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  1. You know it, could never forget. Merger after this right? Now this is straight fire. Shout out to my boys @Pascal @Agent W @Valkorion Baratheon @Krampusfor this fire music video. We managed to do this the first take and I'm quite proud. Oh and shout out to @darkbladefor producing/recording it 10/10.
  2. This post seems to have gone off the rails, so I'll just say congrats on peace Oceania, good luck with your rebuild.
  3. It seems vessels have exited hyperspace into our galaxy system.They seem to be mute or unresponsive after failing to answer our calls for them to state their business (looks at Lefty). The Eternal Fleet not having much defenses, compared to the unknown fleet are at a clear disadvantage. Vaylin would step up to the center of the bridge looking on at the incoming fleet that has started to shoot down our vessels. She would utter a few simple words: "It has seemed we have achieved victory over our foes." She would be holding a bright yellow beautiful… Pika? "Don't worry my beloved chu, they won't take you from me. I'll protect you with all my heart." tl;dr Rose recognizes hostilities with Hedge + TKR & Friends Signed for Rose: Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon High Justice: Vexz
  4. I first acquire the addition of 3 beautiful cats by the names of @Jordan, Maestro and Charles. Then I liberate my beloved chu @Pika, to then create to what I believed to be a wonderful group of adorbs to only lose my beloved Arfur, the puppy who is now a cat? Well then, I guess I must start up my new campaign of liberation. You know who you are.
  5. I see the potential, I might end up with multiple scratches/cuts after the procedure and increase the future pain from random attacks... but potential.
  6. The Eternal Fleet would exit hyperspace. The solar system seemed to be filled with a couple planets, but one in particular would catch the eye of the High Justice. The planet seemed to be filled with a mixture of terrain, and some areas glistened, for what could be water or even major cities were on the surface. Vexz would order for a scouting trip in which she would partake in, with a report of any records of this planet but it seemed that the only intel had on this planet was: "Lewd cat, avoid if possible!" The scouting ship could shortly after be seen flying out the hangar bay, and making its way into the planet's atmosphere. The High Justice would decide to go where it had been glistening the brightest. The closer they got, the more they ended up realizing that it was indeed actually a huge, bustling city on the shoreline. It would seem the foreign ship of the High Justice had caught the attention of the locals, who looked up as the ship flew further into the city. The scouting ship would make a landing on an open patch of land in what could be considered as the center of the city. The back ramp of the ship could be seen opening and shortly after it touched the ground, eternal guards of the High Justice who uniquely dawned a pure white armor piece could be seen exiting, making way for Vexz to walk on out. Locals had gathered around whispering to one another on their wonders of who these people were, and what they wanted. In the midst of the crowd, a cat followed by a tall lady could be seen approaching Vexz and her guards. The cat seemed to have a walk to him as if he was royalty; he probably was, but it was something quite adorable to witness regardless. The cat would now stand in front of Vexz, and seemed to sit back; Vexz would move her white robe to her sides as she kneeled to be somewhat leveled with the short cat. "I'd take it you're the leader of this planet?" "Don't let my stature fool you, but that would indeed be I. What brings you here?" "We just came out of hyperspace from the ASM system, and it seems we ran into this system by accident. Which is quite fortunate, for you I must say." She would pull out her saber and hold it out in front of her. It could then be seen illuminating the area around them; it was a blue saber the only one of its kind in the entire Eternal Fleet. She would move it softly as she showcased it. "This is a lightsaber, only the finest of warriors have these in their possession, but yet only a few could truly wield it." The cat could be seen being attracted to the saber, but would shortly come out of that state to show his own specialties. He would get up and move towards her, as he got close he would lift one paw and bring out his claws and then shortly after putting them away. He would then move even closer, insisting for her to pet him, and she would do as he wished after shutting off her saber. His fur was soft, and as she pet him he had the cutest of purrs. "Well then, it seems we all have our own specialties. How would it feel to put them together?" "I actually have one more, I just need to head back to my room, but I have some photos I could share." Tali, the tall girl that accompanied the cat, could be seen jumping forward. "No! I think we can make our way without those Jordan…not everyone is tainted like you." The cat now known as Jordan could be seen scolding Tali. Vexz would get up a bit confused at the current discussion but wishing to finalize things. "It was a pleasure to have met you Jordan. I'll hand you this comlink, use it in your times of need." She would hand out a comlink, and shortly after making her way back to the ship, with the guards following. The ship would then fly off back to the command ship. Preamble Rose and Atlas agree to sign an MDoAP treaty. Article I - Empire =/= Company Both parties agree to respect each other’s way of carrying themselves. Unless it comes down to Maestro and Charles, then it's down to business. Article II - Expansion of Recon Droids Both parties agree to share intelligence, with the understanding that close cooperation is necessary for the security of both alliances. Article III - Harm of Cat's & Rose's is not allowed Both parties agree to come to each other’s aid in the case of an attack by an external aggressor. Article IV - We have Claws and Thorns Should one party decide to pursue aggression against an external party, the other party may join in on the aggression. Article V - Goodbye to Cat Pics Should either party wish to nullify this treaty, they must give a 72-hour notice before it is made official. Signed for Rose: Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon High Justice: Vexz Signed for Atlas: Catman of the Board - Jordan Tall girl - Tali Faithful Directors: Han Solo Eloco Wasteking Yassin tl;dr: Atlas & Rose sign a MDoAP
  7. A distress call has been received in Zakuul, it comes from our ally planet of ASM which states assistance with new hostiles. It has been reported in the scout report that the enemy is said to be dawning radiant silver armour, with a red cross serving as the centerpiece. The foreign chancellor can be seen hurrying after reading the report. He would move to the center counsel and prepare a holocron with the details of this war against the lives of the lame leaf, adorable red panda, the joe and the other beloved allies of ASM. After finishing up the transfer of details onto the holocron it would be sent off to the Eternal Fleet Command Ship. The holocron wouldn't take long to arrive at the bridge of the Eternal Fleet Command Ship. The High Justice would be alerted by a communications officer of the holocron and the urgency level of it. She would take no time to move and collect it so she could present it to the Emperor, but to no surprise he was already aware and walking through the bridge doors towards her. He would do a simple nod to her, not saying a word. She would then play the holocron, realizing the allied planet of ASM was under attack. She would then order for the Eternal Fleet to be mobilized and jump hyperspace to the ASM System. The planet can be seen up in blaze with the ravaging war, as the White Knights crusade across the planet. The Emperor as he looked on from the bridge would then state: "In the darkness, only ambition will guide you." Historical holocron "The Galactic Crusade" can be seen opening up, with a new slot to be filled. Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon High Justice: Vexz
  8. I've had the privilege to be an ally of SK in my past, starting in AIM and then in CoS. They had always been filled with good people ranging from Squeegee, Valdoroth, Bradley, Mikey, MCM and others I have not forgotten. Glad to see you guys staying around and now being able to focus more on your community, wish you well on that.
  9. CAT ASMR*, you of all people should know better, but with that correction aside Atlas is filled with wonderful people. I have met a lot of friends there, you guys are the best. Congrats Guys o/
  10. I didn't know @Alex had a heart feature next to my name, I'd assume you'd have to turn it on through some secret settings because I don't seem to see it... odd.
  11. Cooper and I had a little catch up with things, but he had made it clear to me that he and you weren't yet ready emotionally to speak about in game, so I left it there. Which is why I said in my post that if he wanted, he could reach out to me in dms, not to be dismissive of his feelings and beliefs.
  12. Tugging at my heart strings, this is surely noted. Our dms are also open for you Cooper, don't be shy now, you were persistent before, don't stop now
  13. Invalid question, care to try again?
  14. Nice to know you acknowledge my lane is correct, have a nice day.
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