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  1. This week we welcome a new month, but we also celebrate various birthdays for our current and former Horizon Guard. They had many wishes, from wanting to coup me to wishing I never existed in their life but one wish we all agreed to, was to celebrate in style and offer some sage advice! Listen, growing old is nothing to be ashamed of, especially if you make every year count. However, something you should be ashamed of are the nefarious actions taken throughout those years. We get it, growing old can lead to you losing who you are. One day you wake up, look in the mirror and you realize ‘man, maybe I am old!’ - You find yourself enjoying things you wouldn’t normally enjoy, maybe doing things you wouldn’t normally do – you suddenly just can’t get enough of bingo, those day time naps just keep getting longer, dinner starts earlier or maybe your CB’s get a little flimsier. It’s all part of the ageing process!’ GGO, come celebrate with us! You seem to have taken a wrong turn on your path to old age and we wish to hand you that nice refreshment of youth that you so dearly crave. You’re too old for politics, it’s fine, we understand. Too busy working on your wealth through that Roth IRA, but we all need a little thrill in our lives so let us assist with that. Here, have some cake!. It's strawberry flavored. We hope you enjoy it. Signed, Emperor: Lucianus High Justice: Vexz Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs: Wasteking
  2. The galaxy remained silent as the representatives of Celestial met with the presumed movie enthusiasts of a far world. In this meeting they'd come to agreement to an end of the war and said agreement was as follows: Peace Terms • Celestial admits defeat to Hollywood. • All alliance-wide embargoes are withdrawn (img below). • All alliances return back to their pre-war color blocs. Peace will go in effect today at Day Change. Wars will be finished out or peaced at the players discretion. Signed - Celestial & Hollywood
  3. Bold of you to assume this wasn't his plan all along. Everyone was busy playing chess while Partisan was playing checkers.
  4. Hi there hun, I did say that there was conflict within our sphere that ended up in the loss of VooDoo. It wasn't as simple as VooDoo leaving and us being so heartbroken that we needed to get over them by sleeping with t$ though lol. Bad tastes were left in various people's mouths after arguments, I'd imagine. You conveniently chose to simplify that from your high perch in the consolidated high tier. Congrats. True that the bloc was short-lived and didn't face external conflicts, but better to salvage something that wasn't working than to lead it to a painful death.
  5. To your last point here, I do agree that if people spend time to just carelessly grow in size, then we end up moving closer to bipolarity, but our move isn't to get all the alliances possible. I get what you're saying in that last paragraph, but I think Pre put it best in one of his posts above. I'm not sure what exact clarification you're soothing for outside of the fact that there were concerns in regards to Clock. Are we just gonna ignore TKR exists as a main driver as well or are you trying to say t$ and Rose are some of them, either way I've also heard people complain that alliances like Rose or T$ keep others from going out and doing their thing, as they'd end up just being followers to us and nothing more. This move ended up with us having to lose some ties to ensure we didn't end up making a huge sphere, and also changed the political dynamic of the usual Rose v t$ that has been consisted in this game for quite sometime. If you wish to claim the bipolarity issue lies on the political power that's fine, but the simple fact that after t$ and Rose allied up we wound up with the claims of a possible return to bipolarity is more than just political power seeing HW finds itself on the other end of that conversation. Still crazy to think that two main drivers for the game allying with one another is at best on the same level of HW that has been around for much longer. Funny to mention Rose wishing to ally TI has the same level of HW wishing to ally TI. Rosesphere at the time lacked mid tier and therefore that TI tie was viable, but we also lacked high tier something that HW did not. To sit here and say well Rose wanted to ally TI so it would be just as bad is hilarious when considering that Rosesphere was not the same size as HW, but smaller. I acknowledge that HW may have not had the best mid tier compared to others but did have advantages elsewhere, so while you can claim HW lacked mid tier compared to Clock and BW, HW had and still has the most dominant upper tier in the game, and upper tier dominance has a domino effect in the rest of the war. It is far harder to drag down a single c40+ nation than it is to bring down multiple mid-tier nations, so yeah us signing TI would have bolstered our mid-tier but we still would have been lacking the most critical tier in the game. MHC was an attempt at revitalizing our sphere morale after a recent loss and the overwhelming tiering advantage of other spheres. However, once again, we still lacked in the most critical tier. Due to the merger that resulted in Serpentis, there was conflict within our sphere that ended up in the loss of VooDoo, an important alliance for our sphere viability. Furthermore, the loss of VooDoo was also a hit to morale, and at that point, a fresh start was not so farfetched. Here are some sheets for visuals:
  6. I'm gonna go right out of the gate and talk about the bipolarity spin here that you're trying to push. I can understand why certain parties in CB and others can be concerned about such a thing, and I'd like to simply say that 2 parties having a lead in size does not equate to bipolarity. In the past years since the dissolve of Quack, there has usually been some parties with a step ahead of others. We had BW and Oasis, BW and HW, and we had Clock and HW but we still had other parties in the mix as we do now. I do understand why this move can be frightening to other parties in the idea of bipolarity being the future but like Pre pointed out, other parties are still given wiggle room to grow and compete, which so far seems to be the case. With that aside, you seem to put huge emphasis on our move dragging, or better yet said "dangerous slide" back towards bipolarity. If I'm not mistaken bipolarity means 2 parties correct? That other party would be HW correct. Now let me understand this, us making a move that betters our footing in competing is the trigger for the return back to bipolarity? Not the entity that has spent for months now making moves to secure its overall tiering and still after the fact that the #1 & 3 alliance creating a sphere together, is still finding itself to be a major contender in the grand schemes of things? Like I get jumping on the hate train is easy points but don't be oblivious. TKR spent so much time after signing HedgeMoney saying they did it because they found themselves in a defenseless position and were scared of that position leading them to be rolled (TKRsphere was relatively the size of Rosesphere at that time). Yet, the very moment you gained further security of impending attacks to your security; you used your better footing in tiering to go on the offensive on a smaller party. It doesn't end there, TKR was not satisfied with the size of HW and decided to add TI to what they claim was a move to further secure its mid-tier that TKR alleged was lacking and constantly being rolled. I won't deny that HW might've not had the best mid-tier compared to other spheres, but they did sure have one of most notable tiering overall compared to the rest. Shortly after this time spent saying this move was for the security of your mid-tier, you once more went on the offensive. Now for a party that has spent quite some time not caring much about their size for the sake of security, yet being so keen to go on the offensive when having the advantage, you now wish to put so much care of people not making moves in the name of security? Not to mention the simple hysteria you were having prior to our recent move against Clock and their rivaling size to your sphere, but I guess our move put a halt to that venture seeing your feelers on Rose to try to see if we at the very least could be neutral about it, has now went out the window because now we're somehow a threat to you.
  7. Simply because you put a fake mustache on doesn't mean ur a completely different person now. I know who you are Adam, you fill that server with constant toxicity and unnecessary doxxing of private logs left and right. You may be a day old, but your actions have left me with centuries worth of trauma. Clearly not me, says Vaylin and a different pfp smh. Let me tell you something MCM, I may have Spaniard blood but I'm full blown Murica patriot and I'm all about that self defense. Now onto ur out of context logs, this is the full log of proof 1: I don't know what this hate is all about, but how is it my fault to wish for someone to better her life by telling her the honest truth? If your whole life is revolved around hate, then your life is already meaningless. I just want to see you better yourself but alas... ever since SK rejected you, your hearts been full of hate. Now for proof 2, exposing you once more. Look at you, abusing your powers that the autocrats in RON have bestowed upon you. Quite convenient to leave this part out don't you think? Oh and your last one, very convenient that you try to mix me in with that Ramona person when in that very topic of that log, I dmed you with an invite but seeing I'm a victim of breaching privacy by Adam. I decided to go ahead, and leak said discussion: Shame on you for not apologizing and trying to bully me even here, goes to show the length of your toxicity. Lastly care to look at our moderation logs and read off some tickets by HC pls and if your comfortable post them here and let it speak to your claims he'd be better suited for the job.
  8. It has come to my attention the continuous efforts made by others to put the Vexz’s of this world down. It has not gone unnoticed, it has been noted, it has been felt, and it has been seen. Time and time again the many people of the toxic place of RON have terrorized me for being me. I have spent all my time there being kind and treating everyone well, never have I ever roasted anyone and proved many many people wrong with some insults thrown in. As stated in my title, I know the individuals who have been at the forefront of this toxic behavior targeted solely at me. While I can’t spend this whole time stating them all, I thought I’d nitpick out the most irrelevant individuals of the group. @Zach LaVine, a SK Reject now currently in t$ is one of more notable people who have continued to bully lil ole me with constant remarks reminding me that I’m not one with the people for who I am and constantly putting me down instead of building me up. She has made it abundantly clear time and time that I’m just not liked, nor should I partake in anything for I am a nobody or better yet “Rosian.” Here is some evidence proving a few times she has done this toxic behavior against me. Proof 1: Proof 2: This individual has continued to constantly insult me at any given moment when I’ve never, not once insulted the girl, probably jealous of my success or something. She isn’t the only one who has partaken in this anti-Vexz rhetoric though so let's move on to my next bully. @Emperor Adam, a borderline personality disorder enthusiast (I won't be surprised if his pfp is changed when I post this from the log pfp) has formerly and recently taken continuous measures to put me down in any given moment he has. Now while his logs are true, they are a breach of privacy and honestly a federal crime but I’m not here to send him away again… not publicly that is. I’m here to show you proof of his verbal abuse against me. Proof 3: Proof 4: As seen here, Adam has shown how he has no respect for privacy and for someone who has many things that should be kept secret like that one time he found out he had a fetish for old school pencils with the big rubber eraser; something that should never be leaked to the public, he has quite the audacity to leak logs like above. Lastly, it hurts me to say (not really, never liked the lobster) @Kurdanak is another person from RON who has continuously berated me for many things. His unfair, biased judgment against me is another tale of people in RON having this anti-Vexz narrative they all wish to push. Here is some evidence of Kurdanak and his anti-bias. Proof 5: Proof 6: RON is just a horrible place filled with many horrible individuals who are anti-Vexz. I’m just trying to make a safe space where I can constantly insult DPE for being DPE but at this rate, I’m just not enjoying my time there, especially with the inept moderation/upper staff who have enabled such behavior (I also heard that Rose mod girl is a fraud). Now if you wanted a tl;dr, that shall be handled by our good friends in RON so wait for that to be made by them… possibly in 48hours at minimum. This is also the RON server link if you want to have the best news server this game has to offer: https://discord.gg/XxFjtK9SMY Lastly this message was sponsored by @Krampus.
  9. I stated my relationship with Krampus off the bat... so thanks for reminding me? Either way, I didn't out right deny your comments about Krampus, rather stated my pov compared to yours. You made some serious claims with nothing more but your word. I was merely giving you the chance to prove I was wrong about Krampus but instead you just decide to still make big claims with nothing more but your word, so I'm confuse on what you're expecting to accomplish, while Jaden posted the literal log of Yang doing his act.
  10. I have worked as a mod for some time now in RON. I've not personally encountered any of the things you claim Krampus has done, maybe I missed it and all that you say is true. Why not take action on it, why not make the needed moves to make by your claims a very horrible person, get the well-deserved punishment for his poor behavior. You instead sit here and use the claims to one up someone else who made a valid statement in regard to Yang that even if your claims are true about Krampus, that insult said to Krampus offends more than just Krampus; so, don't come here making all these claims and trying to justify what Yang did. If HC is sincere about his calmer approach on trying to reach out to BW on their behavior he doesn't agree with, then you all as fellow alliance members should read what he said and not resort to racial slurs, nor justifying it because this idea of ridding away toxicity should be a collective effort and not just pin it on someone and ignore it yourself.
  11. I'm glad to know that the old folk in Grumpy have stayed healthy enough to avoid Alzheimer's. That's some solid memory you guys have.
  12. We are passing @Harry Flashman's lighter in the bathroom... right guys? That's what we are all about... right?
  13. I think it was clear the hit was meant to simply nuke ur infra and when it was made clear u weren't in we offered peace but hey, keep up this basic requirement.
  14. This you? I'll see you at the New Years party later alright?
  15. Hey now, how was anyone to expect the IRON Doctrine to be presented this war which consists of the following: 1. Declare War claiming its because of a misraid and the lack of respect that followed with it. If anything, you should feel respected we knew u existed and had assumed you joined the war but alas it was a mistake on our part; but hey the disrespect was already done. I sincerely hope you carry this attitude going forward the next time anyone misraids you, proceed to follow it up with a DoW even if your protector and its allies haven't done any heavy lifting a week prior. (Btw you really opened yourself there if 1 raid signifies the option for a whole war) 2. You... proceed to do nothing because the side you joined on had already won? How convenient. I suppose we can all excuse this opportunity to witness the superior military competence of IRON for this one seeing they just sadly couldn't find slots, not their fault and we should by no means show any disrespect because of it. 3. Argue on the forums about people lacking respect for you lot, or questioning your participation in this war with showing solid proof (score graphs) as to why you should be respected and why you shouldn't be blamed for not having any war decs. I must say, I'm a big fan of this IRON doctrine, truly solid as Iron. Also, may I insist Rose is the best by score graph metrics. We have a phenomenal 5 star rating out of all of 6 flags roller-coasters with our one of kind steep drop. Couldn't have been done without Clock and most importantly IRON.
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