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  1. Terrible timing Sheeps; why didn't you implement this before i went nuclear rogue in PW. This would of been perfect for my retirement last month.
  2. Just popping my head out from retirement to see how is everyone doing including you sheeps. Btw, how is your game progressing, hope its doing well for the future.
  3. took a day off to relax and recover from this cough and catch up on the messages I gotten to see I cannot redclare on your leader Ogaden lol. It seems the Chaos I wanted is not what I expected but I take the chaos that has now erupted today lol. I might even spoil someone's fun. (damn those beetlejuice cartoons influencing me.) lol
  4. Its 2 bad I cant redeclare on the leader of arrgh due to the 84 turn wait, so I may think of spoiling someone's war fun unless someone orders some nuke hits yeeeeeeeheeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeeheeeeeheeeeehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  5. Here's the real stuff to drool about: You successfully gathered intelligence about Equaria. Your spies discovered that Equaria has 59 spies, $250,661,775.03, 672.01 coal, 1,903.35 oil, 3,526.74 uranium, 49.21 lead, 2,979.84 iron, 45.56 bauxite, 38,281.18 gasoline, 10,667.98 munitions, 25,820.52 steel, 7,520.78 aluminum, and 100,481.23 food. Your agents were able to operate undetected. The operation cost you $18,186.53 and 0 of your spies were captured and executed. Save this information; if you leave this page you will be able to see this intelligence report under your espionage notifications. nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=10749
  6. I thought you guys named the war already to gpa adventures or something like that
  7. You successfully gathered intelligence about Suikoden. Your spies discovered that Suikoden has 59 spies, $131,314,113.29, 855.61 coal, 1,856.91 oil, 3,478.62 uranium, 49.21 lead, 2,961.48 iron, 45.56 bauxite, 37,816.78 gasoline, 10,667.98 munitions, 25,579.80 steel, 7,725.78 aluminum, and 99,398.41 food. nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=10749 Free Money and Resources, come and get it!!!!!
  8. lol.... Rest of my nukes is going for Mr Floof Floof lmao, I need to build more nukes to go @ him
  9. rofflmao..... It took sheeps to finally post my tick tock ad even though a bit late but once I saw it, I started to laugh hard.
  10. Who says Im going away, just retire from playing not from the game itself...
  11. Im feeling a bit better but still have this annoying cough and still tastes like mold.... However, if you're still in my range after the 7 day wait period, I will redeclare on you do to the above reason
  12. lol.... I got plenty of room for the whole Orbis community including all of arrrgh.
  13. I took it and resized it to this and I get a blue box with a question mark... http://imgur.com/r4bFwHxnd says I cannot use extended extensions in this community lol
  14. I deleted it already except I have the image @ 1000 by 100 pixels and like to get the right size to upload it on here http://i.imgur.com/SE8grrL.png
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