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  1. We didn’t choose salt the earth, salt the earth chose us. Just ask your coalition members.
  2. You were attacked due to connections to Rose, and Swagger to you. Therefore when attacked it was an expansion of the current war vs a separate war (Like The DB war).
  3. https://www.trulia.com/AZ/Lakeside/?cid=sem|google|tbw_nb_dmadsa_phoenixaz_url_nat_x_d_g_1|tbw_nb_dmadsa_phoenixaz_url_nat_x_d_g_1_lakeside_az_x_x_x|dsa-766410196481|378426007158|&gclid=CjwKCAjwkenqBRBgEiwA-bZVtp9VQr76slIRwa7DVAtZeVZNCUoS958_tvmsaRoRV62Ql5iaJlAZPBoCWiAQAvD_BwE Except it’s not help, it’s poisoning the well and poaching.
  4. They’re more than welcome to join if they would like.
  5. I mean I’m pretty sure Roq’s enduring point is that the EMC ties withered, but the relationships stayed intact with a few notable exceptions, Namely T$. To pretend tkr wanted EMC to fall apart is fantasy, and KETOG is a post emc construction. This reads like you didn’t even read the logs. There was no plan only inquires of interest same to what everyone on your side did as well. I think it’s been made pretty clear Sphinx had at the absolute best an extremely optimistic view. Mall alliances dragged in have concrete ties to those who have started an aggressive war against us. Just as valid as the aligned but not involved people you hit. I have never once used game health as an argument to conduct actions in a certain way. While people may dislike it my words have been pretty consistent. It seems you missed the quotations on it, as it is what your side has pushed for since Knightfall to varying degrees.
  6. Just saw this, but NPO essentially has my thoughts, albeit less skeptical then my own. No one does anything in this game that doesn't put them further ahead. Those who champion "mini-spheres" or decry how we harm "game health" have an obvious benefit from whatever virtue they extoll.
  7. They have an ideological investment because minispheres are a way of isolating those without long term connections and staying on top. For example Rose would only dare go alone if they knew they were safe, which turned out to be the case. Just another tool to try and perpetuate the current ruling class.
  8. Well shit this post became irrelevant fast
  9. Hello everyone, As Alex recently added achievements, I figured having a central location for unlockable achievements is in order. Post any achievements earned and I will continuously update the OP. Influential: Be the leader of a top 15 alliance. Blockadier: Blockade an enemy nation Strategist: Win at least 25 wars Very Important Player: Have VIP Back In My Day: Have a nation at least one year old Back To The Mines: Have your approval rating reach 0% Pirate: More than $10,000,000 lifetime looted Take to the Skies: Build a hangar Carpet Bomber: Destroy 250 infrastructure in an airstrike
  10. It’s been well known that term has been used far more than that ad, by “upstanding” members of the TKR community. Given its unironic usage and ancestry of several of the people called subhuman it’s a fair criticism. This is doubly true given TKRs fanatical claim to being honorable.
  11. So you’re saying that hitting someone with infrastructure while having none inflates stats in a way that is unrealistic of the situation?
  12. Well not quite. You said that they have fulfilled their goals. They can have the same goals they have stated and simply feel they aren't achieved yet.
  13. Well the fact that they’re still fighting indicates that they don’t feel the war goals are fulfilled, regardless of what kastor said, no?
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