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  1. Holy frick sending people unsolicited porn links clearly is harassment. But in your eyes daddy Roz never could do anything wrong eh?
  2. Karl VII

    War Stats 2.0

  3. Karl VII

    New Radiant Order #UnderSiege

    If only you had based your decision making on the well being of your alliance instead of a personal feud, maybe your alliance would still exist.
  4. Karl VII

    Question about IQ alliances

    Should NPO be doing wars to entertain people? :3
  5. Karl VII

    War Stats

  6. Karl VII

    War Stats

    Eh the damage charts are always tilted towards our enemies in the beginning simply because of the fact that we have a small upper tier. I expect us to close in during the 2nd and 3rd wave. Or the 4th or 5th. You know the deal.
  7. Karl VII

    South Africa going full Mugabe

    If you look at the actual numbers of attacks on farms and farm murders you can actually see that both have been decreasing steadily in the last 15 years and have more then halved since 2001... (https://www.afriforum.co.za/wp-content/uploads/Report-Farm-attacks-and-farm-murders-in-South-Africa1.pdf) And i wouldn't claim that 50 farm murders a year amount to genocide like many right wingers have been claiming. I think nobody can really argue that the land the white farmers now possess was mostly stolen from the native population hundreds of years ago.This was followed by hundreds of years of abuse and discrimination by whites. It is only just that now that the age of racial repression is finally over for South Africans a redistribution of land and wealth from the former oppressors to the formerly oppressed is started.
  8. Karl VII

    The Ayyslamic Caliphate Rises

    Ayyyy criticizing BK memes but using a fricking stock image that is literally the first one that turns up with google search And here are the guys who upvoted it: Oh what a surprise, as you might notice those people are part of the group that harshly critiques the quality of new BK memes, but upvote shit tier memery
  9. Karl VII

    I see you

  10. Karl VII


    Have some common decency Strum, how about that? You behave like a shunned ex-gf.
  11. Karl VII


    When did you become so whiny Strum? You left on your own volition, no reason to start a salt fest on the OWF everytime a topic is about BK.
  12. Karl VII

    No shade (but some legit questions from a mere pleb)

    "Hello my name is Sketchy, me and my EMC friends have been making a quadrillion posts about a certain conflict in the last two days. The IQ, the biggest ig bloc has nearly no posts at all though. Now one BK guy has made a post saying "IQ doesn't really care about this conflict, thats why noone comments on this". Haha! With my grade school psychology I can clearly see through his motives, ALL of BK actually cares about this conflict A LOT.... even if he is literally the first BK guy posting in this entire thread... and it is pretty much the same for every other thread.... but anyways.... haha lets call them stupid that'll show em! Good i thing i posted this in this IQ thread... that has only three IQ guys making comments and by far the most posts are from non IQ guys... Whew all of this makes me feel very smart. Haha these guys, such a complete lack of self awareness haha."

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