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  1. I have a crush on Macky G
  2. Never has there been such a great alliance. Cap’n Crunch’s Party Boat is a very close second.
  3. Camelot should sign Pantheon next.
  4. Very based and redpilled. I support all people that support rolling Mad Max.
  5. Does he support Maduro? Also, would be great if he could post some pictures proving that he’s injured. I have a friend with a wife stuck in Venezuela, so I know that the medical situation there is dire. For those of you that don’t know, if you go to a hospital, you have to pretty much bring your own medical supplies for the Doctor to use or pay in advance so the Doctor can afford to purchase medical supplies. Something as necessary as running water is not available at a lot of medical facilities.
  6. I don’t RP, I go hard and blow bags in real life too.
  7. Who the frick is Calvin? Calvin and Hobbes? Anyway, my AR-15 doesn’t work on Discord. I just kill people with words and my sexy ass looks.
  8. Take your licking and stop crying, you act like you can’t rebuild.
  9. Not the bees bottom text they make me hurt
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