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  1. All we can do now is hope and play other games, maybe.
  2. Some people don't like the fact 0 food is being produced. Some people do. Here's a sorta compromise: The idea is basically that crops resistant to increased levels of radiation will be developed by R&D around the world or naturally arise (evolution etc etc) when the global atmosphere is rad-filled. Right now the Food Detriment is the National Radiation Index (NRI) divided by 1000. Or NRI/1000. NRI the sum of the Global Radiation Index (GRI) and Regional Radiation Index (RRI). Instead of having the denominator stuck at 1000, it will be a variable subject to change (whether by nation or region, that's up to whoever). We'll call this D. So Food Detriment is NRI/D. Basically, D's floor is 1000. D increases by a certain increment X for every turn if and only if NRI>D and the delta(NRI) in-between turns<0. X is determined by some relevant stat whether it be the number of Nuclear Power Plants, Infrastructure, Pollution, Farms, a certain Project (or introduce a new project), or perhaps make it a regional static figure so everyone gets this "benefit". Or maybe both. For new nations, just make D=15000/T where T=number of days ingame, where T<=15 until it hits the actual value of D. D can decrease as well maybe, perhaps if the delta(NRI)>0 and NRI>D, I'm not sure whether the decrease increment should be some static number or dependent on the delta(NRI). It just has to run independently from X. X can also maybe be made of two components. The first component is the natural resistance of crops (a static number basically) and the second component can be a Regional effort of Research (It shouldn't be nation-specific. The benefit should apply to all cross a region). So yeah, that's my take on "solving" the "problem" of radiation.
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