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  1. Itzcoatl

    The Victory of The True True Vanguard

    Long live TTTVG!
  2. Itzcoatl

    The Hobo Express - Part Four!

    Was fun having y'all!
  3. Itzcoatl

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    You should've done that 5 alliances ago.
  4. Itzcoatl

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

  5. Itzcoatl

    Alliances that don't raid

    To please my friend here, this is another option. Oh. This explains a lot.
  6. Itzcoatl

    Alliances that don't raid

    Find this screen and click the blue button to avoid all wars.
  7. Itzcoatl

    69 hour notice.

    We've already said it's real.
  8. Itzcoatl

    69 hour notice.

    no this is real
  9. Itzcoatl

    69 hour notice.

  10. Itzcoatl

    Surrendering to Nova

    Honestly, didn't expect anything more out of one of Sean's lackeys. Disband your alliance and join someone who can hopefully teach you not to be an idiot.
  11. nah not really, y'all good tho?

  12. Itzcoatl

    SNN: The Quick and The Dead

    Requiembot #430258 reporting in. I didn't think TFP could be any more of a meme. I've been proven wrong. You should be banned you cheating monster. Wait until my father hears about this.
  13. Itzcoatl

    Name another war! - Ask Alexio Edition

    I don't know. Maybe we should ask @Alexio15 what to name it.
  14. Itzcoatl

    The Magical Adventures of Edwardidk

    I... What?

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