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  1. Modern day tunnel boring is logistically expensive as all hell. I just can't see it working against an opponent who can counter such a strategy with an equal or less economic investment. it works when the economies can't compare or that it's not inflicting enough damage to act on it.
  2. Luke just seems to obvious, why build it up if its going to be so *yawn*? I'm banking on the obi-wan theory.
  3. Hiya, the names Kitiria.Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a long time (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) player (2000+ days) but the game is so stagnant. hoping to give PnW a whirl to see if it can scratch that itch.
  4. Nation Name: Minisk Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=40805
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