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  1. It was nice working with you guys. Good luck for thr future
  2. Hooray for us and congrats to Valyria for the nice fight! GPA is not dead.
  3. Merry Christmas you all from the Commonwealth
  4. I can assure every single member of the Commonwealth is happy about this treaty! We hope for a shiny future ahead us. o/ SDF o/ TCW
  5. Every member of the Commonwealth is really excited about this treaty so hooray us !!
  6. Congrats on your birth Vox Populi! Also thanks Dylan for your spam in every single pnw Discord
  7. viva la Commonwealth and viva la TKR!
  8. Why baseball anyway? Do a casino thing where you play with your cash instead.
  9. Better hemp than sorry.

  10. People would say for the butthurt of latest 4 wars we had, but in fact we were sick to be hated, isolated and treated as a punchbag/meat farm. It's time for us to truly engage in politics and war and experience a new and fresh start, in the final attempt to doom all Orbis, when achieved that we will rebrand to Green Enforcement Agency and make Orbis a neutral hell were everyone farms their pixels...just kidding
  11. Still better than part-time lawnmower jobs.
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