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  1. Vexz

    Beat you to it. HA

    ^ This is the first step to find out why this war happened.
  2. Vexz

    The Crows Ahead Cry War

    Sad, sad life... #HopeIsABully
  3. Vexz

    AIM disbandment

    It was supposed to be playful... I've lost my touch...
  4. Vexz

    AIM disbandment

    I just need to find a place she doesn't like and I'll be fine
  5. My Hero! I hope they can give you the fun that I could not 😔
  6. Vexz

    Peace with AIM

    Bezy said that you smell
  7. Vexz

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Don't forget asking @Bezzers to give up the ownership of the name.
  8. We at the now-defunct institute of AIM, have first hand seen this ayylien race of the so called Black Knights. Oh how much did we admire (no, no we did not) these ayyliens. I mean they are the best of the best. Look at what we found in their alliance page. Well there u have it. They're clearly the best, well for 2017 that is, but as we did more research, we ran into: http://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/The_Trail_of_Tiers Well, the great Black Knights must've won this right? Like our fan made picture shows: But as we looked through the file, we saw that was not true... Black Knights aren't as great as they tell us to be... if so why surrender? (Or "white peace" before they come saying it was "white peace" blah blah) With this wake up, we now see the true form of these ayyliens. Here have a peak of their true form which was taken in our lab days later. Yes ik. You're all heartbroken to see their true form, and that all their propoganda was false, but don't u worry. We have decided to help bring back that true ayylien race. It took some time but we finally found the way. With this in mind, I present tBK, The Black Knights. The much greater form of Black Knights. I mean just look at our flag. Clearly we're the greater race of the two, and now u can fanboy/girl about us without receiving false info from propaganda and you won't be let down at the sight of our true form. With that said, long live ayylmao and long live Leo The Greater! Our Lord and Savior: Roquentin Emperor: Leo The Greater Viceroy: Timber FA: Vexzyrallis MA: TaCo Econ: CuRufiNwE IA: VCRCCHN https://discord.gg/EzjyFrw
  9. Vexz


  10. Vexz

    Bite the pillow we're going in dry.

    You're here for him but u dare not defend the great Overlord? A bunch of fake devoters, I must say. While I instead will actually defend his honor, as a true devoter.
  11. Vexz

    AIMing to be danker

    @Redarmy Look comrade! We made it!
  12. Vexz

    Assassin Order

    I mean... it does talk about Kastor being gay so I can't argue with u there
  13. Vexz

    Assassin Order

    Something that isn't just Lord trying to seek attention.
  14. Vexz

    On Another Note

    Seems like GOB is a perfect place for u.
  15. Vexz

    On Another Note

    Sorry old man but I only speak to Bezzers 2.0. The better version. ?

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