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  1. So this thread here is just a way to bring down capy's vote to negatives nice, keep doing it guys lol
  2. So Smith is small in this case?
  3. joke alliance of the year? lol
  4. ^ more like here to get reputation
  5. why not vodka? /me coughs up some blue moon into this, wait that was an alliance?
  6. unofficial without them gifs jk but nice
  7. The Calm Before the Storm 

    1. Rimski


      The Storm before the Calm

    2. Insert Name Here

      Insert Name Here

      Smh Keza, don't go tipping people off about #CoupZed2k17... It's supposed to be a sekrit.

    3. 丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™
  8. repeating yourself is nice but i dont see any fire right now
  9. so from now i get pinged in every topic cool
  10. so sequel is Company of Heroes?
  11. didn't know micros love to whine and be salty, so whens the next radio show? totally everyone wants to hear bullshit
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