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  1. Itzcoatl

    Name another war! - Ask Alexio Edition

    I don't know. Maybe we should ask @Alexio15 what to name it.
  2. Itzcoatl

    The Magical Adventures of Edwardidk

    I... What?
  3. Itzcoatl

    New appllication

    Thank you for your application. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
  4. Itzcoatl

    Shifty News Network-Angel of Death

    @Queen Jane Your wish is my command.
  5. Itzcoatl

    Shifty News Network-Angel of Death

    I love when a person's true personality comes out. So much for a moral highground, TRF.
  6. Heil True Vanguard! Glory to TUE! Glory to Polaris!
  7. Itzcoatl

    I'm lost, what'd Boki do with the keys?

    Yep. Gone again. For good, hopefully.
  8. Itzcoatl

    The Nords meet the Greeks


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