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  1. What were you doing (or trying to do): Attck a nation on test after declaring What happened (describe thoroughly please): While testing out various aspects of the game I came across a peculiar issue after declaring on one specific nation. I would go to issue an attack (whether it was ground, air or naval, the same things happened) the attack proceeded as normal but when I clicked go back to war page after a successful attack, no maps had been spent, no military unites used up and resistance remained the same. After ruling out that it was the computer I was on, the browser (firefox initially) I was using, any browser add-ons, my vpn ect I logged off, then back on again, issue persisted. I logged off, rebooted my pc logged back on and issue persisted. I tried using different browsers, chrome, and chronium) I tried using a different computer, same problem, tried using the mobile phone to do the attack, same problem. I discovered the only attack I could do was a nuclear one, so I did that. after 12 maps I attempted another nuclear attack and the problem popped up again. I eventually traced the probelm to the names in some of the nation's cities. some were named City xx, and come were named Cítч xx. the ones named Cítч xx I couldnt even nuke, the ones named City xx I could, so I determined that the use of the odd characters in the cities named Cítч were the problem and not on my end. Link to page: nation with the odd city names https://test.politicsandwar.com/nation/id=196908 Any other relevant information: After discovering this bug I thought, wow, if this bug existed on live, it could make a nation invincible, they could attack anyone they wanted and no one could attack them back.... this is a MAJOR game breaker IMO. I have not tested it on live as to do so even as a test could be seen as exploiting a bug. so I hand this off to you Screenshot: (if available)
  2. a salute to the 90 enemy nations who I left my mark on... you fought as well as you could, but in the end most of you fell before the mighty hooves of the cow army. May we go now in leace and return to our homes, mates and kids once again, laying down our swords and raising our plowshares
  3. Dammit, I am only 10 wars away from 100 wars... thanks for ruining my xmas >.< lol
  4. I think something needs to be said that the WHOLE PURPOSE of test server was to test out planned changes to see how they worked before putting the proposed changes onto live server... seems Alex forgot about this (HIS ) reason for test server.... for the last - what.... 5-6 changes?
  5. I see a LOT of messages here that indicate ppl are not in favor of this change.... some are downright irate... might i suggest, rather that uselessly venting your anger which accomplishes nothing; to either cancel subscriptions (show alex your displeasure where it counts and actually hurts - his wallet), and/or deleting your nation. Venting here does nothing as it has already been shown Alex doesn't care to read a lot of the comments or suggestions (many claim) Proofs of this include but are not limited to, the number of 1 member alliances (everyone knows these are mostly banks for alliances to hide their money in, an issue Alex said quite some time ago he was banning the practice of), this current no beige change - watch how many active players this adversely affects, watch how many active players either quit or go on VM) and quite a few other instances. What it comes down to in the end, Alex retains the right to do whatever he wants to this game, it's his creation and if he wants to destroy it then thats his right. he can take the game completely down tomorrow and never bring it back, that is also his right..
  6. Just sayin' "solving" one small problem by creating an immensely bigger problem isnt a solution. all this will do is make a nation that looses a battle unable to ever build any defnses EVER, wars will be a lot quicker tho.... 100% more VM's and those left will just surrender so they can have a chance to POSSIBLY rebuiild
  7. so says you until you are in a forever raid and run outta shit, and watch your nation become useless to even have. As a pirate yes you would like this on your targets but sheepy's response to a non-problem is a bit extreme... punishing active nations who will now never get a chance to rebuild and defend themselves because a minority exploit. simpler solution would have been to ip ban exploiters. Wars will be REAL interesting now tho... you thought VMs were bad last war, wait until the next
  8. *sends u boats to sink this beautiful ship* seriously tho, awesome pic
  9. when ytou look at the complete picture planes are def NOT the moist expensive (when you factor in not just the cost of the planes but the materials as well) as compared to tanks and ships, those two far outpace planes and tanks by a longshot when you add in the cost of buying tens of thousands of units of steel at 4k+ ppu
  10. or at least better plan your changes so everything in the game works around it... anyone tried the battle simulators yet? they still reflect the old mechanics...
  11. Problem is, in real life, planes are seldom in the airfields by the time you get that far "inland" they are all in the air or destroyed... and tanks guns lack the elevation range to shoot down airplanes last I checked to get that extra 10% income you actually have to build 3 projects, missiles, the space one THEN the economy improving one, which kind of makes getting that extra 10% more expensive than the investment as it will take you real life YEARS to recoup the investment
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