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  1. And So the Dust Settles

    Lmao the terms speak for themselves. Anyone looking in can see who this helps more. But spin however you want.
  2. And So the Dust Settles

    Sure thing buddy, sure thing. To add context, the only serious demand for 10 bil was when we were approached at about a week in, and the damage differential was at its peak. The only other time that number was mentioned was on April fools.
  3. And So the Dust Settles

    Your side started at one month, IQ started at 6. Where are we at today?
  4. And So the Dust Settles

    IQ is always looking for new friends. We lost a lot of paper the last month so hopefully that makes us more inviting!
  5. And So the Dust Settles

    "mass ghosting, shell alliance hits"
  6. And So the Dust Settles

    The following alliances will be referred to as the Non-IQ Coalition: Rose, Ragnarok, The Fighting Pacifists, Bad Company, House Stark, Knights Templar, Seven Kingdoms, Advanced Idea Mechanics, Durmstrang, Roz Wei, Western Union, The Golden Horde, Imperium of Man, Principlality of Zeon, and Nordic Sea Raiders. The following alliances will be referred to as the Inquisition Coalition: United Purple Nations, Acadia, Polaris, The United Empire of Zaharon, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Knights, New Pacific Order, and Wildfire. With the war raging for a little over a month, both sides have decided it’s time to call it quits. The Non-IQ Coalition and the Inquisition Coalition agree on the following terms: A cessation of hostilities with peace offers to be made as promptly as possible. A non-aggression period between the constituent alliances of both coalitions lasting 6 months during which no wars, raids, mass ghosting, shell alliance hits, or spy attacks will be carried out against the other coalition’s members will exist upon the posting of this document.
  7. War Stats 2.0

    Says the guy who has logged in the last 68 hours and isn't being destroyed.
  8. War Stats 2.0

    So are you the TGH version of Moon Shadow or what?
  9. War Stats 2.0

    Its almost as if I posted it to BK discord and an alliance of 165 people less than 10% upvoted the thread as soon as they saw it.
  10. War Stats 2.0

    Yes these are literally yosos stats. We pulled his up and put our alliances in instead. Didn’t hear you complaining then.
  11. War Stats 2.0

    This exactly what I meant lol. Judging an aa off of member count is dumb. Nor do I have an my ill intention towards our micro friends. But using them as a basis of IQs martial ability is not a good metric.
  12. War Stats 2.0

    Who cares about 2 numbers sheepy put in the game?
  13. War Stats 2.0

    It’s almost how “losing” as Alex defines it has nothing to do with winning the war as a whole.
  14. War Stats 2.0

    lol the only one there that was a coalition member when the war started was OWR. Cerbwas dead before and the other are sub 50 micros that fought for a few days then left. If you defeating Kingsmen and Horsemen and Typhon means you defeated IQ you are in for a rude shock.
  15. War Stats 2.0

    lmao now you sound like Moon Shadow