and some random forum mod
  8. I read this, and facepalmed, and then i got a smudge on my glasses, so im not happy about that But while cleaning them i felt as though I need to address this with more than a downvote So i begrudgingly accept that stupid, stupid warn for a post about mcdonalds being thread derailment. Okay, so look at your military - no, look at the militaries of every member of your alliance. Would you consider that not a defeat? Everyone mostly zeroed out or heavily damaged? If not (and id be perplexed to know how that isnt) look at the militaries of CKD and HS, I dont have to go nation to nation but im pretty positive youre not gonna find all zeroes or mostly gone militaries So, one stupid point dealt with, on to the other "gangbanger" Cobra Kai Dojo House Stark Empyrea Now, I'd ask you to put together the numbers and figure out for yourself how massively outnumbered you guys were, but considering "Defeat? Hahaha" I'd say through nation stats youre not good with numbers. 44 versus 38 44 - 38 = 6 Six. Whole. Nations. . . .Maybe youre right, we really are monsters. Outnumbering you guys by 6 entire people Well anyways I gotta finish cleaning the smudge on my glasses, its still there and really annoying And I'm still gonna be mad at @Honey Monster even tho it wasnt him that gave me the warn. Bzzzzzzz Edit: most of this aggression is cause i cant clean my glasses, but like, c'mon just looking at a few pages and you couldve seen the facts instead of trying to make up your own
  9. I see what you did. Downvoting. This has not gone unnoticed. 

  10. They’re just weird, yea. Like I don’t even know how to describe them...jello like, not worth it Oh wow McDonald’s sounds much (healthier, less unhealthy) than it does here. (Not sure which to use lol, and not because of grammar) Sure but I get to keep the toy 😛 If it didn’t have all the weird long name ingredients and preservatives and all that I’d probably consider it for just a quick thing to eat too tbh! Yea toys r us is great. There was one MASSIVE one by me that closed down like 4 days ago well i guess it makes sense all the online stores would eventually take over cause of the convenience and larger selection. Also thanks I’ll start to read more on the forums so I can find something RELATED TO THE TOPIC to write about (though with all the responses I got to that random message I think in part this is the topic now xD) I had that a few times too, but I got lots of stuff from there. I remember when I was like 7 or 8 there was a big spilled box of legos and I took ONE SINGLE LEGO BRICK and brought it home and for a month I was so scared my parents would catch me and I’d get like in trouble with the police, I’m a criminal bee. I can confess to my heinous crime now that the store I robbed so many years ago is now gone. Not having toys r us is worse I think I do feel a little bad turning this into McDonalds and Toys R Us though so I actually read this Uhh...good luck on the war? Congrats on winning the war? Honestly I don’t know the OP slowly got more and more confusing as I read it over. Like it’s like a clean cut cogent announcement was thrown into a blender, then the blender into a bigger blender then the mess poured onto the forums. So what I’ve gotten from this is: The Nordic Sea Raiders attacked Pantheon to steal their happy meals. But the members of Pantheon really liked the happy meal toys so they declared war on NSR to get them back.
  11. I havent been on the forums in a while! Didn't read anything here but i saw the link somewhere so i felt obligated to click it and put in my opinion (even though i dont know what its about) I really dont like McDonalds food, it just like tastes fake and weird to me, like especially their egg things, im convinced theyre either play doh or alien eggs. Speaking of Play Doh reminds me of Toys R Us and theyre out of business and thats sad even though i havent gone there in a long time. Can i get a #riptoysrus please? Thanks for allowing me to share my very VERY relevant opinions on the topic at hand.
  12. Bees. Theyre little creatures, but are mighty, hard working and determined ones too. When a bee leaves the hive it'll pollinate many flowers, beautifying the world. But when all the bees leave the hive together they create something far more beautiful. A BEE NATION Bees from around the world converged in Krakow to begin their bumblebees mission of world domination. With the help of Betulius the big fishy, Theo the chosen crusader of God, Jroc the greatest of the roquentin robots and Partisan the sneaky snake carrying out the orders we will create the mightiest of so nations. One that will stand strong forever, no obstacles will be too strong for it to overcome. And so Queen Zeebrus and her quartet of advisors set off into a challenging and unforgiving world prepared to leave a mark on it that will shine bright through all time BEE NATION
  13. You should get the game Rainbow 6 Siege, it’s only $15, plus if u get it I can light u on fire and dance around your burning ashes singing Kumbayah and giving praise to @Spaceman Thrax as he comes down from the sky and grants me eternal life

    1. Smith


      I don't really have the time to get into a new game atm moment though :( sorry

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