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  1. Vesemir

    So...What Now?

    Not too difficult.
  2. Interesting posts, considering you're a deserter.
  3. Everyone: KKKT MAN NAZI Actuality of 99% of KT member chats:
  4. Do yourself a favor and don't try arguing with any of the four I listed. They've got 2 IQ max, and that's only if you combine them.
  5. Sometimes I wonder if Noctis, Inst, KKKosmo, and Sri Lanka have some kind of secret competition to see who can say the stupidest shit.
  6. Good micros exist. That doesn't change my statement at all.
  7. Can you even downgrade from a shitty micro? What's even below that?
  8. Were you just desperate for gov when you gave it to Tall?
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