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  1. The UK people are all affected now though What was 7/8am depending on summer time or not is now midnight/1am which is worse technically Not that it bothers me as the old time was no good as i am generally either getting ready for work or already gone to work and rarely bothered too much with here
  2. bagpuss

    Cannot train new units despite day change.

    I'd forgotten to get some before bed so bought spies 7amish UK time which is 11pm game time and then just now post update i cant buy todays spy quota
  3. bagpuss

    What Civ games do you have?

    i have had over the years 2,3,4,5,BE and alpha centauri oh wait starships is sorta civ too iirc
  4. bagpuss

    Whats your IQ?

    Had mine done via MENSA whilst at Uni many years ago. So i would have been around 20 or so. MENSA requirements are usually stated as 150+ gets you in which is top 2% of population by IQ score. THere are several different ways of measuring it even at MENSA. I scored 142 which was enough to get me into the top 1%, i forget which method they used though.
  5. bagpuss

    Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weapons

    EMP nukes would NOT damage any city as generally they go off way up in the air to maximise the area of EMP effect. Military equipment is generally hardened against EMP pulses these days however in terms of actual weaponry like tanks and planes. Military infrastructure is supposedly hardened too but probably still suffers to a certain extent. Main action would be to wipe out ALL electrical items in a set area (which could and probably should be several cities worth ie 25-50% of all cities owned) so you'd essentially 'kill' off ALL improvements that require power. I'd suggest that these dead improvements return to action over a period of time, perhaps 2-4 improvements per day (or 1 per 3-4 turns) AND you have to select which one you get back yourself. In principle there probably should be some sort of pollution increase in the effected cities albeit not a massive one compared to a nuke hitting the city direct which would also scale back to zero over time.
  6. Joffrey not Geoffrey.....
  7. Purely on a cost basis you'd need to spend 60 mill before recouping the 3 mill investment which makes it a nice long term project
  8. bagpuss

    Nation Perks

    I'd lean towards all 4 trade and the first 3 commerce currently with the final 8th slot up for grabs so to speak. THere going to be a cost to get the perks at first or just on resetting them? On the resetting cost perhaps have a higher resource cost in related themes ie war/mil ones cost a higher amount in gas and munitions being they are primarily military resources and then steel and alumium for the comomerce/trade ones
  9. bagpuss

    Suggestion: Nuclear Winter

    Aye and in the real world if someone gets nuked all the radiation stays inside their borders right In reality a nuclear exchange of a significant size would lead to some element of climatic change leading to cooling of the planet. Pretty much in the same way that when yellowstone goes bang again (its technically overdue on a geological time basis) that would also lead to global cooling
  10. bagpuss

    Nuclear Meltdown

    It could however cause some pollution in your other cities as well as the one it weny bang in
  11. bagpuss

    Nuclear Meltdown

    Ideally it should destroy your nuke plant(s) in that city and then block you from rebuilding them there for a specified period of time which can be dubbed clean up. I would suggust this was measured in weeks not days of real time too as clean up is a long job IRL. Yes i do mean all nuke plants in the city are gone as IRL you generally have one plant with multiple reactors so you would lose more than one at a time. Perhaps it could be capped at two per city.
  12. bagpuss

    Market Trends

    No but if they swapped in military improvements from commerce they will need to swap them back which would require steel and aluminium on top of cash.
  13. bagpuss

    Market Trends

    Why should they.... You sell off your military and get some of what you spent back. I nevver had a shortage of either during the war. Alliance banks will have a load too or people like me may well pass it around for people to rebuild with.
  14. bagpuss

    CIV - Beyond Earth

    I'd regard it as a Civ 5.7 personally as there is a sizeable chunk of Civ 5 used in it. Its also hard as its new and i'm still in my first game with no real idea wtf to actually do where as on Civ 5 due to its age ther are ample guides etc rgarding diff game play types. Still enjoying it though Oh after bullying my mate into getting it he got to turn 402ish and then lost with a few goes left
  15. bagpuss

    Infrastructure / Land Ratio

    I get land to 500 then infra to 500 before adding a further 500 land and then matching infra again.

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