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  1. Clarified in DMs with pre, its just giving/discussing ideas. No helping code 😛
  2. Don't you have interview channels to make for FA matters because you can't figure out how DMs work?
  3. "make things wrong" Thalmor is an IQ sympathizer. Take him out.
  4. I pray every night that I wake up and Alex has banned you.
  5. Sorry to see you go. Hopefully you'll be back to unleash nuke chaos once the NAP ends.
  6. I would be happy to provide.
  7. Enjoy retirement. You're luckier than the rest of us.
  8. Mod-edited in money to one specific player that people in Alphabet are speaking up against and trying to get undone. If you're going to inform someone, drop the bias.
  9. Welcome back, Rid. Good luck!
  10. Cry more tears for the banning of cheaters. I'm sure someone cares.
  11. He literally has proof that the system was broken and these nations were abusing it. You're both ridiculous and moronic.
  12. Good work Alex. Good find, Dryad and crew.
  13. Glad to know I'm finally at peace with KT. Good rebuilds, friends.
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