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  1. Lol call bullshit again.
  2. I have no idea. I was really just referencing the fact that between the two of us there was a war like every two months.
  3. Just get Pre and myself at the helm of some alliances again.
  4. I can respect what alataq just said, all I wanted to clear up was that they made their own decisions. The entire time I was active in rose gov I never tried to force anything on them.
  5. I don't understand how current logs would disprove a claim about the past. Please teach me Mr. Straw Man
  6. A response to them making all the claims Rose had been using them as pawns.
  7. hidden in all those pictures I say it was from the last war
  8. Straight from the chat of Red and myself during the last war:
  9. The "Pantheon Wins" War, since they will just get even more big if they sit this one out
  10. Honestly I don't know why this is a debate, Mensa is basically an alliance made up of everyone who mattered from another game like this. It would be like taking all the best players from this community, going to another game, and creating a group with that crowd.
  11. No Brotherhood of the Clouds option?
  12. I think most of Rose was only assigned 2 targets
  13. This is my fault guys. pubstomper [1:53 PM] What are we apes? [1:53] no OWF post?
  14. Bourhann played a couple games with me and my buddies tonight, won both games
  15. Ugh yes, I actually kinda know some of you guys now. Congrats!
  16. People that want to fight NPO: I applaud you paragon, excellent call and way to make thing interesting. NPO: Have fun getting rolled.
  17. Yeah it's because of the music I used, I'll have to change it after I get of work
  18. Didn't save any footage after this, forgot to click alt+F10. We got in though!
  19. Congrats on the new alliance Mad Max, best of luck! o/ ESD
  20. If you apply to our forums there is a thread in the public chat with all of our steam names and links. Feel free to add us!
  21. play with us sometime, rose has even put together a team we are supposed to have play in small tournaments though we missed our last game because we all forgot about it.... Right now the roster is: Pax - pos 1 Pubstomper/Caillou - pos 2 Krillian - pos 3 CrocMaster(nonpnw guy) - pos 4 Luna - pos 5 Luna is the team captain as well. Our solo mmr is pretty spread afaik it is as follows: Pax around 2k Pubstomper 3900 Krillian <1k Crocmaster 4400 Luna 5100
  22. Caillou

    Messing With Syrup

    This is perfect
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