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  1. Not cocky at all just on a field trip. I am quite grateful i get to visit a group of very nice people. I dont travel often so its nice to see new faces. I lack honor? Well thats a first. Who says i would attack someone i have a nap with. I just posed a question which i see now i forgot to add a question mark to my original post.
  2. But with such a strong, waterproof cb do you think they would really wait and give Hogwarts the 72 hour advantage
  3. Im still waiting to see this magnificent, waterproof, airtight cb that they claim to have. It must be something so magical not even us wizards are privy to. Oh well i guess in due time they will eventually find one otherwise we would already be at war. Tis a shame that there is all this foreplay yet nothing comes of it.
  4. Nation Name: General BAMF Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=35453
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