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  1. John Baraboo

    Animated adds

    One add is flashing "win $5,000" and "enter to win". Would that be a gif.?
  2. John Baraboo

    Animated adds

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I ran completely out of data on my phone. Had to wait for cycle to reset. Yes I have checked and the box is properly marked to disallow them. I don't know if they are gif. I try to ignore them as much as possible. The adds play and slow everything down.
  3. John Baraboo

    Animated adds

    Hey I unclicked the "show animated adds" but I'm still seeing animated adds. Inb4 the logical question...I did click change settings to lock in the change. The animated adds used up all my data this month.
  4. John Baraboo

    An announcement of exsistence from Vargen Institution

    I'm happy to see you guys work it out.
  5. John Baraboo

    Announcement from the Viridian Entente

    So much for staying out of the next big one. Good luck to you guardian. FYI...you guys are always the aggressors, even when you are the ones being attacked.
  6. John Baraboo

    Rose declaration of War on The Syndicate

    Wait....The ad that was offensive never went up? It was leaked out after rose said it went too far? And Phifer got pissed caused it was ever created? Wow...
  7. John Baraboo

    Surrender Announcement from Vanguard

    This joke made me laugh out loud. I don't know you magicboy, but I'm starting to like you
  8. John Baraboo

    Rose Announcement

    Don't forget the world war it caused afterwards.
  9. Welcome to Orbis Alice. This world needs more religion. May God bless those who follow His word, and show mercy, and the true path to freedom to the others.
  10. John Baraboo

    Rose Announcement

    . Give it to us. We promise to party with it like TEst did.
  11. Have you not watched the series GoT? Who do you trust on the small council? Think about it.
  12. Congratulations to all involved.
  13. John Baraboo

    503 Error

    I got this message as well last night.
  14. John Baraboo

    Declaretion of war on the sith

    Can you tell me the two the sith do not control? I'm interested as to your point of view.
  15. John Baraboo

    The National Defense Committee Founded

    Wow.. I'm surprised how many people actually read enough of this to know it needs editing. Good luck and don't let the trolls get ya.

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