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  1. Be sure to take your vitamins when out in the open waters, scurvy is no joke.
  2. I do enjoy your suggested name. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  3. Aperture Looking for an alliance that treats you like you're #1? Well keep on looking because Science is always #1! Here at Aperture, our goal is to become the best for Science's sake! We appreciate organization, activity, and butterflies...and Science! With state of the art forums and a gaggle of wonderful people, our community will be sure to set your heart ablaze. Outfitted with a finance department that provides the best for our nations, and a marketing department that makes sure our brand is #1. So come on down and join a group of sharp minded folks who absolutely adore Science! Government Chairman: Dave Johnson CEO: Sabriel CMO: Mikey CIO: Lyro Forums: Aperture | In-Game Home: Join Today! IRC: #aperture on coldfront.net server
  4. 5 Years is a long time. Congratulations.
  5. Nation Name: Solaria II Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=35395
  6. Hi! I was just birthed into this world and am excited to see what Orbis has to offer!
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