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  1. Hilmes

    SYNDICARE PRESS RELEASE: Shuffling of Investments

    Its just business.
  2. Hilmes

    Protectorate Rabbit Hole

    The "it was just a joke bro", defense is old dude, As others have pointed out, there are a number of relationships across Orbis that do not work the way some think they should work.That is the nature of relationships. That you chose to focus on TS in particular says something to me. My reaction in kind should be no surprise. Side note, neat stuff from Pre and not all the surprising knowing the dude (Panty-san). Safe to say, yeah, we had no knowledge of this plan. But it would have made for a fun alternate universe.
  3. Hilmes

    Protectorate Rabbit Hole

    I was thinking along the lines of contracting out their services. Kinda like a strong body guard to keep the badies away. Ya'll interested? You could use it.
  4. Hilmes

    Protectorate Rabbit Hole

    Damn, TKR trying manufacture drama hot out of the gate. I see you boys, I see you. That resentment over the blasting must have been something fierce to start it off this early though. Fine by me. We can do better. Animal Farm is strong strapping alliance, I think they can take up a protectorate of their own.
  5. Hilmes

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Nice memes, lol. Good game guys.
  6. Ya, I think it makes narrative sense. Have to mention the guy in our next announcement. He's too big a part of our history not to. I don't think he would expect anything less either, lol. I'll miss him for sure.
  7. ya, but I wanted to bring it up again as a kind of bridge to the new gov announcement and as a kind of tribute to him
  8. Obligatory, announcement was posted inadvertently before it was finished. All done now, so enjoy!
  9. A few weeks ago, in a surprising turn of events, a well known executive of the Multinational Corporation and humanitarian institution 'The $yndicate inc' announced his retirement. Partisan, known for his sneky shenanigans, predisposition for theatrics, and his ingenuity in navigating the business world, was a driving force of the $yndicate's Strategic Planning. His contributions too many to list, we at The $yndicate Corporation give our thanks to him for his service. In his place Hilmes will be taking the wheel as the Executive of Strategic Planning. I have large...socks to fill but I'll do my best to see a continued rise in The Syndicate's (NASDAQ:T$) value in the markets <3. Finally, in the corporate world there are times when business partners recognize that their joint venture has reached the end of it's viable life cycle, and that it is time to diversify their product lines. As of 12/23/2018 The Syndicate was no longer the parent company of long time subsidiary Afrika Korps. We wish them the best whenever their path leads them. /$/igned for the $yndicate: Chief Operations Officer (IA): Leopold von Habsburg Chief Financial & Security Officer (Econ & MilCom): Timmy Strategic Planning (FA): Hilmes
  10. Hilmes

    War Stats - Global War 12

    Damn Roq, I like when you post. You should do it more.
  11. Hilmes

    Per your request. $yndicate CB talk.

    By god, the snek delivered. o7 t$
  12. Hilmes

    Name this war! - October 2018

    FinallyKaysersignedNPO war has a nice ring to it. Other than that I think Knightfall is the best suggestion so far.
  13. Hilmes

    The secret reason for this war

    Dude I am dead.
  14. Hilmes

    Grumpyhave teeth

    I see your upper tier dominance and raise you one submarine

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