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  1. Yea SK hit us first that war, I believe Mensa didn’t request our help. Something with prots I think.
  2. Im reading how you try to change it every year to try and limit a specific faction from winning. It’s quite clear.
  3. “They were fair last year and IQ won, they must be wrong!” Open voting and nominations on the forums is the only acceptable measure that is transparent and fair.
  4. No. You don’t own these, stop acting like it.
  5. To be fair you only worked with me due to our deep connection in CN. You were very upfront in that all of my CN enemies would be my enemies here and I don’t disagree
  6. TFW when the secret is revealed that I’m actually a moderate in BK desperately trying to hold the radicals back.
  7. TKR doesn’t sign subhumans, right Mitsuru?
  8. Should be proportional to game population. Rather than giving one smaller side more votes.
  9. A couple weeks ago, it was discovered that Gorge had embezzled $5,005,000,000 from the Black Knights Bank. This is a public document to cement an agreement in which Black Knights will receive this money back from Elijah Mikaelson and thus reverse all damage to the Black Knight's bank. Article 1: ` Elijah Mikaelson agrees to return the total sum of 5,005,000,000.00 Article 2: The Black Knights and the New Pacific Order promises to not attack Elijah Mikaelson for duration of Dial up war and period of 180 days after the war has ended. The Black Knights and the New Pacific Order also agrees to not hit any future alliance of Elijah Mikaelson for duration of Dial up war and period of 180 days after the war has ended. Unless Elijah Mikaelson or any alliance he joins makes an aggressive attack or plots against The Black Knights and the New Pacific Order after the signing of this agreement. Article 3: The Black Knights and the New Pacific Order will publicly acknowledge that Elijah Mikaelson had no role to play with the theft of the amount, and also acknowledge he had no knowledge of the source of the money. Article 4: Elijah Mikaelson agrees to return the sum in either cash or resources. If Elijah decides to pay in resources, he will send gas or munitions at a price per unit at 100 less than the prevailing buy price at the time of sending the resources. The prevailing prices and its screenshots would have to be submitted to ensure the true value of the resources. Article 5: Elijah Mikaleson agrees to pay the sum at the earliest, and will take all steps to ensure the sum is returned on time, following the negotiated payment schedule. The Black Knights and the New Pacific Order, shall facilitate the sum and verify the amounts promptly, to ensure the completion of this agreement at the earliest. Should either side violate this agreement the NAP is void or the amount will be considered paid in full, depending on the violator. Signatures: -Leo -Roquentin -Elijah Mikaelson
  10. "We can't win so lets ban it" Sounds like your guys go to move these days.
  11. This is a fairly minor change, but as it stands the maximum treaty in Game is a MDoAP. Recently there has been the introduction of a MDAP into the game, so it having its own color and title would be nice.
  12. Chances are, a big fish knocked out of the top 10 isn’t having fun.
  13. I don't believe its the first of the month. Contact our reps then.
  14. When that booty is pyscho but you just have to come back for more.
  15. Introducing: Opus Dei Emotions We, the undersigned alliances; New Pacific Order (hereby referred to as “NPO”), Black Knights (hereby referred to as “BK”), and GOONSE.CX (hereby referred to as “GOONS”) admit that relationships can get complicated, especially as a throuple, and although we didn’t intend to, we’ve definitely caught feelings. I: Mutual Indulgence NPO, BK, and GOONS all agree that should one of the others start feeling frisky, they’ll give the others 24 hours to shit, shower and shave before we go to the hotel room for our romp. At the request of any of the other two, a camera and a craigslist personal can be provided. II: Self-Indulgence NPO, BK and GOONS, understand that nobody can love you like you. However, should one of the undersigned alliances send the others sexy snapchats when they feel lonely, the other signatories are obligated to come over and party. III: Living Our Best Life NPO, BK and GOONS all realize how important it is to live their best lives, and *insert current year* is coming up all us. As such, each signatory agrees that they’ll slide into them DMs before changing up our Friday night plans. IV: Jealousy is an ugly trait [Redacted] V:Don’t ghost me Sometimes friendships can get complicated, the signatory alliances promise not to ghost the others, and if they need to end the relationship promise to give the other(s) at least 96 hours to come over and clean out the draw in the nightstand. For the New Pacific Order, Roquentin, Emperor. For the Black Knights, For GOONS, Do Not Fear Jazz, El Presidente La Langosta, Blockade Runner, LLD, PMP, KBG, Esq, Shark Man the Second, Eater of Monitors, Healer of Spines, Fearless of Jazz, Conqueror of the Arrgh Lands in General and the Big Blue House in Particular, Also Hello Comrade Marx, Penile Envoy, Pilot Emeritus, Midnight Ribkid and Supreme Chairman of the Goonland Communist Party KrisWolfe AKA Da Wolfe Of PnW Street AKA Lard Commandante AKA Bread Line Distributor AKA Skynet Daddy
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