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  1. Hi there, Removing your original comments out of fear is a sign of weakness. In the future, it's actually best to own up to your comments and/or apologize for threatening folks, Jedi Master Quinlan Vos of Kiffu of the Syndicate, first of his name, lover of Theo, son of Keegoz, protector of Tartarus, father of Requiem, slayer of nothing, subpar warrior of the Coalition known as A
  2. I got 5m on these guys jumping into a war unprepared and getting their ego handed to them by March. Any takers?
  3. Aren't you the one they voted out of leadership?
  4. This is the only thread that matters.
  5. I make an exception for you, even if the snake won't. 😘
  6. Wars been over for 2 years Kastor. We thought you left us.
  7. Thank you, GOONS. Keep him distracted enough where he doesn't spam the forums, would you?
  8. No. This kind of thinking is exactly what NPO/BK are doing currently, except it's a different target. The last thing PnW needs is more deletions or bans. The active playerbase (that were here pre-war) is already significantly lower due to the war. That going down any further hurts everyone.
  9. Have you bothered reading any of the threads that have clear proof that we're trying to?
  10. Alex has ruled that drug references are not violations.
  11. It's @Mr. Goobers fault the war is still going on. Down with the goob.
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