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  1. Yea let’s just take away the only way to beat larger nations.
  2. I mean if you convert this wars total damage against what Alex has credits valued as (15 mil) this war would cost $23,500 in credits to repair all damage. Obviously not realistic but the conversion is there.
  3. No, no, no. We FORCED them to work for Nazis. So really it’s our fault that they are working with Nazis.
  4. BK in this case is literally worse than Hitler.
  5. How is it a golden oppurtunity to be hit by the number two alliance in the game who has multiple top 10 alliances while fighting a war? T$ was only countered once they attacked BK and brought multiple allies in on them making it apparent you were supporting the enemy side.
  6. When you decide to get involved and meddle in a war generally being proactive is on the ones interfering. TEst was at war with us hitting them was justified.
  7. It’s entirely true that the only interest is for BK and NPO to fight while no upper tier alliances truly commit. It’s obvious informal connections are still there when you see Rose being low paper, Rose opting in, ketog chaos collusion, t$/Kerchog collusion, etc.
  8. I’m not here to say if you not responding was for a valid reason or not, but the point was T$ did not have any communications with us till we were forced to reach out to someone in IA. That made it apparent it wasn’t a serious concern for T$.
  9. The only bearing OWR and Carth have was highlighting how T$ was intentionally ghosting us during negotiations. Their head of FA had multiple week gaps but was fully capable of two new M-level treaties indicating they were not negotiating in good faith.
  10. No terms have been given other than that for talks to start it must be acknowledged that a surrender will be part of them.
  11. No the idea was to dominate the game through informal relationships.
  12. No no no. Fark totally should forget the multiple undeserved rollings in order to hit people that have not done anything to them.
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