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  1. Partisan

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Lol literally this could be about TKR pulling the trigger on EMC. I can’t take this reply seriously actually, get me out.
  2. Partisan

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Completely ignoring you have the next largest alliance in score working with you as well. I commend the graphic but it ignores so many situational conditions for each of those wars. Also, it's true - people won't go to war anymore unless they are pretty convinced they will win. The last war I can think of that was really "could go either way" great VE war. Oktoberfest /should/ have been an easy win for UPN but uhh didn't work out. "You're too big" is an argument you'll see in every war you have so long as you guys keep on doing math before you hit.
  3. Partisan

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    I suppose I didn't elaborate. It's not incriminating to TGH, you do have good dirt over the KT gov and trying to debate that would be uhhh questionable. I suppose we will just have to disagree on the bit about taking kastor seriously with regards to him having any say in who we hit. I don't think it was a bad call for you guys to hit us. You had good reason to hit KT, who if hit we would defend. I was genuine when saying you guys played a good hand. You seem so convinced that we were plotting against you but to my knowledge (and I may have missed the memo) TGH gov hasn't discussed any plan to hit TKR until we started exploring what we might have to do, defensively, if we were hit by you. Right now you are fighting KT, and TGH - but you just rolled nuke bloc (who also had it coming) and IQ doesn't always have the warmest feelings for you - not that they do for us either. My point is that there is essentially one place that actually has any weight for the foreseeable future, and that's you guys. I think you are taking a lot of what I'm saying as accusatory or aggressive towards you. I'm really just trying to say, while you have reasons to hit us in this war, claiming that TGH was actively plotting to attack you really isn't one of those reasons.
  4. Partisan

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    This really isn't as incriminating as you are making it out and defending it to be - every politically active alliance that exists talks about hypotheticals and future paths for their FA. Buorhann talking about Pantheon merge isn't even a secret opinion. You could probably find tons of people that have publicly said the very same thing especially when they lost their bank and nothing was known about it for weeks, that's absolutely embarrassing for an alliance of their size to have had happen to them. Additionally, using that screenie of Kastor is actually hilarious because he says like 90 percent of what he says just to troll people and get reactions. They didn't even say "let's roll TKR" or anything confirming it. Saying "who is even left to fight?" after the previous wars of you rolling nuke bloc and IQ vs KT/co. will obviously just lead to TKR as an answer, which is honestly not a viable answer for just about anyone in the game. You guys were 460k militarized, do you honestly think anyone has pockets or tiers deep enough to fight you without getting some of your hidden treaties to bail out on you? If we were going to hit you we would have militarized and since you seem to have so much inside information you would know that the day you hit us our standing orders were to be at 0-2-5-1. We weren't going to hit you, and it's obvious we weren't. I see two really likely situations for what will come in the next several months after this war. 1. Certain Alliances will hug you, some because they like you, some out of fear. You will eventually just be surrounded by friends to a point that if people don't squad up with you they are alienated on the political spectrum. Then we will wait for a very long, long time until there is anything exciting again. 2. You have effectively managed to push three spheres that used to not collaborate with each other closer. After this war you really only have one alliance (that isn't recovering from a war) that isn't dick hugging you left, I guess we will wait to see if they suck up to you or become your next target. Karma's a !@#$. Claims were made that you wanted to shake things up and that's why the trigger was pulled on EMC from within. Really great job shaking things up to stay at the top, we all ate it up. Hook, line, and sinker.
  5. Partisan

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    Did you vote for this war?
  6. Partisan

    Too Lazy to Do This Properly

    I didn't ask for a discount t$ dow.
  7. Partisan

    Let's Dance!

    So honored you're threatened by a coalition making up a third of your score, you think too highly of us 😉 Cheers and let's make it a good one!
  8. Partisan

    Through Sacrifice and Unity Comes Strength

    Cynic makes t$ - profit Cynic makes Vanguard - get sonned by Mensa Cynic makes Ordo Paradoxia - ???
  9. Partisan

    K.o.B DoE

    Congrats Polaris! An excellent protectorate if I ever did see one. o/
  10. Partisan

    Shifty News Network-Viewer Discretion is Advised

    Oh hi Mark...
  11. Partisan

    China Supermajor Thread

    Group A - Liquid, Newbee, Na’vi, Team Spirit Group B - Virtus.Pro, Vici Gaming, Evil Geniuses, TNC Group C - Secret, Mineski, VGJ.S, The Final Tribe Group D - LGD, VGJ.T, OpTic Gaming, Infamous Group stage predictions (1 million dollars in pnw for each correct prediction) 1-4.) Winner of each group? 5.) Team that wins longest match? 6.) Most picked hero? 7/8.) Player with the most kills/deaths? 9.) Hero with the highest winrate?
  12. Partisan


    Battle Pass is out. Prize pool at almost 6 million dollar already. http://dota2.prizetrac.kr/international2018
  13. "oh no there are consequences for my actions" eat a dick.
  14. Partisan

    Stuck on the Toilet

    TGH and KT liberally wiping their asses with the emotions of TRF
  15. Partisan

    It's over , pack it up.

    It is very unfortunate to see such a great ally go in such fashion. I have led and followed many in this world - and you guys truly were top notch allies. It will not be forgotten. I wish you the best.

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