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  1. Click on the city you want to change the image of, look at the bottom left corner of the current image, there's text that says "choose new city image" Which has been around for a while now, but was a bit hard to notice. PS Objective #21 - but sheepy what if I don't use facebook / any social media! can I skip that one please oh please
  2. o/ Would you look at that... eclipse flag alliance where to counter us?
  3. It's time to make a preemptive strike on the neutrals known as GPA Mass baseball challenges to their entire memberlist. but that's so much effort
  4. If only this wasn't on this particular date... Hit Strum anyway, I'm sure he's too lazy to care.
  5. Podcast oh boy. Sheepy has a human name. Can't tell if illusion broken, or smart/obvious move to stay hidden amongst us humans on the net... Praise Sol!
  7. For my first Orbis war, I had a pretty fun time. Definitely could've been better with moar chaos & closeness in terms of victory/defeat. Cheers to all participants! May we meet again on the battlefield. o/ PS. IC I'm disappointed you didn't follow the Charming Friend's example of putting down your actual signature. I hope a coup happens now in TKR!
  8. Huzzah for peace. This. Those were definitely the best part of the peace declaration.... Satisfriend's signature may as well have turned me into a Satisfriend-sexual.
  9. I have a coupon for one BK burger with extra dank memes on top. Hooves gave it to me. So gimme now. dank/incredible DoW btw
  10. More carnage and destruction in Orbis for many (in-game) weeks/months to come! o/ TKR
  11. Nation Name: Tokoshie Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=27910
  12. Neat update. Very much appreciate it Sheepy! Just need that VIP later to give myself kewler images.... You're going to let every other nation in Orbis know what your spies dress like? Are all your spies James Bond levels of awesome to survive with such odds against them?
  13. Huzzah o/ I remember talking about this for some time... But I do not recall signing anything... My signature has been forged! Stop doing that Hooves!
  14. The Republic of Tokoshie, also shows support to a canal being built through this newfound island. Along with proposing that any new wildlife found on this island is to be left alone and be studied/observed. If the wildlife is hostile, we should work together on developing methods in which to repel them to a different area, or sedate them to relocate them elsewhere on the island. If a particular new species proves time and time again to be hostile, then we will hold discussions on what to do with them, after capturing them, and making an assessment of the population of any possible hostile
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