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  1. ..is Boris

    Name the laggy global war

    [1] Knightfall 2.0 - with more falling knights [2] Bullies get black eyes [3] Darkness falls
  2. ..is Boris


    ok not first but close
  3. Hey Boofy, this is tribemanstalin lmao do you still have me blocked?

  4. to be clear I had completely forgot about this... In my WEAK defense (and coming from a source already hated this wont mean much) ir was poo that told be about this and that he told Alex and poo told me Alex didn't care. I found out only later that "Alex didn't care" turned out to be Alex didn't respond. and since this has been brought back to my attention, I will foillow beans example and reroll and start fresh hoping that will be contrition enough for being misled.
  5. ..is Boris

    Nova's not so Secret War Update

    from the desk of boofy, the great and wonderful cow god: Nova, having grown bored with NO challenge from the once great and huge Pantheon, decides to go to sleep and maybe then Pantheon can score some wins... HA who am I kidding, pantheon couldnt score a win against a cute and fluffy kitten
  6. ..is Boris

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    That was light and fun... I have some here that are just downright mean and nasty, I chose to do 2 funny pics instead
  7. ..is Boris

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    Poo ordered it posted.... talk to the poo
  8. ..is Boris

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    They would rather go out with 19 VM members, their top 2 leaving and forming their own alliance, numerous defectors to other alliances, and several allegedly kicked out
  9. ..is Boris

    Replace Beige with "Protected Status"

    Yeahhh because seeing the color beige is so hard...
  10. ..is Boris

    Pantheon pissed me off

    This nation does not exist. It was either deleted for inactivity, or the player controlling the nation deleted their account. Visit your nation, or go to the search page. LOL you are coming for the with a nation that doesnt exist? wiw... that's pretty radical
  11. ..is Boris

    Our not so secret war

    Don't project your irrelevance on my alliance mates. Ya! stop projecting - it tends to blind ppl when you shine that light in their eyes
  12. ..is Boris

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    Blame me, I have been pestering poo for months now to lemmie attack pantheon... like a little toddler going "mommymommymommymommymommymommymommy"

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