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  1. 1 hour ago, Azaghul said:

    Allow nukes to kill a large % of one type of a nation's army.  It's a simple yet elegant solution:

    1) Allows nukes to be powerful without just being a mindless, automatic substitute for fighting well conventionally.

    2) Gives people a chance to fight back when they are outmatched conventionally.

    3) Encourages coordination.  One nation nukes, they are out of MAPS and can't folloe up conventionally the immediately.  But they can coordinate with other people who can follow up with attacks on that particular unit.

    4) Creates more risk for people who are in a bunch of wars.

    5) Gives people who are beaten down something to do other than just sit at zero military.

    6) Generally broadens the numbet of strategies people can employ.

    That other nation simulator game handles this well IMO.  Not that this game should be exactly like it.  But I like the fact that nukes are a leveler in conventional combat, especially for people who can fight and coordinate well.

    Nailed it.


  2. I love this idea in principle but his line disturbs me "Yes, you can have as many treasures as you can capture at once, but if you are defeated in a war you will lose them all."


    This means over time one nation will end up with all of the treasures. Every defeat will equal an amalgamation.

  3. Here is my suggestion.


    If you could buy/build guns (may or may not require resources)

    Introduce "Conscription" up to the amount of guns you have.


    EG. Four choices.

    Conscript 20, 50, 75, or 100% of your population for a day. They could fight at 50% the effectiveness of a proper trained military.

    The conscription level would reduce your income and productivity for the day by the same amount.


    This means people can’t use it as a way to prevent raids and they need to be active every day to re-conscript but it does give some chance of fighting back. It does not remove the attackers advantage because if needed they can do the same but it does level the playing field a little plus throws an extra element of strategy in.

  4. The way the current system is you can be hit by multiple nations with many times your own military power. Currently my nation is crippled and has no military or capacity to create more than 2,000 per day to a maximum of 8,000, yet faces ~60,000 across several nations.


    Yes I can (and will) change alliance and rebuild, but It strikes me as a flaw in game play when even if you have a healthy bank balance you are restricted too much to fight back.


    Food for thought though as an individual less aware of how alliances work would at this point delete and leave the game.


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