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  1. Roger Campbell

    Cornerstone's Priests Survey the Battlefield

    That's not even the whole city. That's just what you'd get with the first nuke. Because of the way it works, the most expensive stuff gets destroyed first. You also probably ought to throw in another ~$250K to account for improvements destroyed, but that will vary depending on what you hit, and obviously doesn't account for a large fraction of the total. The total cost for that much infra, assuming you continued pounding that one city into the ground, is $252,906,125.00, not including whatever you spend on improvements.
  2. Roger Campbell

    Cornerstone's Priests Survey the Battlefield

    Playing around with the nuke simulator and plugging the averages into the infra cost calculator, it comes out to somewhere in the ballpark of $191,326,190.00
  3. Roger Campbell

    Name This War

    The Nuclear Winter War?
  4. Roger Campbell

    Lol Avoid Launching Nukes

    So I was curious exactly how much of nuclear winter we're experiencing here. I found a calculator that will convert Roentgens into your preferred dose equivalent. As of posting, the global average is 171.9 rads, or 1.719 sieverts. Correlating with the helpful xkcd chart, that tells us that while the background dose isn't enough to kill you right off the bat, it would give you some pretty nasty radiation poisoning, and your life expectancy is going to take a hit. Your short-term odds are slightly worse than playing Russian roulette. North America, meanwhile, is completely dead. You might be able to survive if you get straight to an ICU afterwards, but the odds are against you. So yeah, time to head underground there. So it seems it took us all of 30 hours to go from zero to nuclear wasteland. I suppose congratulations are in order.
  5. Roger Campbell

    why treaties are bad

    "Most alliances have enormous requirements for declarations of war against another alliance." Given that wars are started for such deeply philosophical reasons as "Blood for the blood God" and "Ayy LMAO", I think this statement might be flawed. Also as you pointed out in your opening, war is generally seen as a good thing in this game, not some somber occasion that requires a carefully measured response. So treaties are pieces of paper that just formalize what everyone was already going to do anyways. They don't have any ingrained meaning other than what we attribute to them. Given this, I'd be willing to wager that even in absence of formal treaties, we'd still see something similar to "treaty chess" for political and strategic purposes.
  6. Roger Campbell

    Rebuild Suggestion

    I think directly messing with the effectiveness of troops is a dangerous path. Also, it would promote short, heavily damaging wars over longer grinds followed by spurts of rebuilding. The point you mentioned about having nations bounce back mid-war and buying all new military improvements also isn't necessarily a bad thing. In real life, large scale conventional wars are won by being able to out-produce the enemy. And this would add a new realm of strategy to wars, on whether damaged nations want to put their wartime resources towards short term or long term investments. I'd support a regular old discount like Sheepy mentioned, perhaps with some sort of diminishing return as you get closer to your original levels. So the first hundred or so of "easy" repairs is really cheap and can be recovered during the war if it drags on, followed by a period of reduced, but still reasonably expensive rebuilding. But only if that can be done in a simple manner that doesn't completely void everybody's plans, otherwise, what Sheepy said.
  7. Roger Campbell


    A Mutual Defense and Sorta-Kinda-Optional-But-C'mon-Guys-Help-A-Bro-Out? Aggression Pact. Or MDSKOBC(m)GHABOAP. I like it.
  8. Roger Campbell

    So Don't Do This

    I have made that mistake before. I tried watching Fatherland before bed.
  9. Roger Campbell

    PnW Comic: Part 4

    More colors, more characters, and more panels! Politics and War: A story in comic form Part 4: Selective Service Scheme In peacetime, they have too many volunteers, and so have to do a similar reverse where they fail anyone who reacts for not holding still as instructed. God forbid anyone should ever threaten the Capitol, the federation government would be handing out guns to everyone who could stand. The guard in panel one is rolling his eyes. He sees this kind of showing off a lot during wars. The uniforms were supposed to be based on the east german Nationale Volksarmee, but ended up with more of a blue-ish redcoats kinda vibe. Extra bonus points to anyone who can figure out where the jokes came from. Previous strips can be found below: Part 1: http://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/blog/19/entry-97-politics-and-war-the-comic/ Part 2: http://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/blog/19/entry-101-pnw-comic-part-2/ Part 3: http://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/blog/19/entry-112-pnw-comic-part-3/
  10. Roger Campbell

    Global Missions

    Perhaps have a relatively moderate amount, but with a means-adjusted cap? That way big nations don't hog all the glory and newbies don't bankrupt themselves. Perhaps 24hrs revenue per event? Just to take a guess at numbers, maybe $60 Million for the cost? Large enough to be a setback to alliances, without braking the bank? EDIT: Ooh, I like this! The ability to take you down with me!
  11. Roger Campbell

    PnW Comic: Part 2

    Glad you like it! Part three is already out, and it has pretty colors.
  12. Roger Campbell

    PnW Comic: Part 3

    Today's comic has just a splash of color, which I think came out quite nicely. I've also made a few changes to the drawing process that will hopefully make better quality scans. Let me know what you think! Politics and War: A Story in Comic Form Part 3: Artistic Ambitions Previous strips can be found below: Part 1: http://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/blog/19/entry-97-politics-and-war-the-comic/ Part 2: http://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/blog/19/entry-101-pnw-comic-part-2/ For anyone who can't quite make out my writing in the image, the seal says Lingua latina mortua est.
  13. Roger Campbell

    PnW Comic: Part 2

    The story continues. Part 1 can be found here. Politics and War: A Story in Comic form Part 2 About the Art: I ended up redoing this one after the second and third panels came out weird. There were a bunch of subtle tweaks that I think made a difference. Most of them focus on setting things out so that they will scan nicely. I've worked out a way to make the brightness and contrast a bit more consistent throughout the page at the expense of looking on the whole lighter. I reckon radio-speech-bubble thing came out nicely. It looks readable but still similar enough to the background that it doesn't distract from the actual narration/text. For any eagle-eyes that notice the pixel weirdness in panel four, this was due to me recognizing a glaring typo in the text only seconds before I was actually going to post it. I managed to correct it, but it required a great deal of cutting and camouflaging.
  14. Roger Campbell

    Faith in Orbimanity, Restored.

    Good work to everyone involved. Gold stars for everyone! True, it's common courtesy. But even that's hard to expect, especially in a game that focuses on politics and competition. Plus, people don't tend to bring up when someone does something decent, at least not nearly as much as they complain when they don't. Whole negativity bias thing. It's good to see that people can still be courteous on both ends.
  15. Roger Campbell

    Politics and War: The Comic

    I'm very glad. Part 2 is in drafting phase, and will probably be put up either today or tomorrow. I haven't really done a continuous story arc in my drawings, nor adding text on the computer, so this is all an experiment for me.

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