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  1. Hilmes

    $yndicate placeholder Dow

    Ya'll don't understand, lol. If some shit like that were to actually happen, we'd almost never be able to work with almost anyone ever again. Betraying coalition mates in war has historically been seen as one of the highest offenses any alliance leadership can make. We hypothetically would embrace that stigma for what? There is negative to gain. At least have an even semi-realistic conspiracy theory.
  2. Hilmes

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    I also praise pictures I agree with
  3. Hilmes

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    I know this is a meme buuuuuuuuuuut still. TKR/EMC *technically* never launched an offensive war on IQ but we for sure was planning on it and the only reason we didn't fight again after that (before I had significant say in our fa direction) was due to their strength and our fear of that strength, not any sort of desire not to hit them out of the goodness of our hearts. There is quite a few mischaracterizations like the above in your post and while I don't fault you for them since you weren't present for discussions on a lot of them, gotta set the record straight on at least that one. This war should be good for creative content for sure, lets keep it coming!
  4. Hilmes

    Vanguard Declaration of Neutrality (DoN)

    Respectable stance dudes. Ignore the detractors, ya'll keep doing you.
  5. Hilmes

    Name this war! - October 2018

    its the tru tru fam But for the may may, I can get behind it.
  6. Hilmes

    Name this war! - October 2018

    Not quite, but we managed to make it work anyways ❤️ There are so many different story lines that have met in this conflict. I'd hope it would have a cool name but The Great Sock War is just the type of shit that would win, lol.
  7. Hilmes

    $yndicate placeholder Dow

    HOW LATE WAS THIS PANTY-SAN! Unforgivable I have no malice in my heart for you tcw, forgive me Yui ❤️ But this had to be done. To my opponents, lets enjoy our dance!
  8. Hilmes

    A Decree From the Holy City Of Oklo

    Glory be to the Atom!
  9. Hilmes

    Terminus Est: When whale's collide!

    Titans of the game meeting on the field of battle. There is no greater offering to the Gods than this. Much respect for the both of you. I'll be watching the massive death of pixels with reverence. O/
  10. Hilmes

    The North Goes Whaling

    The North goes to war. Hail the King in the North! This is one tree we won't be praying to. o/
  11. Hilmes

    Smithago delenda est

    Ya'll gotta protect Zeebrus, this is completely in the right. Enjoy yourselves.
  12. Hilmes

    Lost at Sea

    This is very Dynamic indeed. I approve. Good luck and have fun guys!
  13. The sight of whales crashing into each other is almost too great to describe. Its been too long since we were last able to view such a sight. Thanks for delivering CoS Have fun all around fellas!
  14. Hilmes

    Destiny Arrives

    Destiny has come, onwards Knights of Black

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