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  1. I see what you did. Downvoting. This has not gone unnoticed. 

  2. They’re just weird, yea. Like I don’t even know how to describe them...jello like, not worth it Oh wow McDonald’s sounds much (healthier, less unhealthy) than it does here. (Not sure which to use lol, and not because of grammar) Sure but I get to keep the toy 😛 If it didn’t have all the weird long name ingredients and preservatives and all that I’d probably consider it for just a quick thing to eat too tbh! Yea toys r us is great. There was one MASSIVE one by me that closed down like 4 days ago well i guess it makes sense all the online stores would eventually take over cause of the convenience and larger selection. Also thanks I’ll start to read more on the forums so I can find something RELATED TO THE TOPIC to write about (though with all the responses I got to that random message I think in part this is the topic now xD) I had that a few times too, but I got lots of stuff from there. I remember when I was like 7 or 8 there was a big spilled box of legos and I took ONE SINGLE LEGO BRICK and brought it home and for a month I was so scared my parents would catch me and I’d get like in trouble with the police, I’m a criminal bee. I can confess to my heinous crime now that the store I robbed so many years ago is now gone. Not having toys r us is worse I think I do feel a little bad turning this into McDonalds and Toys R Us though so I actually read this Uhh...good luck on the war? Congrats on winning the war? Honestly I don’t know the OP slowly got more and more confusing as I read it over. Like it’s like a clean cut cogent announcement was thrown into a blender, then the blender into a bigger blender then the mess poured onto the forums. So what I’ve gotten from this is: The Nordic Sea Raiders attacked Pantheon to steal their happy meals. But the members of Pantheon really liked the happy meal toys so they declared war on NSR to get them back.
  3. I havent been on the forums in a while! Didn't read anything here but i saw the link somewhere so i felt obligated to click it and put in my opinion (even though i dont know what its about) I really dont like McDonalds food, it just like tastes fake and weird to me, like especially their egg things, im convinced theyre either play doh or alien eggs. Speaking of Play Doh reminds me of Toys R Us and theyre out of business and thats sad even though i havent gone there in a long time. Can i get a #riptoysrus please? Thanks for allowing me to share my very VERY relevant opinions on the topic at hand.
  4. Bees. Theyre little creatures, but are mighty, hard working and determined ones too. When a bee leaves the hive it'll pollinate many flowers, beautifying the world. But when all the bees leave the hive together they create something far more beautiful. A BEE NATION Bees from around the world converged in Krakow to begin their bumblebees mission of world domination. With the help of Betulius the big fishy, Theo the chosen crusader of God, Jroc the greatest of the roquentin robots and Partisan the sneaky snake carrying out the orders we will create the mightiest of so nations. One that will stand strong forever, no obstacles will be too strong for it to overcome. And so Queen Zeebrus and her quartet of advisors set off into a challenging and unforgiving world prepared to leave a mark on it that will shine bright through all time BEE NATION
  5. You should get the game Rainbow 6 Siege, it’s only $15, plus if u get it I can light u on fire and dance around your burning ashes singing Kumbayah and giving praise to @Spaceman Thrax as he comes down from the sky and grants me eternal life

    1. Smith


      I don't really have the time to get into a new game atm moment though :( sorry

  6. Zeebrus

    Plot Und Panzer

    Why what happens if u do google is too slow at school for me to find out
  7. Let vacation mode people read messages, no point in taking away their ability to read messages, I dunno who suggested that part but that won’t change anything DO revoke their ability to respond to threads ”muh freedom of speech” Youre in vacation mode, so you’re not running your nation and participating in the game, even if you’re watching the game through vacation mode you shouldn’t be posting about things happening because you’re not actively part of the game. Because this is the Politics and War Forums. So if you’re not playing Politics and War, whether it be temporarily or forever, you shouldn’t be posting until you return. Simple as that Sections like Forum Games and Spam, the roleplay and topics about other video games could be open to them, because they’re not Politics and War related mostly, but something like Alliance Affairs or maybe even Game Suggestions and things directly related to the game shouldn’t be accessible to players who aren’t playing. Thats my input on it, I agree with the original topic but I understand the concern of “if we get rid of these people we’ll make it even more quiet and inactive” but I’m sure that can be worked around through locking specific topics and leaving others open for everyone.
  8. Zeebrus

    Criticize the Above Nation

    1). Your nation score is below mine 😛 2). None of your cities are named after me
  9. Zeebrus

    Shifty News Network-Live in Albuquerque

    puts down popcorn bucket It’s very salty Interpret that as you want, the popcorn or the thread and it’s people. Speaking of interpretations I really wanna just chime in on whatever’s happening here to say like, all Revan said was “Quantity > Quality”...he didn’t say who it was aimed at, it could’ve been Bad Company, Atlas, House Stark, My salty popcorn, maybe even ME, but no, he didn’t mention anyone or any alliance. So in a way all these bad company members instantly jumping in to pick a fight with Revan is like they’re doing the insult to their alliance that they think they’re stopping with Revan. Like hear me out, if someone says something like that, even in a thread partially about your alliance, and you instantly assume said comment is directed towards your alliance, and believe it so strongly that you, and others hop in to yell about it. . .well I mean, what does that say about your views of your alliance? I guess a tldr would be replying to a message like that that has no subject makes you put yourself as the subject, thus giving yourself the insult you’re so offended by. Like still even if the logic is “It’s either Atlas or Bad Company and since we’re merging there’s a 100% chance he’s talking about us” still no. Like it’s just a comment, not directed towards anybody. But maybe nothing I wrote will be read, maybe not even my TLDR will be, either way feel free to keep going with this, but I don’t think I can continue, it’s gotten too salty for my taste throws out popcorn and flies away
  10. Zeebrus

    LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    When I started posting here $1,000,000 would’ve been like a month’s income Now it’s a few turns, I don’t need it, but I want it, I want it so bad that I do need it. Those sacred $1,000,000 prize dollars are the one thing in Orbis that I need anymore
  11. Zeebrus

    Criticize the Above Nation

    A guy with NO profile pic or atleast it says so, misleading
  12. Zeebrus

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    This is 100% true The Syndicate, House Stark, Cobra Kai and many others are completely under my control, soon they will all be as one and unite under Z E E B R U S P H E R E An unstoppable force of pure destruction that will destroy every alliance in its way, reducing them down to nothing but rubble
  13. Zeebrus

    Does this qualify as a ragequit ?

    Oh dang gg i guess you’re immune to total bee destruction

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