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  1. Well yet again turkey commits another atrocity, denying all accusations and playing the victim. The US steps out to give turkey free reign, might as well give hitler his precious lebensraum. Let's bully the world into submission and then tuck tail and run when some tyrant comes into the picture.
  2. Alex out of all the rules you've made this is most laughable. Keep up the good work buddy! ?
  3. I like it. Goodluck to Ragnarok and its newly elected!
  4. This is purely based off of opinion... as usual carry on.
  5. Interesting I wonder how this got started? Goodluck to the both of you accomplishing nothing but chaos I love it!
  6. Like what youre doing with Poland as a communist regime? Kek
  7. >Fascism is different than NazismIgnorance is bliss
  8. Arguably People have to remember many take this seriously and even if you hate IG having competition of ideologies is what makes the game fun. Atleast imo I cant imagine what the community is doing atm is very good since its ridding the competition and starving the interesting bits right out. I mean sure you roll IG and thats fun too you yet itll pass and the game will become as stale as (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways). I mean atleast in terms of community wise and RP. Atleast (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) had a good community where both sides would enjoy competition for the most part and realize in the end we are all just people. This is mainly my own opinion so dont take it so heavily.
  9. Well atleast here at Ironborn we accept all forms of ideology if they demonstrate it peacefully. Everyone here from all walks of ideology are welcome here! We are all just human beings after all. #NoThoughtPoliceInMyHouse
  10. Good luck Iron Guard I wish the best to you and your journey in the future. I hope you stick around alot longer for a crusade against Communism. Its truly a shame that all of the bigger alliances cant let you guys be but it doesnt surprise me one bit.
  11. Wow and catsby said my alliance was going downhill.
  12. Damn good one! Missed them for sure.
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