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  1. I first acquire the addition of 3 beautiful cats by the names of @Jordan, Maestro and Charles. Then I liberate my beloved chu @Pika, to then create to what I believed to be a wonderful group of adorbs to only lose my beloved Arfur, the puppy who is now a cat? Well then, I guess I must start up my new campaign of liberation. You know who you are.
  2. I see the potential, I might end up with multiple scratches/cuts after the procedure and increase the future pain from random attacks... but potential.
  3. The Eternal Fleet would exit hyperspace. The solar system seemed to be filled with a couple planets, but one in particular would catch the eye of the High Justice. The planet seemed to be filled with a mixture of terrain, and some areas glistened, for what could be water or even major cities were on the surface. Vexz would order for a scouting trip in which she would partake in, with a report of any records of this planet but it seemed that the only intel had on this planet was: "Lewd cat, avoid if possible!" The scouting ship could shortly after be seen flying out the hangar bay,
  4. A distress call has been received in Zakuul, it comes from our ally planet of ASM which states assistance with new hostiles. It has been reported in the scout report that the enemy is said to be dawning radiant silver armour, with a red cross serving as the centerpiece. The foreign chancellor can be seen hurrying after reading the report. He would move to the center counsel and prepare a holocron with the details of this war against the lives of the lame leaf, adorable red panda, the joe and the other beloved allies of ASM. After finishing up the transfer of details onto the holocr
  5. I've had the privilege to be an ally of SK in my past, starting in AIM and then in CoS. They had always been filled with good people ranging from Squeegee, Valdoroth, Bradley, Mikey, MCM and others I have not forgotten. Glad to see you guys staying around and now being able to focus more on your community, wish you well on that.
  6. CAT ASMR*, you of all people should know better, but with that correction aside Atlas is filled with wonderful people. I have met a lot of friends there, you guys are the best. Congrats Guys o/
  7. I didn't know @Alex had a heart feature next to my name, I'd assume you'd have to turn it on through some secret settings because I don't seem to see it... odd.
  8. Cooper and I had a little catch up with things, but he had made it clear to me that he and you weren't yet ready emotionally to speak about in game, so I left it there. Which is why I said in my post that if he wanted, he could reach out to me in dms, not to be dismissive of his feelings and beliefs.
  9. Tugging at my heart strings, this is surely noted. Our dms are also open for you Cooper, don't be shy now, you were persistent before, don't stop now
  10. Invalid question, care to try again?
  11. Nice to know you acknowledge my lane is correct, have a nice day.
  12. After the first lap, I'm legally allowed to merge into the inner lane.
  13. Look What You Made Me Do Here's a song: https://youtu.be/3tmd-ClpJxA Rose formally declares war with t$ and their affiliates. (I wanted TKR, because Adrienne bad, but I got stuck with the outdated Sith, Revan) To better wars, nothing should go as the former, and it also took us this long because a man by the name of Han Solo messed with our hyperspace engines, if you find him let me know. Signed, Eternal Emperor - Valkorion Baratheon High Justice - Vexz Horizon Guard of FA - Jarles
  14. Handy out candy to kids? In a pandemic. Your honor, I reside my case of Adrienne being the true evil I've always said her to be. 😉
  15. I guess you might be right, but what are you doing awake at this time, don't you have lives to save. I'm gonna drive north and snitch to your boss if ur late to work. 😘
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